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Brighten up your motherhood journey with Holabebe’s products. Holabebe provides a wide range of products in the baby’s line and as well as household needs. 

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Holabebe Malaysia | Love Begins Here

Started in 2009 as trading that distributes baby’s garments and maternity products, Holabebe Malaysia is now expanding their wings wider. After several years involving and gaining experiences in the baby's industries, they believe that parenthood needs more than just comfortable clothes. 

They then widened their expertise by producing various other categories like baby’s accessories, feeding equipment, toys, and several more products for parents as well in affordable prices. Holabebe promises to give a comfortable and remarkable experience of parenthood and yet affordable for every family in this country. 

This establishment is currently manufacturing four main categories including Baby & Toddler Play, Baby Accessories, Breast Feeding, and Baby Silicone. Recently, they have launched new divisions of maternity series which are breast pump, nursing cover, cooler bag, and more. 

1. Baby Accessories

Based on feedback from consumers, this is the main category of Holabebe Malaysia. Cotton blanket, towel, and anti-slip diaper mat are the most purchased and famous items!

Most of the products under this series are made of 98% cotton which this feature guarantees to provide comforts to the baby. Besides promising comfort, Holabebe also provides versatility through cute and attractive designs. 

Moreover, there are also 10 in 1 baby care kit (which includes nail trimmer, thermometer, and syringe), belly binder, socks, mitten, baby hat, and nursing cover. 

Out of the items in this series, the Holabebe anti-slip diaper mat is the most outstanding one.

Why? Here are the characteristics of this product:

  • Cosy change on the go.

  • Protects baby from dirty surfaces.

  • Made up of soft cotton for the softest touch on your baby's delicate and sensitive skin.

  • A non-slip surface that is used to prevent any incidents during baby diaperings like slips, trips and falls.

  • Equipped with a waterproof barrier layer which allows your child’s body heat to pass through while still providing waterproof protection.

2. Baby Silicone

This category lists down various items and equipment in the baby’s line, especially for feeding purposes. Items in this series are made of silicone and proven BPA or Phthalate free.

Some of the products of this category are spoon, bowl, fruit feeder, bib, pacifier container, teats, feeding bottle, and also massaging teethers. These silicone feeding equipment are safer than others (those that are made up of plastic) because they can resist heating and freezing without leaching any hazardous chemicals which are harmful to us. 

3. Baby Toddler & Play

After several years serving Malaysian’s parents and babies, Holabebe then decided to produce this series in 2014 and expanded this widely in 2017. Baby plush toys and hanging toys are their significant items here. 

Why choose Holabebe Malaysia? 

Chase away the hesitations with these highlights of Holabebe!

  1. Their baby silicone series are made with high technology and ultimate love! 

All of their silicone products are dishwasher safe which means that they can be washed with a dishwasher without causing any harm.

Furthermore, they are also equipped with anti-slip technology; giving the sense of touch for your baby. Designed with cute and attractive patterns and colours, these products can spark the happiness of your kids too. 

  1. The toys are safe and good for senses stimulation. 

Manufactured with ingredients that would not cause harm to the infants; Holabebe’s soft toys are the one.

Apart from that, they are also made with soft colours and fabrics which can revive a baby's sense of visual, tactile, and auditory too! By gently pinching the stomach of the stuffed animals, they will produce a nice squeaky voice. 

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