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NEW Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

Cetaphil Baby's newest addition, the Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula, is an easy-to-apply cream than gently moisturises and protects baby's bottom from wetness that causes diaper rash. It's formulated with organic calendula extract to quickly soothe delicate skin, zinc oxide, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.


5.0 from 104 Reviews



First try and goods product

I love it because it is easy to apply, and there is no irritation. Very gentle on my sensitive skin baby.

Nurul Jeff


New cethapil baby diaper cream

This cetaphil diaper cream really works for my son. when he had diarrhea and it caused a rash, I used this cream. It suitable for my son and its organic. Thank you for choosing me to try this cream. I really appreciate.

Syamimi Ismail


Good products

Love this product so much.. really good to moisturize my baby bum, I use it everyday on my baby

Lee won yee


Review cetaphil diaper cream

Best cream... Sapu pada anak pertama dan anak yg baru lahir yg kedua .memang terbaik

Nor hasmeha Sairan


Rashes go awayyyyy!

No more red rashes on her butt butt! I love the cream so much because it moisturized my baby's skin. Changing diaper is always my nightmare because the rashes on her butt! But now, Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula has helped me a lot! Really love it!

Wendy Wong


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

Not like other typical diaper rash cream that took quite a long time to absorb and overly drying. This one spreads easily and absorbs quickly. It works great in putting my girl's eczema under control.

Laura Ling


First try and I love it!

I love it because it is easy to apply, and there is no irritation. Very gentle on my sensitive skin baby.

Apple Wong


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

This was my first time trying out Cetaphil baby diaper cream and I am very satisfied. The texture is smooth and easy to apply. It is very effective on rashes!



My baby is no longer have rashes problem!

I heard a lot about Cetaphil product and tried on their NEW Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula, I can see the improvement on his skin. I'm really happy with the outcome and there is no any discomfort! No more crying baby boy~

Angel Chan


I love this Baby Diaper Cream

After using Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula, my baby rashes situation is getting better and her skin is smooth~ I love it so much and keep on seeing my baby smiling, it makes me happy

Denise Lee


new product

Get this product for trial ! And it is really wow ! nice to use for my baby. Recommended to every parents




Cetaphil with organic calendura diaper cream 真的对孩子的皮肤很好可以保湿他们的皮肤,我的孩子也是每天都在用了。也推荐了身边的妈妈们,都说很好用

Mary Tan


Thank you

This diaper cream helps on my kid diaper rash problem ! Now he feeling comfortable after the redness cured. Thank you




anak I suka sangat cream ni masa dia tukar lamping. tak ada bau dan tak lekit, sukaaa

Mak Dalinah


Diaper cream

no added fragrance, non irritating and paraben free~ it is very good to use for baby bum, can keep it moisturize and prevent diaper rash

Hong Ong



diaper cream ini bagus untuk kulit anak, I sentiasa apply masa tukar diaper untuk anak I. Bagus nak guna




家里一直都是在购买Cetaphil的产品不论是大人的或者小孩用品,小志的diaper cream就用了cetaphil baby with organic calendula的,里面还拥有维他命B5和E可以保护他的皮肤,每早晚换尿片的时候都会给他图上,手感也不会粘

Xin Xin


recommended !

using this cream on my baby bum everytime changing diaper to moisturize his skin. it also contain organic calendula, very nice to apply

Sammy Lim



apply for this Cetaphil baby diaper cream and let me child try on it....really nice to use for baby bum



nice product

really useful for baby as it can prevent diaper rash and also moisturize their skin




适合有尿布疹的孩子使用,没有任何的化学成分!还可以保护孩子的皮肤,cetaphil baby这款是拥有organic calendula和vitamins B和E



good diaper cream

ini memang bagus utk anak, dpt protect baby skin from diaper rash dan mempunyai organic calendula with vitamins B5 dan E



Cetaphil diaper cream

给宝宝试用了cetaphil新出的diaper cream,不粘腻而且还可以保湿宝宝的皮肤也可以预防尿布疹!很赞的产品



Cetaphil baby diaper cream

received my Cetaphil baby diaper cream....I luv it...when applying on my baby's smooth and nice smell....suit for my baby skin itchyness...

Navneetra F


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

Really love with this product..after using the Cetaphil baby diaper cream, my baby has no more redness and rashes..the texture is also very's not sticky and not watery.Tq cetaphil..

