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Baby Rompers - Adorable and Trendiest Rompers

Baby Rompers VS Onesies VS One Piece

Some said that rompers, onesies, and one-pieces are different. Yes, they are different from each other.

These are the criteria that differentiate these three: 

  • Rompers

  • A piece of clothing comes with long sleeves and long legs.

  • Usually have snaps, zippers or closure on the legs; to make diaper changing easier.

  • Popularly was used as a playwear for little kids in late of the 1950s 

  • Onesies or one-pieces

  • A garment to conceal baby’s diaper when worn

  • Frequently known as a creeper, a diaper suit and a snapsuit.

  • Often used on infants instead of baby’s shirt 

  • Easy to use; do not need to tuck in a pants

However, you can simply get rompers and onesies/one-piece under the same category, which is Baby Rompers.

Why Baby Rompers/Onesies are the Best Outfits For Your Little One? 

  • Time-saving

Why is it time-saving? It is because you don’t have to think about which shirt to be paired with which pants or what colour to put on your baby for today. With a piece of this garment, everything is easily done from head to toe. You do not have to stare at the closet and ponder your baby’s outfit anymore. 

  • Easy to put on

You will know how easy it is once you try rompers or onesies for your kids. A mother shared that putting on rompers is 10 times easier than snaps. 

  • As easy as pants

A mother also stated that putting on a romper on your baby is as easy as putting pants on him. Putting on pants and shirts definitely will consume a lot of time, however, with rompers, you will just need the same amount of time of putting pants on your baby.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby’s Apparels

  • Fabric

As we all know, baby’s skins are sensitive. You must avoid clothes that are made from nylon and polyester since these two can cause discomfort to your baby. Always choose cotton or soy-based fabrics to ensure there will be no skin irritations and sensitivity. 

  • Safety

Avoid buying clothes that have decorations like buttons, flowers, hooks, and as well as waistbands. These are because we want to keep your baby from any hazards like choking or strangulation. 

  • Size

Make sure to buy the suitable size for your little one; not too big or not too small. 

  • Style and Functionality

I am very sure that every mom wants to make their babies look good and cute with fancy outfits, right? But, know the needs of your babies first. As for newborns, they spend most of their time sleeping, so you must consider comfortable garments and those that are easy to put on. 

  • Cost

Do not overspend on baby’s clothes because they are growing fast. Most probably your baby would not be able to wear his previous apparels after 4 months and above. You can save up your money by shopping baby rompers on our online stores; we have up to 50% discount now!

  • Season 

The last thing you should consider is the season. In Malaysia, this element won’t be any problem since the weather here is hot, humid, and raining season only. While for other countries that have four seasons, you must choose your children’s clothes wisely. 

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