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Strollers - Trendiest baby strollers for the comfort of your baby. 

Transport your little ones with ease in a wide selection of baby strollers, baby prams, and buggies. Whether you only have one kid or two or even three, the wide selection of baby strollers such as a double stroller, jogging stroller, baby buggy and many more, will give you only the best to suit your needs.

Among many of the baby gears, baby stroller is one of the items that expecting parents need to buy. It helps you to move around with your baby easier and faster. 

Main Functions of Baby Stroller

  1. Transporting the baby forward and backwards.

  2. Navigating turns.

  3. Locking mechanism to reduce the possibility of the stroller moving unintentionally.

  4. Folding capability for ease of use.

  5. Keeping the baby securely fastened inside the stroller.

The Different Types of Strollers

  • Full-sized stroller: A bigger, sturdier and usually more durable. This type of stroller is a good option for many families as it covers most of the basics a stroller needs. 

  • Lightweight or umbrella stroller: A lightweight stroller is perfect for on-the-go. It is designed for portability, easy to fold, and easy to keep in the car or taking it on a plane, bus or train. 

  • Jogging stroller: Jogging strollers come with a front-wheel that can swivel (for flexibility) or be fixed (for stability at higher speeds), which makes it perfect for parents who are always on the run. 

  • Double stroller: Perfect for parents with twins or two kids, the double stroller comes in two type - side-by-side seating or one child sits behind the other. 

  • Car seat carrier: Car seat carrier is compact and lightweight. It is built to transform your infant car seat into a stroller in just a second!

  • Travel system: This stroller usually is a combination of both infant car seat and stroller. You can get one in full-size, lightweight, or jogging stroller travel system.

What can you consider when choosing a Baby Stroller?

  1. You should know where and how often you are going to use your stroller for. 

  2. Get a stroller that is equipped with the five-points safety harness:

    1. Restraint system (a sturdy safety belt and crotch strap)

    2. A good parking brake that is convenient to operate and locks the two wheels. 

    3. Wheels that is easy to manoeuvre and sit on the floor uniformly when a baby is inside. 

    4. Close leg holes so an infant can't slip through. 

    5. A canopy to protect your baby from the sunlight and inclement weather.

  3. Is it a newborn friendly or can only be used when your baby is about 4-6 months of age?

  4. You should know for how long do you plan to use it - are you planning to use it until your baby grows up to be a toddler, or you are going to use it for the other kids?

  5. The weight and whether the stroller is easy to fold and unfold. 

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