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Health and Safety - Achieve optimal health and assure the safety of your child

Your child’s health will always be on top of every parent’s priority. Be it from infectious diseases or keeping your child from getting bruises at home, there is everything you need here in Baby products ranging from baby thermometers and baby safety gates; keep your child secure at all times.

Offering brands such as Mustela, My Dear, and Piyo Piyo; keeping your child safe and healthy has never been easier.


Kesihatan anak anda adalah keutamaan bagi setiap ibu bapa. Sama ada daripada jangkitan kuman atau memastikan anak anda selamat di luar mahupun di rumah, laman web kami adalah tempat yang terbaik untuk dapatkan alatan yang tertentu. Dapatkan termometer bayi dan pagar bayi yang terbaik bagi memastikan anak anda sentiasa terlindung.

Terdiri daripada jenama ternama seperti Mustela, My Dear dan Piyo Piyo; memastikan kesihatan anak anda tidak lagi sukar.