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From nursing bra to breast milk storage, Autumnz is the best choice for every lactating mother out there! 

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Autumnz Malaysia | The best for you and your baby.

Autumnz began as an establishment that creates products in the line of mothers and baby’s needs. They aim to make parenthood journey a lot smoother and easier through their contributions which are their products to the consumers.

Autumnz promises to bring out the best for you and your baby. They wish every expecting mother will enjoy the journeys of motherhood with joy and happiness. Hence, they formed a committed team who are passionate about manufacturing the products, from researching, designing to producing and testing stages.

This company always look forward to hearing any feedback and reviews from the consumers. This is because they are very dedicated to improving and innovating their products to boost up your parenting life. As we are now leaving in a digital era, you are now able to purchase any Autumnz products on their official website and as well as on 

For your information, Autumnz is not only producing products for lactations, however, they are also manufacturing products beyond that.

Following are the three main categories of Autumnz Malaysia and for every series, there are a lot more motherhood related items! 

  • Breastfeeding Series

Breastfeeding Series is the most popular category of Autumnz Malaysia. Breastfeeding products are the first terms that come to our mind when we hear about Autumnz. 

There are several subcategories that fall under this series which are nursing lingerie, nursing wear, breastmilk storage solutions, breast pumps and accessories and more. 

  • Maternity Series 

This series is where you can find maternal outerwear such as long skirts, leggings and also bengkung and maternity pads.

  • Feeding Series 

Other than items that are related to lactation, there are food steamers, electric sterilisers & dryers, baby food cookers, bottle warmer, food dehydrator and more! 

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding or nursing is the most common term we heard when it comes to motherhood journey. Are you aware that there are significant benefits of feeding your baby directly from your breast? 

  1. It provides a sufficient amount of nutrition to the infants.

Breast milk riches with nutrients, especially the first few days after delivering. It is where the colostrum is produced. Colostrum contains high nutrients that are needed in the growing process of your baby and perfect food for their digestive system.

It contains ideal and perfect mixes of protein, fat, and vitamins which contribute to the physical and cognitive development of your baby in their first stage of life, and as well as promotes gut health. 

  1. It helps your baby to combat viruses and bacteria.

 Your baby is able to fight off viruses and bacteria through the antibodies and special immune system protective protein that he gains from the breast milk. These proteins protect your baby against diarrhoea and infections. 

There are some other immunoprotective elements of breast milk such as lactoferrin, lysozymes and milk leucocytes, secretory IgA, and Bifidus factor. 

  1. It lowers the baby’s risks of having asthma or allergies. 

It is proven that by nursing your baby, it decreases the risk of getting asthma or allergies towards your baby. This includes allergies towards lactose. 

  1. It strengthens the bonds between you and your baby.  

Skin-to-skin touching and eyes contacts during breastfeeding strengthen the mother child’s bonding. It makes your child feel safe and secure. 

  1. It burns up calories. 

Throughout the pregnancy and delivery process, it is normal that one will gain a significant amount of weight. However, you are able to get back the shape and curves through breastfeeding. It is because there are researches that showed that this activity can burn up your calories and shed the fats.

Why choose Autumnz Malaysia?

  • It is widely accepted by mothers. 

Autumnz has received a Superbrands Award where this is the proof that it is trusted and the most popular choice among mums out there.  

  • Won numerous categories of BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Award. 

The quality and safety of their products are verified after they have been awarded BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards for several categories such as Best Breast Milk Storage System, Best Maternity Wear, Best Nursing Bra, and Best Nursing Wear. 

Get your Autumnz on Motherhood now and visit Autumnz Malaysia for more products’ information and choices. 

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