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Home Gardening | How To Start A Garden For Beginners?

Growing a home garden is an interesting activity to be done with your family. You do not need large land to grow one, as long as you have a space to put the pots or plant some flowers or vegetables; it is more than enough. 

Home gardening provides multiple benefits including relieving stress especially when you get to see your flowers or plants bloom or ready to harvest. Moreover, it helps you to be physically active with outdoor activities and also enhances the bond between family members. 

Steps to Start a Garden 

If you are wondering how to start a garden with your family, here are 9 simple steps for you to look through!

  1. You must decide what you would like to grow; flowers or vegetables or fruits and this should be reasonable with the location you have. 

  2. You need to choose a location - in your backyard or balcony. Make sure the location is reachable by sunlight. 

  3. You should plan your garden beds - start small with a bed size that is 3 to 4 feet across and make sure every plant has enough space to grow.

  4. Invest in basic garden gears like hoe, rake and shovel. It is better to avoid cheap plastic tools and always keep them sharp!

  5. Test your soil as different types of soil work differently on other plants. The pH value of soil plays a vital role in planting because some plants like potatoes; need slightly acidic soil. 

  6. Prepare your soil. Take note that numerous plants prefer deep soil. 

  7. You must choose the right seeds.

  8. Plant with care and nurture your garden. You must know how often you should water your plants. Overwatering is as bad as under-watering! 

  9. Enjoy your harvest or witness their blooms (if you choose to plant some flowers)!

Types of Gardening Tools

As stated above, you should invest in essential gardening equipment in order to start a garden. You would need a basic set of tools at the beginning of gardening such as a garden hoe, scuffle hoe, a dirt rake, leaf rake, garden shovels and hand tools. 

Other than that, you would also consider buying these planting tools as well like an axe, flower or plant pots, fence, hedge shears, wheelbarrow, gardening gloves, boots, watering can, and fertilisers. 

Here are some tips to choose gardening tools: 

Firstly, make sure the length of the handles of shovels, rake or even hoe are convenient for your height. 

Apart from that, the materials used to make those tools are important as well as the weight of them. It is better to choose those that are made of stainless steel which does not easily get bent or rust. 

Furthermore, choose those that are comfortable to handle and use for example tools that are equipped with padded grip. This ergonomic handle is the best for our wrist. 

Why Should You Buy Gardening Tools? 

It is essential to have a complete set of gardening tools. It will make your gardening journey easier and smoother. 

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