Noor azlailie berahim


New Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Celendula

Cetaphil Baby with organic Calendula Diaper Cream ❤ Blends organic calendula with Vitamins B5 and E to soothe baby's delicate skin. An easy-to-apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield baby's bottom from wetness. Cetaphil Baby is dedicated to care my baby's delicate skin. An easy-to-apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield baby's bottom from wetness. Gentle everyday formula with zinc oxide, soothing calendula, Vitamins B5 & E Paraben, colorant, & mineral oil-free Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT @cetaphilmy

Aisyah Syaripuddin


Mamacubatry- cetaphil

Good and my baby skin much better from redness and rashess

Nurul nurhidayat


Best Diaper Cream !

This is the best diaper cream I've ever use for my baby. It is easy to apply, nice texture and it supplies sufficient protection and moisturizer.

Xin Wei


One of the best diapers cream

Finally found a product with natural ingredients..was changing diapers brands..after using Cetaphil baby diaper cream no more redness and the texture too..not sticky..not watery

Shanayaa Sri S


Best cream evahhh

Anak I kerap sangat area nappy naik ruam, so I try this cream wahhhhh alhamdulillah cepat je baik. Thank you cetaphil keluar kan produk best-best & thank you motherhood for choosing me to test this product.



Awesome Diaper Cream

屁股红红最讨厌了,会痒痒。妈妈说还好有cetaphil diaper cream!搽了几天,就发现不会再有屁股红红的问题。谢谢 #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT @cetaphilmy

Yi Mei T


Cetaphil baby

Before using cetaphil my baby feel itchy After using cetaphil baby not feel itchy or burning sensation. He's relax no scratching. Not sticky just oily. The way I prefer

Prishila B



Cream lampin yang paling best pernah saya guna. kini anak saya tiada lagi masaalah ruam lampin dan exzema. sangat recomended.

noraliza binti mohd sidek l


My baby bum favs

A good solution for my baby bums. Very recommended because it is a paraben free and no fragrance added. Which is good for my baby. No irritating

Munira M


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

Thank you Cetaphil for choosing me one of the lucky testers of Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula . It is easy to apply and non sticky. Besides, it can prevent my baby skin from rashes. Recommended for mummies to try this product for babies

Shirley T


Cetaphil Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula the best choice to

I love using this for my baby because it's non-oily, non-sticky and easy to absorb. Thankyou..

Elvernie O


Soothing, moisturizing and great relief for diaper rash!

As I'm still training my little one, she gets occasional irritation from using diaper during the night long hours. Hence I tried Cetaphil Baby with Organic Calendula Diaper Cream, and it is able to quickly soothe my child's delicate skin. The texture of this cream is thick and creamy, but not oily. It is very smooth and moisturizing. Love the natural scent that is not too overpowering. Made from ingredients such as Organic Calendula, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5; it is an easy-to-apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield baby's bottom from wetness. ???? What a great relief for diaper rash! I'd recommend this cream for parents to try on their babies.

Koh C


Cetaphil baby diapers cream

Sangat wangi dan tak melekit,ruam cepat kering. Memang terbaik!



Cetaphil diaper cream

Thank you for chosing me to try the Cetaphil diaper cream.. the cream was very useful, I use on my baby the rashes all goes away... I also try to apply on my fourth son wound it cure and it won't be watery ...the result it dry up...Thank you do much for useful cream.. :)

Lua Lin Yin


Best baby skin care

Baby easily got rashing skin, but no more with Cetaphil's Diaper Cream!. Even its suitable for baby's sensitive skin. Easy to apply & quickly soothes.



Tiada Lagi Ruam Lampin

Baby Medina kalau lambat sikit je tukar pampers,mesti naik ruam lampin.Siksanya ibu bila mendengar Medina menangis kesakitan.Jadi ibu sapu Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula pada ruam lampin. Ia dapat melegakan ruam lampin. Alhamdulillah ruam lampin beransur hilang dan Medina ceria seperti selalu.Yeayyy thank you Cetaphil.

Nor Azmiera K


Cetaphil baby diaper cream

Thank for motherhood This product very safe my girl and suitable her bum. This product contain organic calendula without chemical ingredient. I will highly recommend to my friend and family.



