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Azirahani bt rakmi (40. Female. Melaka)

Website ini sangat berguna buat kami yang bergelar ibu


Rabiatul adawiyyah (36, female, terengganu)

Sangat vagus, Dan harga sangat berbaloi...



Hi there.i am new mum.i choose motherhood.i can learn many from fb.i got superkid activity box.for Mother SuperKid.i love it very much.i hope my baby charles cam join many programme and activity about motherhood.awesome!!!.


suhadilla (29,female)

delivery is really fast!tqsm ..will rpeat shop here soon...


Nazuandy bin Abdul Aziz (38,male, kedah)

Very good and save money



Website ni sgt brmnfaat, brg dgn hrga brptutan


Jana Tai (29,Female, Subang Jaya)

Can I just say that the customer service team of Motherhood is so efficient, helpful and nice. Her name specifically is WONG. Want to commend this lady for delivering the highest expectation above what she can do. Motherhood, hire more of her! Keep it up!


Nur liyana Mohamed noor rosli

Hello Motherhood team!

I am one happy customer! I just ordered 2 flash card during my eid holiday. Apparently your team is super fast and efficient, one of them ( a malay lady - sorry i forgot to ask her name) rang my phone and ask if I’m available at home to receive my order. Unfortunately i was away - still in holiday mood ☺️. I told her, she can ask the runner to give it to my apartment security guard as I usually do when I’m away. But she was scared as it might not be safe. Told her it’s ok but she keep saying, it’s ok, we prefer to deliver it direct to you. She then ask me if its ok if she ask the runner to deliver it to me on Monday (today) once I’m back in KL. I said ok, whichever convience to the runner.

Earlier today, the runner called me and ask what time I will be around at home so he can come. Sorry, again I forgot to ask his name! I said I usually be home around 8. He then asked me if he want me to deliver it to my office, which I said, up to you, whichever easy for you. He then say, he will confirm back with me as he is delivering orders around KL. Guess what! He came to my apartment at 845pm! Omg! I was so impressed as he still want to deliver it directly to me even its already night time - and in this rainy weather.

So Motherhood team, kuddos to your team and your efficient and hardworking delivery guy (man, he did look tired just now).

I never write a long feedback like this. But your team deserves it. I will definitely be your return customer and promote you to my friends. Once again, thank you and keep up the good customer service! Selamat hari raya!

By the way, my daugher loves your flash cards!


Faisal (27, Shah Alam)

Lots of stuff for new parents. The price were cheap. Looking forward to buy more stuffs here.


Lok Shi Mun (32,Female, Selangor)

Good website. Fast delivery, good price.


NUR FARAHDINA NORDIN (25, Female, Negeri Sembilan)

Website ini banyak pilihan untuk Saya


annie gan (35, Female, Ipoh Perak)

A very good website to search for baby's stuffs.


Nabilah Suhadaa (25,female,pahang)

website ni sangat bermanfaat. I'm a first time user here,dapat free sample susu dari friso gold mum. susu nya sedap kurang manis.


Yeow Pui Yee (31, Female, Kuantan)

You will only need to look up at this website for all that you need! So convenient!


Farhana (31 Female Kuala Lumpur )

I am confident that me and my baby gets the full nutritive value of milk. It helps the overall development as well as building strong bones and teeth of the baby. Besides that, it also helps with body with the production of energy and to support the increase of nutritional needs of the mother and baby. Thanks.


Balqis Mohamad (32, Female, Johor)

Customer service is very good and the product high quality. The delivery also faster with the variety product brands. As a mother I really enjoy shopping with motherhood. Mother happy baby happy too.


aina marhana

very fast svs and very good website


bahareh kamari (35,female,kl)

customer service is very good. thanks motherhood to supporting customer as well ...


