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Your baby doesn't want their milk bottles anymore? Get a Bremed Weaning Set and start them off with their own eating tools. Bremed also provides one of the best baby thermometers for you. From weaning bowls with lids to digital thermometers, Bremed has it all! Well, there’s no such thing as over-preparing. Take the initiative and be aware when your little one needs you. Start preparing with today, to stop fretting tomorrow.


Bayi anda tidak mahu minum botol susunya lagi? Dapatkan ‘weaning set’ dari Bremed dan anda boleh mengajar bayi anda untuk belajar makan sendiri. Bremed turut menghasilkan salah satu termometer bayi yang terbaik di pasaran. Daripada mangkuk ‘weaning’ dengan penutup kepada termometer bayi digital, Bremed mempunyai semuanya buat si manja. Dapatkan produk Bremed hanya di untuk penjimatan berganda! 


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