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Bath Toys - Make your little one love bath time with these super fun bath toys

Giving your baby a bath does not have to be a chore. Turn bath time to playtime with these assortments of bath toys from Browse our selection of favourite bath toys specially made for your babies and toddlers. With leading brands such as Fisher Price, Piyo Piyo, Soapsox and many more, shop all the necessary baby bath products right here.


Memandikan anak anda tidak semestinya menjadi satu urusan yang melecehkan. Jadikan masa mandi menyeronokkan dengan mainan mandi bayi dari Layari semua produk kami yang dibuat khas untuk bayi dan anak-anak kecil anda. Terdiri daripada jenama seperti Fisher Price, Piyo Piyo, Soapsox dan banyak lagi, beli produk bayi anda dengan mudah di kedai online kami.