Aishah Nasrin (28,Ipoh,Female)

I love motherhood web ! It eases my life as a mom ~


Low Wei Yi (Female, WPKL)

Despite a poor kick start by receiving a damage product from motherhood, I wish to say thank you to Ms. Wong who was quick in finding solution to replace my purchase, kudos to Motherhood for such talented and dedicated staff. Hopefully the replacement of Philip Avent Steamer Blender comes in good condition and able to work perfectly this time.



I'm a first time user here, they are fast delivery but when my parcel reached I found one of the item is missing and I’m very worried but luckily the customer service of this website is very helpful and fast action so my worried also gone very fast and I'm able to get back my missing parcel within few days. I will continue support motherhood. Hooray...


Amirah Abu Bakar (27, Putrajaya)

We came across Motherhood while searching for a travel system for my baby who is due in a few months. They have a variety of choices available with great prices. We've purchased our Nuna Pepp Luxx and Nuna Pipa travel system during the sale period for a good deal, and it arrived in just 2 days! Customer Service is also top notch, all enquiries were replied in less than a day. Surely my go to mother-shopping website. Keep up the good work!



Website ni ada banyak option untuk I. Baju hamil mereka juga cantik sangat. Harga pun tak mahal.


Pat Yeoh

Really love this website and how they have so many brands. I also don't have to worry about whether the stuff I buy is legit or not because they all come from source or authorised sellers.


Amy Tan

My hubby and I are expecting our llittle girl next year. We were so lost but thanks to this website it helped make everything clearer. The purchasing mechanics is really easy to understand too and the descriptions of the products really makes it clear and easy to identify the right things for me. 


Yong Pui Er

It's a very good website if you're looking to buy baby stuff. They really have everything you need. They also have so many brands so that you have more options based on your needs and wants.


Tracy Yeoh

I really like to come to this website to look at the OMG Deals section. So cheap and then there's so many different things too for me to buy.


Angela Toh

Bought a lot of things during their 11.11 sale. The prices were so cheap and the delivery was still very fast even though it was during a big sale.


Ramone Kok

Bought some maternity stuff for my wife. Really easy to navigate and the prices are pretty reasonable too.



I beli barang baby diapers untuk baby saya. Delivery cepat dan banyak brand juga.



Bought some stuff from a promotion that they were having. Prices were pretty cheap and it had a lot of the well-known brands too. Good customer service as well when I called to enquire about one of their products. 


Sandra Tan

Bought a toy for my girl. Very good quality and she likes it. Delivery was very fast too.


Sylvani Begum

I bought some clothes for my baby here. Very high quality but not expensive. The delivery was quite fast also. Very satisfied.


Pat Lee

Good prices, fast delivery.


Rachel Tan

I really like this website. Have been using it for a few months now and I really have no complaints. What made me keep coming back was really all the promotions and campaigns that they keep having. It makes buying baby stuff so much cheaper as compared to elsewhere. The service is also really good and the customer service is so helpful. Really just wanted to say good job. 


Betty Goh

Good website. Fast delivery, good price.


Patricia Lee

I like how they have so many different types of toys, especially those that I can use to teach my girl. She loves using them to learn too.


Wong Hui Bin (30, Female, Penang)

Just want to thanks this website because the customer service is very good. There was problem with toy I bought and they solved it very fast.


Faridah Hussain

Sangat suka website ni. Ada baju kurung untuk masa saya hamil tu juga.


Penny Lim

Really love the deals on this website. Also really glad that they always include those famous brands, not just those that I've never heard before. 


Mei Ting

My friend introduce me to this website because I was complaining about how hard it is to compare all the baby things. I was so surprised that there are so many brands available here! Even brands from like Korea, and Japan and even US.


Yau Mei Ting

Thanks to Motherhood for helping me when I was in a pinch! Realised that we ran out of some stuff but had to go very far to buy them. Lucky it's easy to buy here and delivery is quite fast too.


Diana Tan

Expecting another baby! Went a bit crazy shopping on this website because there were so many cute things. Lol. Jie jie is very excited for di di's arrival too!


