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Not only providing consumers with a series of flu and cough medications, but Hurix’s also produces a wide range of pharmaceutical products for all groups of ages. 

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Hurix’s | Care For Your Health 

Incorporated as Jin Bin Group in 1976 by Dato’ Dr. Pa Nok Ching, this establishment has been growing successfully for more than three decades. It is widely involved in pharmaceutical fields as well as food and beverages that contain natural herbs of our rainforest.

Hurix's products are immensely accepted in many countries in South-east Asia and are exported to some other continents like the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Jin Bin has been marketing many brands other than Hurix’s; however, Hurix’s got more attention and awards than Yokoline, Burung Merak Emas, and Paciline. 

Listed down are the categorization of Hurix’s products; it has more than cough syrups and flu medicines. 

  • Male Supplements

  • Female Supplements

  • Child Series

  • Flu/Cold Series

  • Cough Series

  • Ointment Series

  • Food Series

One of the best things about Hurix’s is that every group of ages can use and consume most of its products. For example, its chocolate drinks- Chocohurix’s and Hurix’s Glukusking; a sugar substitution. Both are family-friendly products. 

  • Flu and Cold Series 

For this category, Hurix’s produces nine types of medications, such as 600 Fluaway Capsules (the one that we usually see in the markets) and Fluaway Syrup Herbal. Other than that, there are Hurix’s Cool Inhaler and Hurix’s Gamat Plus Ointment. 

The flu and cold capsule are traditionally used to treat common cold and flu. It does help to reduce nasal congestions and running nose too! 

Along with its vision, where this company wants to be the top natural herbs enterprise, Jin Bin Corporation only used original and natural herbs as its ingredients in every supplement and medication. 

Its syrups are multifunctional-type of medicines. It is because it has more than one function. It means that the flu syrup can treat your flu and others, such as the sore throat. 

  • Cough Series  

Hurix’s cough syrup can treat six different problems during the combo attack, like reducing phlegm and fever, stabilizing body temperature, soothing cough, and relieving cold. 

This series listed different flavours that you can choose from according to your preferences, for instance, Sirap Batuk Gamat dan Madu Plus, Peppermint Plus, 600  Flucough, and Sirap Batuk Buah Lautan. 

As for the Peppermint Plus syrup, it also can eliminate bad breath after drinking and smoking. 

Why choose Hurix’s Malaysia?

  • The vital point of Hurix’s is that it contains natural herbals ingredients. 

It aims to uphold healthy livings and lifestyles for everyone both locally and globally through their products. 

  • They run their products with several tests with their own laboratories. 

There are three central testing departments: stability tests, microbiological tests, and pH tests measurement.

  • Trusted brands that received numerous awards

After several decades of marketing in the industries, this organization has been recognized both locally and globally, where they received more than 30 awards since 2003. 

Therefore, these awards have proven that this brand is trusted and reliable. 

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