Cream cetapil

Sungguh bgs cream ny untuk bby sy

Norafizan M


Cetaphil Baby

Produk ini sangat berkesan dan saya sangat menyukainya.Kadang -kadang anak saya memakai lampin agak lama Dan merasa tidak selesa .Dengan sekali sapuan Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream,kegatalan dan ketidakselesaan anak saya mudah hilang.Anak saya tidak lagi mengalami kegatalan.Saya sentiasa bersedia dengan Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream.Ianya sangat disyorkan oleh doctor untuk ibu-ibu diluar sana.Terbaik..

Norsiah I


Recommended cetaphil diaper cream

Tried this out once and it clearly can reduce the rashes on skin. This product works effectively. Truly recommended.



Softness that is proven!

This came in time when my baby had a diaper rash and upon 3 applications i managed to see a good result out of it! It doesnt have any weird chemical smell and absorption power is great as it doesnt leave any sticky residue behind. Thank you motherhood and cetaphil for giving us the chance to try this out! Saving me a whole lot of trouble and time for a perfect nappy cream for my lil bubba!

Amira H


CETAPHIL always the best product for baby

I have using the brand - Cetaphil when baby is 2 months old. My baby have allergic on certain product and only can use organic product on his skin. CETAPHIL BABY CALENDULA DIAPER CREAM has helps me alot and my sensitive baby is suitable for it. Thank you Cetaphil.

Evelyn Y


Baby selesa dengan Cetaphil Baby's Diaper Cream

Cream yang lembut bila disapu pada kulit baby dan ruam lampin cepat lega, baby pun selesa sepanjang hari

Zuraidah D


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

I love how gentle it is to my baby's skin. It is effective in preventing diaper rash! I like its formula where it does not leave a sticker layer after applying onto the skin. Therefore, my baby will not feel uncomfortable after applying!

KL Yong



Hi, korang tahu tak cuaca panas dan ketidakserasian lampin pakai buang adalah punca terjadinya ruam lampin? Mesti risau kan bila si manja tidak selesa sebab ruam. Begitulah yang terjadi pada Azka saya. Sebagai ibu yang prihatin, saya telah mencuba Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula sebagai ikhtihar perlindungan dan ternyata kesannya sangat menakjubkan. Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream yang diperkaya dengan Calendula organik, Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E sangat berkesan melembutkan dan cepat meresap ke dalam kulit si manja. Ruam merah yang timbul akan hilang serta merta dengan krim ini. Penggunaan krim ini juga sangat mudah hanya sapu di bahagian punggung dengan perlahan sebelum memakaikan lampin. Krim ini sangat sesuai dan selamat digunakan untuk bayi yang baru lahir separti Azka kerana ia tiada pewangi, bebas paraben dan tidak menyebabkan iritasi. Hasilnya, tiada lagi masalah ruam lampin dan pastinya Azka saya lebih ceria sepanjang hari. Saya syorkan ibubapa diluar sana cubalah dan alami sendiri manfaatnya. #mamacubatry #cetaphildiapercreamMct Cetaphil

Roslinah binti R


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

1. Krim Yang Mudah Disapu. 2. Melindungi Kulit Belakang Bayi Daripada Ruam Akibat Pampers.. 3. Ia Tidak Berminyak, malah amat sesuai untuk bayi saya. 4. saya amat amat menyukai. 5. terima kasih banyak banyak untuk MOTHERHOOD kerana memberi saya peluang untuk mencuba produk ini..



Cetaphil diaper cream

With the cream no more nappy rash. The best was when my son have super serious nappy rash, once applied and next when he woke up the rash vanished instantly.Bonus part of the cream is that not costly and sold at reasonable price.Always a die hard fan of cetaphil product from all ranges or type from adult to kid.

Chen D


Excellent Baby Diaper Cream

What cream do you all use to protect baby's skin? As for me, I will definitely use my favourite Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula extract for my baby's skin as it helps to remove the rashes faster at her bottom and reduces irritation all day long. Just simply apply the cream twice daily. It blends Organic Calendula, Zinc Oxide with Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin B5 to soothe & moisturises baby's delicate skin and is an easy to apply cream to shield or create barrier for baby's bottom from wetness.



