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Home and Living | Home Is Where Our Story Begins

Brightening up your living space can be an example of home-based activities with your family. There are so many things that you can do in order to light up your homes such as transforming furniture, adding a fresh colour scheme or even opening up other spaces like a mini library or coffee corner. 

Your home is the reflection of how you are as yourself as in cleanliness and tidiness. However, in the context of creativity, it only perceives how you exhibit the visualization of your creativity.  

Decorating our home can help in improving our moods and mental health; it is like giving a new and fresh atmosphere for us to live in. Some of us have already pictured the idea of renovating their home in our minds, however, they do not know how and where to start. 

It is undeniable that there are those who are totally ‘gifted’ where they are able to start decorating as soon as they grip the brush and other tools. Worry less, you can start by rearranging the furniture in your living room, bedroom and as well as your kitchen. 

Simple Home Decor Ideas

Here are some guides and home decor ideas for you to start decorating your living space!

#1 Pick a new colour for your walls. 

Lighter colours can make your room look more spacious especially if you go for soft pastels like cream, light grey or even dusty pink. These shades radiate the luminous surrounding for your home. 

#2 Consider contrast colours as well

Choosing contrast tones excites and sparks the look of your home. You may pick any colours from a bolder palette such as turquoise or sky blue against a cream or off white. It does not have to be another colour of your wall either, you may experiment this with furniture or fittings like carpets/rugs, coffee table or sofa. 

#3 Play along with mirrors

It is proven that placing a large mirror in a small room can add more depth by creating illusions in our eyes and make the room look bigger than it is. 

#4 Bring the outdoors in 

For those who are lucky to own a home with a large outdoor space, it is a great opportunity for you to open up some space for some greens. You may use your balcony as your mini garden. 

Apart from making a continuation between your indoor and outdoor spaces, it also supplies extra oxygen for you and your family and as well as a fresh and cool effect. 

#5 Consider rugs

Layering your spaces with rugs allows you to experiment with your interiors because rugs can tie a room together. Choosing the right rug is important; from the colours to the patterns. 

The rug should be something that draws the eye and compliments the colours of your walls. You may go with bolder colours against your walls or furniture. 

Furthermore, it is not just about the selection of the rugs; the placement of the rugs also plays a vital role. Where you set your rug will make a significant difference between an unskilful attention grabber, or a perfect finishing of your decorations. 

Benefits of Decorating your Home

If you have been asking why you should buy home decor products, let me tell you the advantages of it! 

  • Increasing the value of your living space

  • Enhancing the hospitality

  • Improving moods 

  • Repurposing a space

  • Hiding design flaws through decorations

3 Pro Tips To Choose The Perfect Decorative Items For Your Home 

Fret not, we have the guidance for you on how to choose the right home decor items for your house. 

Firstly, always go for quality instead of quantity especially if you have a limited budget. It is best to invest in buying less but elegant pieces of decorations rather than stock up cheap items.

You have to know that your room or spaces are not showrooms. Home decor products online are normally reasonable to be compared with those in retails. 

Second of all, when choosing home decor products, you may compliment them with the existing home interiors. Try to mix and match in your imagination before purchasing ones so that they match with those furnishings or wall paint.

It is also crucial to keep the size of your room while adding decor items in your cart while online shopping. Putting large decor in a small room is not a good idea since it may cramp the spaces and make the room look smaller. 

Last but not least, going for unique items would spice up the looks of your interiors. If you think you need to dive into galleries to find rare pieces of decor, you are partially wrong. There are hundreds of them online!

You are able to get handcrafted candles stands, classic vases and even majestic-look mirrors on home decor online. Always keep in mind that decorating a home is an art and it is not a place, it is a feeling. 

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