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Beast Pump Malaysia | Easing Your Breastfeeding Journey

Why Do You Need a Breast Pump?

After childbirth, every mum should feed their babies with breast milk. However, there are certain situations where this cannot be done due to several factors. As for those who are able to feed their baby with breast milk, you must be grateful.

You probably should consider a breast pump if you are a working mother. This is because by using a breast pump, it will increase your freedom as a career woman. It allows you to experience the satisfaction of providing what is best for your baby.

Other than that, breast pumps also minimise breastfeeding issues like latching, which are caused by flat or inverted nipples. This equipment helps to soften the nipples for easier and smoother latching.

Furthermore, pumping and direct breastfeeding alleviate milk supply problems. Combining these two will help to increase your milk supply and production.

Things to be Considered When Buying the Right Breast Pump:

  • Choose a breast pump that is easy to find replacement parts.

  • Make sure the pump is easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to carry around.

  • Look for one that comes with a case for travelling.

  • Look for a high suction strength pump to express milk faster.

  • If you need to pump as quickly as possible, do consider an electric and double-breast pump.

  • When using only one side of a double breast pump, seal the other side to make it more efficient.

  • Choose the right-size breast shields.

  • Consider keeping a manual pump in case of power failures of your electric breast pump.

  • Read product reviews and feedback from other parents.

Commonly Ask Questions About Breast Pump:

1. Which breast pump is the best?

To label one as the best is based on what one offers and what type of breast pump it is. One can be best in its own category.

As for The Best Breast Pump Overall, it is Medela Pump in Style Advanced while for The Most Comfortable Breast Pump, it would be the Philip Avent Comfort. Spectra S1 Plus would be under The Most Efficient Breast Pump category.

2. Why does my breast pump not working well?

There are several factors why your breast pump is not working. First of all, you may check the power source and make sure your outlet is working properly. Secondly, take a look at your power adapter whether the cord is plugged into the power adapter all the way or not.

Other reasons why your breast pump is not pumping would be a failing motor, misfit flanges or it also could be uncharged batteries; for in a battery-operated pump.

If the above is in good condition but your pump is still not working well, you may check with the manufacturer to get it fixed.

3. Can I produce breast milk by just pumping?

Yes, definitely! However, it is better for you to try nursing your baby first and if your baby cannot suck or you are in pain while nursing, you may switch to pumping.

4. Is breast pumping painful?

Breastfeeding or pumping should not be painful and if you are experiencing extreme pain while doing it, you may check with your healthcare provider or lactation consultant. One would usually feel discomfort for the first two minutes, and if the pain continues, you must get a check-up.

At the beginning of each pumping, you may have a temporary pain for about 10 to 15 second. It is because the collagen fibres in your nipples are stretched. You may feel a slight tenderness of the nipples as well.

In certain situations, mums may also experience an uncomfortable sensation when their milk is released or ‘letting down’ which may feel like tingling or ‘pins and needles’.

5. How to know that I properly use a breast pump?

Here are the signs that you are properly using your breast pump:

  • You are not feeling any pain in your nipple.
  • Your areolar should have a little to no tissue inside the tunnel of the breast pump.
  • You do not feel any areas of the breast that still have milk inside where it indicates the uneven removal of milk.
  • Your nipple’s position is in the centre of the flange and moves freely in the tunnel of the breast pump.
  • There is no white circle at the base of the nipple and your nipple is not blanch.

6. How long can I go without pumping?

You should not go longer than 5-6 hours without pumping especially during the first few months after childbirth. Some would have trouble waking up in the middle of their sleep just to pump, however, full breasts make milk flow more slowly.

The longer you go without pumping, the slower the milk flow. 

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