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Nona Roguy is perfect for postpartum mothers, as well as the entire family as it can help with skin problems too!

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Nona Roguy - All-Time Malaysian Mums' Favourite

Nona Roguy is a product from MAMANED Enterprise which is owned by Mrs Mira Barakbah. Started as a spa owner around 2003, and just selling the products to her friends; Mrs Mira then expanded her wings into online business.

Apart from ointments and supplements, various products are produced by this company such as Set Bersalin Nona Roguy, Set Berpantang Nona Roguy and Bengkung Nona Roguy as well.
The ‘hereditary’ products are in the market for more than nine years already and here are the top items of Nona Roguy on

Here are some of the locals' favourites:

1. Nona Roguy Minyak Berubat

Nona Roguy's ointments are an ‘all-in-one’ type of product. With only RM33 on, you can solve numerous problems in your family. 

It will help to heal your strained muscles and joints. Besides, you can use this ointment to ease your menstrual cramps and of course for postnatal massages.

Plus, if you or your kids happen to have bruises, sore eyes, and also skin problems (like rashes and allergies), say no more. Minyak Nona Roguy is here for all of you.

Last but not least, you can apply a small amount of this Minyak Berubat to your front and back abdomen if you caught a light cold, cough and asthma too.

2. Nona Roguy Minyak Herbanika

While for this Minyak Nona Roguy, Minyak Herbanika, it is a ‘knight in shining armour’! Every woman who has just given birth needs this item. It will help you to recover fast, especially after a Cesarean surgery and of course even after a normal delivery.

Just make sure to apply this magical ointment on the upper and lower of your abdomen before starting ‘hot stone’ formation treatment or what we usually call; bertuam batu tuku. And you are advised to use this item along with Herbanika Barut or Bengkung for binding your abdomen.

Why choose Nona Roguy Malaysia?

Indecisive? Here are the solid reasons why you must choose products from Nona Roguy Malaysia: 

  • Multipurpose

It is a super saving kind of product where you can use the ointments for many purposes; not only for a postnatal massage. It will ease your daily life, seriously. 

  • Convenient

Comes in a handy size of the bottle; it will make your life easier. You can carry it anywhere and anytime in your handbag. It would not take up space in your bag or diaper bags because it offers high convenience to every customer. 

  • Affordable 

With the benefits that are offered from each product, Nona Roguy is absolutely an affordable brand for the consumers. Only RM33 for an ointment that can cure and heal various types of pain and problems. Not to forget, all of the postnatal sets, supplements and traditional medicine (jamu) are sold at an affordable price as well.

Nona Roguy is no doubt one of the most famous brands among Malaysian mothers. Set itself for a few years in the industry, Nona Roguy set helps mommies to heal from childbirth during the postpartum period.

With Nona Roguy 'bersalin set', it helps to accelerate your recovery process by restoring the nutritional status and immune system. It also helps to shape our body back to the original state (or better!) and improve muscle elasticity.

Get these ideal postpartum products from Nona Roguy before it runs out of stocks on!

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