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Baby Diapers Malaysia - Comfort your little ones throughout the day.

Soft, absorbent and durable, the perfect diaper for your child is all here. Covering your needs from diapers to the ever essential baby bags, this site has got you covered. Shop for any types of diapers available from top brands such as MamyPoko, DryPro, Drypers, Genki!, Goon, Huggies and Pureen that best fit your child.

A clean baby makes a happy baby and a happy baby makes a happier you.

If you have been wondering which diaper brand is the best, here is the answer. However, please be aware that different diapers offer different features and different babies have different skin concerns and pooping habits to others.

Below are the best diaper brands in Malaysia according to its category: 

  • Best Overall: Huggies Dry Diapers Limited Edition 
  • Extra Soft Inner Layer: Drypers Touch 
  • Best For Night Use: MamyPoko Maxi Absorb
  • Triple Leaking Protection: Bb Diapers Premium Tape Diapers
  • 12-H Overnight Absorption: Huggies Ultra Natural Soft Diapers
  • Soft And Easy Fastenable Tape: Whoopee Tape
  • Extra-Long Design: PETPET E-Mega Tape Diaper
  • Non-Woven Material: GENKI! Tape Mega
  • Most Affordable Diaper And Budget-Friendly: MIKUBI Baby Diapers
  • 3-Layer Advance Leak Guard Protection: Applecrumby Chlorine Free Tape

How Do I Choose a Baby Diaper for My Baby? 

Before finalising which baby diapers to buy, there are several elements that you must consider:

1. Brand

Brand is the number one feature and most important of all in choosing diapers for your little one. Well-known brands that have been in diaper industries should be chosen instead of the local and unheard-of ones. These reputed establishments possess the expertise and conduct research to come up with better features which leads to the next part.

2. Features Offered By The Diapers

After you have listed down a few good brands, here are some questions that you must ask as your baby’s comfort is important. 

  • Does it have a good absorbency? 
  • Does it use soft and breathable material?
  • Is it able to stretch and fit well?

3. Your Baby Size and Weight

Next, you must check your baby size and weight because different sizes of diapers work differently for babies - it depends on their weight. Therefore, it is best for you to know your baby size and weight before buying ones.

4. His Pooping Habits

Another point that you need to know is your baby's pooping habits. If your little one pees and poops frequently, you would need durable and highly absorbent diapers.

5. Your Budget

I would say that this is one of the crucial parts. Expensive diapers do not mean it is of outstanding quality. Avoid pouring money down the drain, thus look for the features instead of the price tag. 

6. Skin Concerns

As we all know, most babies have sensitive and delicate skin. Dampness and poor material would trigger rashes and cause your baby to be uncomfortable. Ensure the skin concerns of your baby and decide the right diapers for him.  

The Differences Between Disposable Diapers And Cloth Diaper 

Different people have different preferences in choosing diapers for their babies. Both types of diapers have their own pros and cons.

Let's go through the comparisons below:

1. Cost

It is calculated and proved that cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable diapers. However, there are affordable disposable diapers such as MIKUBI; where it has been announced as diapers with the most reasonable price. 

2. Absorbency and Leakage Protection

Disposable diapers have better absorbency and leakage protection. Some of these diapers are manufactured with up to 12 hours of protection to avoid leakage. While for cloth diapers, most likely you must change them every two to three hours. And this means that you have to wake up in the middle of the night to change them in order to prevent your baby from any rashes.  

3. Time-Saving

Disposable baby diapers require no washing and spinning which absolutely save your time and utility bills as well! 

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