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Milk Booster - Increase Your Breast Milk Production

When it comes to breastfeeding your little one, every mother wants to make sure their babies are being fed adequately. However, what if the milk supply is not as much as it supposed to be or what if you are having pain while breastfeeding? These two would be the factors which affect the quality of your breastfeeding process. 

Nevertheless, at Motherhood, you can simply buy milk booster online especially for those who are facing issues with their milk supply.

What are milk boosters?

Milk boosters are products that can promote to increase the amount of your breast milk production.

What Makes Milk Supply Low?

There are several reasons contributing to the low level of your milk supply. Listed down are several of the possibilities that could be the factors:

  • Delay to breastfeed your baby after giving birth

  • Poor attachment to the breast

  • Consume any contraceptive pills that contain oestrogen

  • Utilize dummies or nipple shield for a long-term

  • Schedule feeding time rather than feeding your baby on demand

  • Smoking

How To Choose A Milk Booster?

For those who are searching for milk boosters especially if you want to buy milk booster online, there are several ingredients that you must look into, such as dates, papaya and oats. 

As for dates, it contains a high amount of calcium which boosts up milk production by increasing the level of prolactin - a protein that helps females to produce milk. 

There are numerous vitamins and minerals that are vital for lactation such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium and folic acid. You are able to get all these nutrients in papayas

Normally, new mums would face iron-deficiency anaemia where this issue can lead to low milk supply. However, by taking oats; an iron-rich food, in your daily meals, it will help to combat this problem. 

Since there are various sorts of milk boosters in the markets, you can buy these milk boosters online from our website that suits you the most. At Motherhood, we have: 

  • Cookies Milk Boosters

  • Chocolate Drinks Milk Boosters

  • Vanilla Drinks Milk Boosters

  • Smoothie Milk Boosters

  1. Recommended Brands of Milk Boosters

If you are confused about which brands of milk boosters that you should try, here are some of the suggested brands with their highlighted points: 

Suggested Brands (in no particular order)

Milk Booster MOMMA Pregolact 

This brand is the most purchased one on our website. It has two types of flavours (Chocolate and Vanilla) that you can choose from, according to your preferences.

  • Provides essential nutrients for expecting and lactating mothers.

  • Enhances milk consistency and thickness.

  • Acts as an energy booster for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. 

  • Sugar and creamer free.

  • Contain pure milk and low fat.

Mom More Milk 

  • Comes in two sorts of milk booster cookies which are Mum More Milk Super Pumping Lactation Brownies and Mum More Milk Oats and Hershey’s Chocolate Chips Lactation Cookies.

  • Lactation Brownies contains dates, pure Alfalfa, organic Fenugreek; strong galactagogues. 

  •  Lactation Cookies contains rolled oats, organic flaxseeds, wheat germ and pure malt. 

  • Listed ingredients are the required elements for nursing mothers. 

The Tropical Company

  • Comes in a travel-friendly pack; you can grab it whenever and wherever you are.

  • This scrumptious vanilla smoothies can be served in many ways whether in your overnight oats, drinks or even in any of your meals. 

  • It is safe to be consumed by your whole family too!

Other Alternatives To Increase Milk Supply 

Besides consuming milk boosters to improve your milk production, you may try out these alternatives as well. 

  • Make sure your baby latches well and removes milk from your breast efficiently.

  • Frequently breastfeed your baby, suggested frequency is up to eight times in 24 hours.

  • Switch breast regularly while feeding your baby.

  • Avoid going more than five hours without removing your breast milk.

  • Always monitor your meals and stay hydrated all the time.

Buy milk booster online only at Motherhood today!

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