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Make your parenthood journeys smoother with strollers, baby cot, walkers and many more items from Sweet Heart Paris! 

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Sweet Heart Paris | Growing With You!

Sweet Heart Paris is one of the brands that are manufactured under Wah Ha Group. First established in 2002, Wah Ha Group prides themselves on being the one who is responsible for your loved one’s needs and care. Their core lines are children’s essentials and gears, baby apparels, toys, bicycles, import and export business. 

Three years later in 2005, Wah Ha Group manufactured their house brand; Sweet Heart Paris. Right now, Sweet Heart Paris is rapidly growing in the industry of children products in our country. Their products are now available at big departmental stores, retailers and e-commerce platforms too! 

While specializing in the production of baby equipment, this house brand of Wah Ha Group holds on to their vital elements which are love, care, and safety. Apart from strollers, car seats, walkers, Sweet Heart Paris also produces children’s bicycles and playpens. And all of their products strictly follow the standards of international safety. 

As one of the leading brands in this industry, Sweet Heart Paris promises to

bring the development of each child close together with the loved ones. At the same time, offering both parties to experience warm memories and remarkable moments of life growth. That is why their slogan is ‘Growing With You’. 

Besides, they also vow to only supply the best quality and practical products for their consumers and their loved ones.

Below are some of the main categories of Sweet Heart Paris: 

Sweet Heart Paris Strollers

What makes their strollers unique and special from other brands are:

  • They are ideally designed for travel purposes.

  • These strollers come in light and compact sizes where you can easily keep it in your car without taking up a lot of space. 

  • Equipped with crystal wheels; this feature will make the consumers feel and enjoy the smooth ride for all terrains. 

  • Created with strong material to make them sturdy and durable and as well as offering elegance to the customers. 

  • Some of their strollers are furnished with reversible and convertible structures where it can be transformed from a stroller to a baby cot. 

Sweet Heart Paris Baby Cots

These are the aspects of baby cots from Sweet Heart Paris:

  • The body of the baby cots is polished perfectly where you can find no burr formation; in order to prevent any harm to the baby. 

  • It is super safe too where every edge of the body is rounded and has no sharp edges. 

  • Made of special wood which is food-grade material and anti bite wooden strips to make sure baby teeth are protected. 

  • Manufactured with multiple actions where this baby cot can act as a cradle and is transformable to a desk. 

  • Included with mosquito net and durable enough to support the weight up to 70kg. 

  • They also produce steel foldable baby cots which can be used as rockers too.

Other than strollers and baby cots, this company also produces numerous designs of baby walkers, car seats, baby floor jumpers, feeding dining chairs, and children bicycles. 

Why choose Sweet Heart Paris Malaysia?

Following are the significant reasons why Sweet Heart Paris is the most excellent option for your children: 

  1. Trusted brands and approved by Malaysian parents. 

Recently, Sweet Heart Paris has been announced as the Winner of The BrandLaureate SMEs BESTBRANDS™ Award Signature Brand for 2018-2019 under the category of Retail- Children’ Apparel & Toys.

  1. Excellent quality, creations, and service.  

They pledge to provide the best to satisfy and meet the demands of their customers. 

  1. A well-known brand. 

Their reputations are growing up splendidly where their products are exported to several neighbourhoods countries and other continents such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

Purchase Sweet Heart Paris on our website and enjoy up to 72% off!  

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