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Keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable at all time with Huggies diapers. Get Huggies Malaysia at the best price online, only at Motherhood. 

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Huggies Malaysia - Helps Keep Baby's Skin Dry And Healthy With Superior Absorbency

Huggies is one of the most well-known disposable baby and kids diaper marketed by Kimberly-Clark. It was first test-marketed in 1968 and then introduced to the public in 1978. Every Huggies diapers and pants are well-designed to suit a baby’s growing stage.

Here are some of mommy’s favourites diapers from Huggies Malaysia:

Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology

Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology is made in two choices - as a Pull-up Pant or as a Diaper with Adjustable Tapes.

This diaper is ultra-thin at only 5mm with over 100 million breathable holes and flexible where it does not sag even after multiple wettings. Huggies® Platinum with ZeroFeel™ Technology provides up to 12 hours overnight absorbency. Despite the high moisture absorption, it keeps the baby's skin dry and protected at all times.

Your baby will stay dry and comfortable when using Huggies Platinum with ZeroFeel™. Thanks to its ultra-thin feature, it makes your baby at ease as he will feel almost like wearing nothing at all!

Huggies Natural Soft

Huggies Natural Soft is packed with nature-inspired softness and long-lasting absorbency. Manufactured with a NEW absorption pad with trusted overnight ultra absorbency, Huggies Natural Soft provides up to 12 hours of absorbency for your baby. Your baby can now have a pleasant sleep through the night.

It also comes with a new type of side leg elastic which helps to hold urine until they are fully absorbed. It helps to fit the diaper better on your little one and provide better leakage protection. What's more important is that the material is made with natural cotton material to bring the ultimate softness and provide the maximum comfort on a baby's delicate skin.

Why You Should Choose Huggies Malaysia?

Here is a fact: Soft-surfaced diapers and maximum absorbency helps to protect and ensure optimum comfort for your baby. Moreover, a soft diaper plays a huge part in ensuring your baby doesn't get irritation, soreness, or chafing caused by the friction of the diaper.

Not to mention, by considering that the well-being of your baby's ultra-sensitive skin is important, you should choose a diaper that can provide a clean and dry baby's bottom. This is to avoid those nasty diaper rashes away.

Here are the other important things why you should choose Huggies:

  1. Ultra-absorbency.

  2. Provides comfort just like a mom’s hug. 

  3. Constantly innovating to give the best for your baby. 

  4. Keep your baby comfortable and protected at all stages. 

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