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This maternity accessory lets expectant mothers use their regular clothing for maternity wear. It allows expectant mothers to buy non-pregnancy fashions, which would otherwise be too short to wear. It gives comfortable, gentle support. It is suitable during most stages of pregnancy and after baby is born, until regular clothes fit again. A comfortable maternity brief designed to be worn throughout pregnancy. Made in silky soft microfibre to provide ultimate comfort and an enhanced fit and sensual feel. Seamfree for additional comfort and to ensure a smooth line under clothing. The front stretches snugly over the ‘bump’ giving the perfect fit during all stages of pregnancy. They are designed to be worn throughout pregnancy. Shop for these baby products and more at now to enjoy online promotion and deal!


Emma Jane produk dapat membantu ibu-ibu mengandung di luar sana untuk memakai baju yang biasa dipakai sebelum hamil, semasa hamil. Barangan Emma Jane amat selesa dipakai untuk ibu-ibu mengandung, dan memberi sokongan lembut kepada badan. Ianya sesuai dipakai bila-bila masa dan tak kira peringkat kehamilan anda. Paling penting, reka bentuk barang-barang kehamilan Emma Jane direka khas untuk ibu mengandung sepanjang proses kehamilan. Beli barang baby seperti ini online dari sekarang dan dapatkan promosi yang hebat!

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