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Buy Breast Pump in Malaysia - Whether you are looking for a manual, single electric or double electric breast pump, get the best price from us. 

Picking the right breast pump is important, let us offer the best products that will ease your breastfeeding journey. 


Feature to be considered while selecting the right breast pump:

  • Choose a breast pump that is easy to find replacement parts.

  • Make sure the pump is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to carry around.

  • Look for one that comes with a case for traveling.

  • Look for a high suction strength pump to express milk faster.

  • If you need to pump as quickly as possible, do consider an electric and double-breast pump.

  • When using only one side of a double breast pump, seal the other side to make it more efficient.

  • Choose the right-size breast shields.

  • Consider keeping a manual pump in case of power failures of your electric breast pump.

  • Read product reviews and feedback from other parents.



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