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Bearing a wide range of sleeping essential products for your little ones, Bumble Bee bears sleeping tights, baby blankets and other baby stuffs that will keep your little ones snuggle in comfort. Pillow cases, socks and even a multi-purpose latch, you can count on Bumble Bee for everything. Cute, comfortable and practical, Bumble Bee has all the criteria for amazing baby products.


Terdiri daripada barangan tidur bayi untuk si kecil, Bumble Bee menawarkan barangan seperti seluar tidur, selimut bayi, dan produk bayi yang lain bagi membuatkan si kecil lebih selesa. Sarung bantal, stoki, dan juga pin penyemat baju, semuanya ada di Bumble Bee. Comel, selesa dan praktikal, Bumble Bee tentunya tahu menghasilkan barangan bayi.

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