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    Pegaga by PurelyB is a healing blend of traditional Asian superfoods, composed of some of nature’s most powerful herbs and fruits. This 100% natural and plant-based blend is most effective in helping new mothers recover after giving birth. It helps you to cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, improve digestion, immunity, and  boost breastmilk quality...

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    Exp : 30/9/2024 S-26 COMILAC is an infant formula for babies 0-12 months. S-26 COMILAC is formulated with: - 100% whey protein that has been partially hydrolyzed - Beta-palmitin (sn-2 palmitate 2.66g/100g) - DHA & AA - 5 nucleotides - Lutein as a predominant macular pigment in the retina, lutein is able to filter blue light and may protect the eyes

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