Lily Wong

Bought some breastfeeding stuff during their sale. Really worth the money!


Ada Wong

This website made me discover a lot of products to help with my pregnancy. Who knew that it didn't have to be so tough?



Bought a lot of things during their sale. The prices were very cheap and the delivery was really fast too.


Priya Chandra

This website is very useful. A lot of tips on their blog and then their products have a lot of branded and normal stuff.


Candy Ho

Bought clothes from this website for my girl. She loves it. Good material and quality.


Wei Qiang

This website is very easy to use. No nonsense, super straightforward. Even my mother was able to buy something from this website for my son.


Sally Wong

Good prices. Really love their offers!


Alvin Tan

Wanted to buy a car seat but I didn't know which one was the best to get. Read their guide and it became so much easier!


Siti Syahida

Website ni memang best. Hari tu barang ku ada problem customer service terus tolong. Efisyen betul


Tesintha Prashan

Good website. The prices can be very cheap if there's promotion. Hope they keep having such good promotions more often then I don't need to go out and buy anymore.


Rachel Wong

Love this website. They have so many different types of products! Just wish it's easier to pay for the stuff.



Very good promotions. I always check to see what's on sale cz it's very worth it. 


Jeanie Yap

The breastfeeding sale was so cheap! The stuff were a steal! Definitely wait for the promotions on this website.



There;s so many cute stuff on this website! Bought some and can't wait to try it on my baby!



Bought swim diapers from here so that my baby can enjoy the water. No complaints for sure!



Good website. Love all the giveaways and free gifts!



Lots of cute toys in this website. My baby loves it! So happy they have rabbit shaped toys.



Love the promotion on this website. Super cheap! The daily deals also very dai. 


Mhd Safry

Senang guna website ini. Esok nak pergi holiday takut tak dapat tapi cepat dapat jugak.


Jessica Wong

Especially useful for me as I have a kid at home and another on the way so I can still buy the things I need while keeping my job and can spend more time at home with my girl.


Janet Ooi

Useful website, purchasing things was very simple and the things I bought came very fast. Super efficient and very satisfied.



Very useful website for buying baby stuff.


Rex Goh

Easy to buy stuff for my kid. The prices are quite good too. 


James Tan (Male, 28, KL)

Me and my wife are expecting our newborn! The blog at this website really helped us prepare for our new addition and the website makes it easy to buy all the stuff that we need.


Mahirah Abdullah

The better than baby fair promo so cheap! At least don't need to go and queue at the baby fair and worry about my baby going missing.



Amat suka website ini. Free delivery itu juga bagus. Lagi tak perlu risau pergi ke kedai.


Eunice Tan (Female, Seremban, 27)

Great website. When deals very cheap!


Rachel Fee

This website is extremely useful as I can get brands from overseas like the Australia (where I'm from), where I'm more familiar with the names of the brands and their reputation at a pretty good price. 



This website made buying maternity products like pads so easy. Don't need to worry about people judging.


Hong Wai (Male, 35, KL)

Like this website. Easy to buy diapers and all that.


Mandy Teoh

Prices are cheap! Especially since I know the stuff I buy is authentic. Unlike some websites. I bought and turn out to be fake. ==


Wan Ning

Good customer service. Very helpful. Worth buying from here just for that. ^^



Love this website. So many products for my newborn baby.


Kimberly Yong

Good website for baby products.



Good website. Very useful.



Kali pertama saya beli barang untuk baby saya online. Senang juga.


Jenny Ho (Female, Penang, 30)

Thank you Motherhood so easy to shop. Delivery is fast and efficient too.


Zoe (Female, Johor, 30)

This website really makes buying things so easy. Thanks a lot!


Nur Ida

Sangat suka promosi mereka. Ada yang betul-betul murah. 



Love this website. Delivery is fast also.


Laila Maisarah

I love Motherhood. They respond fast to every request. I am a happy buyer. Keep up the good work!


