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Baby Walker | Help your baby get comfortable on their feet. 

Walking is an important event for both parents and baby. They are contrast opinions when it comes to baby walkers. Some say it's essential to get babies on their feet, while some believe it can hurt your baby. But there's no doubt that baby walkers can help babies learn how to walk. You may want to encourage your baby along this path of discovery with a baby walker. Typically baby walker can be used between 4 months and 5 months when your baby starts sitting properly.

Features to be Considered While Selecting the right Baby Walker

Be sure to examine there are no small, detachable parts from the toy attachments. The small and removable parts may present a choking hazard. A wide base would be good to prevent your baby from falling.

Select a baby walker with an adjustable height. This will allow your baby to continue to use as they grow bigger and taller. While your baby may sit in the baby walker for long periods of time, considerably to choose a walker with a padded seat.

Make sure the baby walker is collapsible. This will help you to free up the room when your baby is not using the baby walker. Choose a baby walker that's easy to move. It will definitely encourage your baby to move around and learn walking easily. Lastly, do not forget to read products reviews and feedback from other parents before making the decision.

Precautions to take when your baby using a baby walker:

  • Ensure the baby walker is used on flat and even surface.
  • Keep the baby away from the staircase.
  • Parents or guardian must be around while the baby is using the walker.
  • Remove any sharp, breakable, hot or poisonous items left on countertops or shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Walker

  1. Can a child learn how to walk without a walker?

The answer is yes because as your baby is growing up, he will learn to crawl and walk on his own. However, you would need a walker as an alternative to help you while you are busy with your house chores. You can put him in his walker and let him stroll around while cooking or doing dishes and laundry. 

  1. At what age does a baby learn how to walk? 

There is no exact age when a baby can start to walk, as it varies from one baby to another. Some children start to walk before the age of nine months, and there are others who wait until the age of 18 months and older. 

Parents should not be extremely worried if your child has not started to walk since different babies have different development phases and pace. However, if he shows a prolonged development, you must check it with your paediatrician. 

  1. Is baby walker suitable for babies? 

Some believe that baby walkers can be helpful, especially in entertaining them. There are times where we are super busy with our work, especially during this pandemic where we are working from home, so walker is a way to keep our child entertained while we are carrying out our responsibilities. However, you must keep your eye on them and not let them go free with the walkers without being monitored. Avoid any hazards that can harm them so that they are safe from any incidents.

  1. Do people love baby walkers for their babies?

Expecting parents would love to receive baby walkers as a gift for their soon to be born babies. 

  1. At which month can a baby use a walker?

There is no fixed relevant age for a child to use a walker; however, before deciding to buy one, you must consider a few things such as your baby’s strength, size and development. 

Generally, baby walkers are designed for children who are aged 4 to 16 months. The child must be able to hold his head up steadily and have his feet touch the floor before being placed in the walker. 

As growing up, children between 8 to 12 months are active and keen to explore their surroundings. It can promote mobility for the baby and with a baby walker, it helps him manoeuvre himself without any assistance. 

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