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With Tanamera products, you can have your sweet me-time right at your house!

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Tanamera Malaysia | Sweet "Me-time" at Your Own House 

Started in 1995, three siblings started their small business to produce natural products for the consumers to make the environment safer and greener. Then a little more than ten years layer, Tanamera is widely known in our country. 

The name of Tanamera itself came along with their principle; to produce eco-friendly products where Tanamera means Red Earth in the Malay language. Their concept is to make something from the raw materials of the earth. 

The growth of Tanamera developed years after years and up until now, and the focus to emphasize the Malay beauty products from tropical elements are getting wider where there are about 80 core products in its retail line while another 80 products in its professional spa line. 

Their products have been used broadly in many spas in our country and as well as around the world. It is because of its plant-based and eco-friendly ingredients which provide the consumers to undergo a relaxing experience with tropical vibes. 

Tanamera Kidz and Tanamera Baby

Worry no more with Tanamera Kidz and Tanamera Baby editions! The shampoo and body wash contains no sulphate which can affect your kids’ sensitive skins. 

While for the body moisturizer, it is super quick-absorbing and nurturing the skins with the formulation from Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, the best herbal extracts and cold-pressed plant oils. Not to forget, the products from Tanamera are artificial fragrance-free where the refreshing scent from its moisturizer is from mandarin essential oil blend and lavender. 

Apart from those, Tanamera also has baby massage oil that comes into two types of it which are Tanamera Baby Full Body Massage Oil and Tanamera Baby Spot Massage Oil. 

Tanamera Body Soap and Body Scrub

To have me-time or relaxation time is no longer an obstacle if you have Tanamera products in your house. Its body soap and body scrub provide you with all the goodness that you can get from the spa. 

This category comes into two varieties which are:

  • Toning Green Coffee

For the soap and scrub of this variety, it promotes a natural way to reduce cellulite and flabby skin with the presence of Green Coffee oil, Seaweed extract and Phyto-complex. 

The combination of those three main compounds aims to shape and tone your body to a slimmer silhouette. 

  • Clarifying Hibiscus

While for Clarifying Hibiscus’s variety, it rejuvenates your skin into a brighter skin tone. Functioning as exfoliators, Tanamera Clarifying Hibiscus Soap and Scrub help to glow up your skin radiantly and luminously. This product is highly recommended for those who are struggling with dull and tired skin. 

Tanamera Hair

As for this series, Tanamera only provides hair care products that are authentic and gentle to your skin and hair. All of the items of this category focus on strengthening your hair from the roots. The items help to prevent hair fall and thinning as well as nourish and revitalize your scalp. 

These are the items of this series:

  • Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo

  • Tanamera Hair Strengthening Conditioner

  • Tanamera Hair Strengthening Serum

Plus, this establishment also manufacturers hair treatment products through Tanamera Hair Treatment Cream and hair-styling cream; Tanamera Hair Styling Cream. 

Why choose Tanamera Malaysia?

We all know that there are tonnes of ‘natural products’ out there in the market. Although they claim that their products are natural and yet, there are some of them that still contain additives and artificial preservatives. 

What makes Tanamera far away different from the others is its green amenities campaign. It is a new project by Tanamera; in collaboration with hotel products where their aim is to produce items that are made of the best herbal ingredients, natural and environmentally sensitive. 

About Tanamera Green Amenities:

  • All of Tanamera products contain natural actives from botanical compounds that are verified effective. 

  • To be compared with other items that are labelled as ‘natural’, Tanamera contains higher percentages of botanical complexes that make this brand are way better from those.

  • This brand practices no gimmicks like the others who declare their brands are the most natural one since Tanamera only uses plant-based ingredients with no artificial preservatives and synthetic-colour free. 

  • The ingredients used such as herbal extracts, essential oils are patented in the USA.

  • Tanamera performs no animal testing and only utilize recycled packaging material. 

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