Kavitah (Shah alam)

Great customer service and very responsive agents. Order received in excellent condition and as per advertised. Will definately buy again.



Contrary to the grumpy cat picture, actually really satisfied with the service given in this website. Very quick to respond and resolve any issues. Keep it up.


Najeeba Hassan (43, Female, Johor)

Terdapat pelbagai promosi dalam website ini. Sesetengah website lebih murah banding Lazada pun! 


Kah Yen (25, Female, Penang)

Love this website. So convenient. ^^


Hugh Lo

As a single father, this website has been a lifesaver since I have to work so I don't have a lot of time to go shopping and the like now that my wife is no longer here. 


Hanum (29, female, Shah Alam )

I'm very satisfied with motherhood! Cheap but quality products



This website is useful to spoil my stepson with. Call it bribery, but it works! He now loves me more than his dad!


Peter Ho

Very useful website to buy baby stuff. As a working father, this helps relieve some burden on my wife as well since she can just tell me what she needs and I can buy them for her.


Liyana Sobri

Website ini memang banyak brand. Banyak juga yang sangat bernama so tak perlu takut kualiti tak baik. Bagus jugak


Melanie Anderson

Extremely satisfied with the service provided by their customer service. I especially love the deals they have here. The Pigeon clothes deal is insane!


Cynthia Long

Thanks for the good service and fast delivery/



Sangat suka website ini. Ada banyak baju untuk baby saya yang sangat comel. Kualiti juga sangat lembut so bayi saya sangat suka.


Monica Ho

the mother's day sale was so lovely. not only could i buy practical products that i need to use, but i can also get it at a good price! 


Bunny Low

The baby wipes promo is so worth it! It's honestly the best time to stock up on baby wipes. After all, you can never have too much of it! ^^


Tiffany Liew

This website has been so helpful. I bought diapers during the offer and it was so cheap! Definitely look out for their promotions. Haha.



This website is great! I bought so many of my maternity stuff here! It's especially useful since I'm on bed rest and can't go out to get things that I need.


Audra Chong (29, female, Kuala lumpur)

Excellent and efficient service. I got my product frm them very soon, as they provide ideas and solutions efficiently. They are very informative too!


Nabilah Hussain

Hebat website ni! Banyak promosi! Paling suka RM 5 tu sangat murah!


Malaga Lachmi

Website ini senang untuk saya kerana boleh buat barang saya sambil membeli barang. Saya tak perlu risau jika bayi saya nakal dalam kedai.


Tracy chew (28 persiaran wira jaya barat 46, taman ipoh jaya, 31350 ipoh perak)

Convenience, fast and easy. I like it.


Hana Asilah

Website ini sangat helpful juga. Apabila anak saya sakit, saya boleh menjaga dia di rumah dan masih boleh beli diapers dia. Delivery juga pantas. Good job!


Lisa Chen

If you're looking to save some money like me, this website is perfect. Not only can I save on petrol, but they have so many deals that make it worth shopping here. Also, free shipping! 


Poon Chee Mei

Thank you so much Motherhood! Your blog really helped me as a first time mom. There are also so many things available, so I could easily prepare for my baby. Really a lifesaver. 


Sandra Liew

This website is great! They have so many things available and I don't need to go out to do my baby shopping anymore! Hope they'll keep improving and increasing the number of products so I can shop more! 


Rachel Ling

Thank you so much for making my life so much easier! Now I don't always have to go out just to buy baby stuff. I can even do it when I'm at work!


Sarah Yap

So happy I can buy well-known brands like Mamypoko here! The price also not bad as it saves me the hassle of going out. I also don't have to worry about quality because it's a well-known brand. So happy. ^^


Anatasha Hassan

Sangat gembira dengan servis mereka. Saya telah beli barang dari website ini tapi ada masalah dengan delivery. Mereka sangat baik hati dan sudi membantu saya untuk memastikan saya dapat barang secepat mungkin. Terima kasih ya.


