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Breast Pump - Easy to use for busy, scheduled-packed or even at home mothers

Offering a wide selection of breastfeeding accessories such as breast pump, offers the best products that will ease your breastfeeding journey. Manual or electrical, choose the best breast pumps that fit your liking from high-quality brands such as Autumnz, Philips Avent, and many more.

Aside from breast pump, you can get other breastfeeding accessories such as nursing cover for mothers who want extra coverage, breast pads for comfort and also breast milk bags, giving working mothers a much more convenient way to keep your milk. Get your hands on the cheapest breast pump in Malaysia at today!


Menawarkan seleksi alat penyusuan bayi, sedia membantu bagi memudahkan urusan penyusuan bagi Mommy dan bayi. Di, Mommy boleh mendapatkan breast pump samada manual atau menggunakan elektrik daripada jenama terkenal dan berkualiti seperti Autumnz dan Philips Avent.

Selain daripada breast pump, Mommy juga boleh dapatkan pelbagai aksesori lain yang sesuai semasa breastfeeding. Mommy boleh dapatkan nursing cover, breast pads, beg simpanan susu ibu, breast pump multi-fungsi dan sebagainya. Dapatkan breast pump murah hanya di hari ini!


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