Think you might be pregnant?

If you want to be sure if you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. Some women might notice one or two symptoms in the earliest stages of pregnancy. Try the "Think you might be pregnant?" quiz to see if you have any of the typical early symptoms.

  • 1. Your period was scheduled to pay a visit a few days ago, and it...
A. Was a no-show.
B. Came right on time as always.
C. Made a brief appearance.
  • 2. It's your favourite time of the day: lunch time! And, you've been craving…
A. For just about everything, but nausea got the best of you.
B. Nothing out of the ordinary for you.
C. Strangely, specific flavours like salty-sweet treats only.
  • 3. Your feelings nowadays may be telling you that you’re in the mood for...
A. A really bad mood swing. Uh-oh!
B. A great night out with the girls. Wohoo!
C. Having some kind of fun, but wanting to stay home, too.
  • 4. So, you had an intimate moment (read: sex) with your partner not too long ago, you were...
A. Absolutely sure your partner didn’t use a condom.
B. On birth control pills. Nice save!
C. Trying to remember if there were condoms involved.
  • 5. The weekend is here and it’s time to go shopping with the girls. You feel...
A. Like going back to bed. You’ve got 0% energy for this.
B. Fully energised that you can take on the mall yourself.
C. Excited but don’t feel like going out at the same time.
  • 6. While taking pee breaks is perfectly normal, you seem to find yourself going to the bathroom…
A. Too many times. Your bladder is always full!
B. What pee break? You’re too busy with work.
C. A few times in a day like you always do.
  • 7. You’re getting ready to go out on a date with your partner, and you notice your breasts...
A. Appear larger than usual.
B. Look perfect for your hot date.
C. Seem just like how they should be when you’re on your period.
  • 8. You had a good night’s sleep yesterday. Today, you woke up feeling...
A. Dizzy with a pounding headache.
B. Great about yourself.
C. Unsure if you even had enough rest last night.
  • 9. You’re out jogging early in the morning, and you start..
A. Experiencing cramps and back pain.
B. Getting the hang of living a healthy lifestyle.
C. Wondering about your on-again, off-again cramps and back pain
  • 10. Out of curiosity, you decided to take a pregnancy test recently and it turned out…
A. Positive. B. Negative. C. Invalid.

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