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Family Care - No compromise for family health and safety.

Going beyond the scope of baby products, the items in this category cater to the whole family. From the parents to the little ones, you can get body shower, soap, body cleanser, lotion, body scrub, and many more at Bond with your little ones while sharing the same products with them and derive the same benefits at the same time. A happy family is one who sticks together. Stay through thick and thin with the entire family from products from!


Bukan hanya setakat barangan bayi, barang-barang dalam kategori ini sangat sesuai untuk seisi keluarga. Sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur, 'Family Care' mempunyai produk-produk seperti sabun badan, losyen badan, skrub badan, dan sebagainya. Eratkan hubungan dengan anak-anak disamping berkongsi produk yang sama. Saat indah bersama pasti lebih bermakna! Dapatkan produk barangan bayi dan keluarga hanya di hari ini!


soap | cleanser | Himalaya products | lotion | lip balm | conditioner | body scrub | cotton bud

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