Motherhood Choice Award 2019

showcasing top quality, safe and innovating products


about the award

The Motherhood’s Choice 100 is Motherhood’s effort to seek out the favorite brands for pregnancy, maternity, baby, toddler and kids products/services. In line with the Government’s commitment to regulate and improve child safety measures, Motherhood’s Choice 100 seeks to showcase top quality, safe and innovative products that are endorsed by mothers from all over the world.



To recognize outstanding brands and products.


To inspire and motivate businesses to aim for excellence of their products.


To reward and promote outstanding products.


To celebrate and highlight the achievements of outstanding products that has contributed positively to the mom's community.


For Top 3 Most Outstanding Winners:


RM 50,000

worth of ad space(online)





by 20 Motherhood's KOLs/

Mom Celebrities.

For All Winners

point  1 year free listing on Award Page

     Use of Motherhood Choice logo on corporate, product and A&P collaterals.

point  Exposure:

     Shared article write-up.

     Full year listing on Motherhood's Choice 100.

     Newsletter to 500,000 subscriber base.

     Social media post and other exposures.

point  Award certificate.

how to participate

Check on your product eligibility.

All products must meet the following requirement:

- The company is duly incorporated in Malaysia in accordance with the Companies Act 2016.

- The company has sold at least 1,000 units of the entry product.

- The company is able to provide 1 best testimonial from its customer.

- Submission here. There is an evaluation fee of RM500 per product submission.

- For brands that have many products, the evaluation fee is RM5,000 for unlimited product submission.

- Companies are welcomed to submit their products for multiple categories.

The Evaluation Fees can be paid via online, cheque or bank transfer.

Advance Nomination

Unlimited Product Submission (RM5000):

Basic Nomination

1 Product Submission (RM500):



nomination category

1. Diaper & Fashion - Tape, Pants, Diaper Cream, Reusable Diaper, Swim Diaper, Swim Wear, Baby Wear, Diaper Bag, Other

2. Baby Nutrition - Supplement, Formula Milk, Other

3. Baby Feeding - Natural Teats, PPSU Bottles, Glass Bottles, Food Maker, Sterilizer, Sippy Cups, Bottle warmer, Feeding Accessories, Baby Teether, Other

4. Baby Hygiene - Oral Care, Mosquito repellent, Baby Wipes, Infant Head-to-toe wash, Baby cream, Face Cream, Baby Oil, Nappy Cream, Eczema Care, Baby Powder, Other

5. Baby Gears - Light Weight Stroller, Car Seat, Infant Carrier, Highchair, Carrier, Sling Carrier, Baby Walker, Baby Bouncers, Baby Swings, Other

6. Kids Toiletries - Kids Wash, Kids Toothbrush, Kids Toothpaste, Other

7. Enrichment - Childcare, Preschool, Kindergarden, International School, Playground, BabySpa, Babygym, Artclass, Music, Mental Development, Robotic & Coding, Language Center, Mathematic Center, Craft, STEM/Science, BabySensory, Right Brain Development, Swim School, Sports Academy, Tuition Center, Martial Arts Center, Montessori Programme, Other

8. Kids Nutrition - Cereal, Organic Food, Snacks, Supplement, Pre-biotics, Growing up Milk, Other

9. Mom Nutrition - Supplement, Mom's Milk, Other

10. Mom's Personal Care - Stretch Mark Cream, Stretch Mark Oil, Nipple Cream, Hair Care, Shower Gel, Skin Repair Balm, Essential Oil, Postnatal Care, Confinement Care Products, Toothpaste, Other

11. Maternity & Nursing - Maternity wear, Nursing Bra, Electrical Breastpump, Manual Breastpump, Storage Bags, Milk Booster, Disposable Breastpad, Postpartum Belt, Body Shaper, Other

12. Household - Laundry Detergent, Laundry Powder, Floor Detergent, Feeding Bottle Wash, Surface Cleaner, Blenders, Food Maker, Other

13. Nursery - Sleep Monitor, Playpen, Bedding, Baby Pillow, BabyCot, Playmat, Safety Gates, Air Purifier, Humidifier, Other

14. Health & Safety - Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Sun Care, Antiseptic Spray, Sanitiser, First Aid, Safety Gate, Water Filter, Other

16. Family Planning - Ovulation Test, Pregnancy Test, Fertility Center, Other

17. Vehicle - Large SUV, Compact SUV, Other

16. Services - Child Insurance Plan, Family Insurance Plan, Education Insurance Plan, Female Insurance Plan, Investment Linked Plan, Banks, Cordblood Storage, Stem Cell Bank, Confinement Center, Hospitals, Shopping mall, Special Needs, Family Friendly Holiday Planning, Kids Friendly Cafe, Other

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