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Safety first with the highest quality baby car seat.

A baby car seat is to transport your baby in the car in the most safer way. Baby car seat in Malaysia has set to be mandatory from January 2020 onwards. It helps to secure your baby in the car seat properly while you are travelling. 

Baby Car Seat's Standards Set by MIROS

Before you buy a baby car seat, you have to know the Baby Car Seat’s standards set by MIROS as follows: 

  1. REAR-FACING: From birth to 15 months

  2. FORWARD-FACING: 9 Months to 4 Years

  3. BOOSTER: Above 18kg

  4. SEATBELT: 4 Years old and above

When choosing the best baby car seat for your little one, make sure the car seat is designed with a five-point harness.

Car Seat Five-point Harness

  1. Two points at each shoulder

  2. Two points at the children’s hips 

  3. One point where the harness buckles between the child’s legs. 

The Importance of 5-point harness

This five-point harness is important because it helps to protect your baby and proven to be safer in three major ways: 

  • A 5-point harness helps to restrain your child at the shoulders and hips, so if there is a crash, the harness transfers the forces to the crash to these two rigid points of the body and into the seat. 

  • Holding your child securely to keep your child in the safest position.

  • Easily adapt to fit your child's growing body for maximum protection.

What you should Keep in Mind When Choosing a Baby Car Seat?

  1. Baby’s age.

  2. Baby’s weight and height. 

  3. Car seat with Isofix features to make the installation of the car seat quick and easy. 

  4. It comes with safety features (especially the 5-point harness) and follows the standards set by MIROS. 

  5. Ease of installation. 

  6. Think of long term use. 

  7. Your budget.

When Should I Switch My Baby Car Seat? 

The following guidelines for parents when you should switch your baby’s car seat:

  • Your baby reaches the height and weight allowed for the stroller. 

  • His/her shoulders exceed the seat. 

  • The top of his ear reaches the upper level of the chair. 

Parents, ensure your child’s safety during the journey with the multiple ranges of baby car seat available in Bearing a safety regulation-compliant infant car seat, have a worry and hassle-free journey that everyone in your family can enjoy.

What are the best baby car seats?

Here is the summary of Best Baby Car Seats in Malaysia for 2020:

  • Best Value Baby Car Seat: Sweet Cherry Baby Car Seat

  • For 360° Rotation: Quinton OneSpin 360 Safety Car Seat

  • Premium Car Seat With Added Safety: Maxi-Cosi PriaFix

  • Affordable Newborn Car Seat: Mamakiddies Desire Baby Car Seat

  • Affordable Car Seat Focused On Safety: Sweet Heart Paris CS287 Baby Car Seat

  • Portable Car Seat: OSUKI Baby Car Seat Portable Safety

  • 2 in 1 Baby Car Seat & Stroller: Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Travel System

  • Best Booster Seat: Graco Affix Junior Booster Seat

  • Affordable Portable Booster Seat: Mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat

  • Fun Design: Didi & Friends Premium Car Seat

Is a baby car seat safe for a newborn?

Yes, using a baby car seat is necessary when travelling because babies are exposed to greater risk of injury if crashes happen. This is because their spines and backbones are still in the developing stage and their heads are larger than their bodies. Putting your baby in their car seat reduces the risk of getting serious injuries. 

How many car seats do you need for a baby?

According to MIROS, each baby car seat works differently, according to the age of the baby. As they are growing up, they would need different baby car seats that suit them well.

Before you buy a baby car seat, you have to know the Baby Car Seat’s standards set by MIROS: 

  • REAR-FACING: From birth to 15 months

  • FORWARD-FACING: 9 Months to 4 Years

  • BOOSTER: Above 18kg

  • SEATBELT: 4 Years old and above

At what age do babies sit front facing in the car seat?

When your child is one year old and above and weighs more than 20 pounds, you may switch his position to sit front-facing in the baby car seat. 

You may also switch the position in a certain situation like when your baby is age 2 or reaches the weight or height limit of the seat.

How do I choose a car seat?

These are seven key points that you should keep in mind when choosing a baby car seat!

1. Baby's age.

2. Baby's weight and height.

3. Baby car seat with isofix features (to make the installation of the car seat quick and easy).

4. It comes with safety features (the 5-points harness) and follows the standards set by MIROS.

5. Ease of installation.

6. Think of long term use.

7. Your budget. 

Should a car seat go behind the driver or passenger?

It is advised to place the baby car seat in the backseat and the safest spot is in the middle of the back seat; away from passenger-side airbags. 

If that middle of your backseat cannot fit the car seat there, place it on either side of the backseat.  

Is my child in the right car seat?

Your child is in the right baby car seats if you are following the guidelines and suggestions from MIROS.

To simplify, if your child is an infant, you must use infant car seats while if your child is already 2-4 years old or even older, an infant car seat is no longer suitable for him. 

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