Fa Ling (30, Female, Penang)

I can find so many things from so many brands here. I really can't decide! I especially like the Dr Brown stuffs though. I think quite good for my baby.


Agnes Gan

I bought the snacks for my precious here. He really loves it~ Always asks for more. Ha ha~


Anita Chew (35, Female, Johor)

Really so convenient. I don't need to go through all that jam and waste my petrol. Price quite good also.


Denise Tan

You really have everything a mother could need for the baby. The promotions are quite worth it too. Makes it easier to shop because I can be at home with my baby.


Amanda Low (40, Female, Selangor)

Bought this toy for my baby. The price is attractive and my baby loves it! It came so quickly too. Thank you so much.


Nadia Syahira (37, Female, Kedah)

Bagus. Ada shipping percuma dan pantas juga. Tapi ada beberapa produk yang tiada stok.


Mindy Liew (32, Female, Johor Bahru)

Fast delivery service, i get my parcel 2 days after make my payment. A lot of products stated " coming soon", hopefully you can restock fast the stocks. I will purchase again next time.


Violet Low

So many choices! Really can make sure that I got the best for my baby. Good price too.


Bebe Liah

Really like a lot! The things came so fast and price good also. Keep it up!


Diyana Begum

Banyak mainan untuk bayi. Sangat senang untuk beli juga. Barang cepat datang. Suka sangat!


Nur Ashikin Khamis

Received order with many thanks to Pigeon Malaysia! Hope you sell plenty with great bargain!


zhi miin chi

This is so efficient of customer service team and vendor. Many many thanks! A+++++ service has provided!


lee (35 Male KL)

Philips Avent Bottle Sterlizer Good


Jasmine Yap (Female, KL)

Thanks Received my parcel yesterday. Can't wait for your upcoming sales !!!


Nur Azie (Female, Johor )

terima kasih Motherhood utk penghantaran yg pantas..order hari selasa..hari jumaat dah smpai..


Valerie Tan (Female)

Big thanks to! Received my order yesterday. Very efficient service and convenient for me and my baby to shop more :)


Vivi Masnia (Female, Kuching )

Hi, I've purchased a fisher-price kick & play and monkey teether from Really appreciate Ms. Ee Mun kind assistance regarding my purchase.
Though there was a misunderstanding in regards to the stock availability, but she has been patient and keep me updated on the items whereabout. 
It would be helpful for buyers in the future if the stock availability is in real time, or an indicator if the product require time between the placement of an order and delivery.
All and all, I am a satisfied customer and will definitely order more products from your website. And thank Ms. Ee Mun for making my shopping experience with a pleasant one.


Farah Amira (Female, Petaling Jaya)

Thanks a lots Received my order yesterday. My baby and I love it so much <3 Definitely will come back to shop for my little cutie stuff ;)


Verlyn Chew (Female)

Thank you Motherhood, Receive in gd condition, fast delivery, good service, I will continue shopping 


Nur Othman (29, Female, Penang)

Very good customer service that went to the extend to ensure my purchased item is delivered on time during my confinement. Really grateful and love the great deals for Huggies.


Jennifer Lim (26, Female, Ipoh)

Great and inspiring contents here. Good guide for me the shop for what I need during my pregnancy.


Vivian (29, Female, Kuala Lumpur)

Enjoy the variety of brands and products here. I can find most of my favourite brands here.


Sam Tan (38, Male, Penang)

Best buy ever, kept my 1 year old entertain with its lovely music. Good shopping and absolutely will shop again.


Patricia (31, Female, Selangor)

I love this website because it ship fast, and simple to use. So far never fail me. Please add in more products for baby toy categories.


Elizabeth James (35, Female, Johor)

I'm an expat and really like to convenience to be able to shop for local and imported baby products here. Please bring in more imported USA brands especially supplements.