Baby comfort all the day

Cetaphil baby diaper cream help my little girl comfort all the day without red butt. LOVE this product ❤️

Chin Leng


Cetaphil Diaper Cream

This easy to apply cream with organic calendula plus Vitamin B5 and E really helps to quickly soothe my baby diaper rash. It also creates an amollient layer to shield my baby’s bottom from wetness thus preventing serious rashes and protecting my baby's delicate skin. Thank you Cetaphil for this amazing product.

Adawiyah B



I'm so happy for this tester,its help me to control my baby from crying becouse of diapers.the cream also make the area soft,clean and dry..i like it,tq cetaphil for the sample

Nasibah P


Berkesan dan lembut

Kesan merah ruam lampin cepat hilang hanya dengan sekali pakai sahaja...krim sngt lembut dan baunya organik sesuai utk baby

Nur Hazwani A




Cheng Z


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream

Cetaphil baby diaper cream with organic calendula melindungi kulit bayi dari merekah dan menjadikan kulit bayi sentiasa lembut dan licin. Krim ini juga tidak melekit dan berminyak..

Athirah A


Perfect Diaper Cream!!

Baby Mika feel so happy after using Cetaphil Diaper Cream. It helps to protect baby bum from diaper rashes. It also makes me very comfortable to use cause the ingredients are organic and that is good for my baby!!

Nor Ireen M


Great for my baby’s skin

Cetaphil Baby with Organic Calendula Diaper Cream ???? 〰️ Blends organic calendula with Vitamin B5 and E to soothe baby’s delicate skin. An-easy-to-apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield baby’s bottom from wetness. ✅ No added fragrance ✅ Non Irritating ✅ Paraben free ✅ Dermatologist tested I use this regularly and my child doesn’t get diaper rashes or any sort of irritation. It’s creamy without being oily but light enough to apply twice daily. It went on smoothly, absorbed well and Helena’s bumbum is feeling soft once again.???? Love that the smell is not overpowering and it's not greasy either. It is formulated without parabens or chemicals you shouldn’t apply to a baby’s skin, especially your child’s sensitive areas. Awesome for diaper rash and a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend it.

Nur haslinda N



Ia sangat sesuai untuk baby newborn. Dua hari guna dah nampak good result dia, tq motherhood bagi peluang cuba cetaphil diaper cream..

Siti N


Comfort All Day!

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream helps little one to stay comfortable all day long. No more redness, spots and blisters on baby bottom. Non sticky and soothing formula leaving baby bottom moisture and soft.

Sue A


Very Effective Diaper Cream

My 15 days old was having diaper rash. After using this for less than 3 days, my baby rash heal.

Norwahidah I


Good cetaphil baby diaper cream

Thanks for selecting me to review this diaper cream with organic Calendula. I tried this out on my daughter for 3 days after received it and i confidently say that this is the best organic diaper cream. The cream quickly soothes on skin. This is an amazing cream for your baby, so just try it and fall in love with the result. #mamacubatry #cetaphildiapercream

Norsyafinaz R


Cetaphil diaper cream

这个新产品真的很好用。宝贝每次洗完澡后在穿尿片前都会使用,期间他也不吵不闹,好享受当这个diaper cream涂在屁屁的感觉

Ooi Juju


Good Product to test

Our baby is prone to eczema and red butt. For this reason, I have bought countless diaper creams on the market, and the actual combat shows that this diaper cream works really well. The most important thing about red butt is to moisturize. This diaper balm is a lotion texture, a little thinner, easy to push, and has a strong butt protection. Calendula also has anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects, and it is still ok for mild eczema and red buttocks for a day. The price is moderate, and mothers can try it, because babies just keep trying products until they find the right one.

Linda L


Perfect Cream for my Precious

My baby have very sensitive skin, her skin gets dry and patchy. And diaper rash is always a nightmare for us. Tried this Cetaphil diaper cream and I have to say, this cream is gentle yet moisturizing. I tried applying on her patchy dry skin and within two days, the area is no longer patchy. The scent of this is amazing as well. I guess I’ll say bye to diaper rash just by using this Cetaphil baby with organic calendula diaper cream.

Joanne T


My review

So far I use on my bb, the resh go off... Tq ..

Lin Yin L


Cetaphil baby! Happy baby!!

I love using Cetaphil baby with organic calendula for my baby. Before receiving this product my baby was having a lot of nappy rash and irritation but on using it I noticed a significant improvement. This product is very good and comes highly recommended.

Joy O



Being using it in few days and giving me a best result as it helps to soothe my baby skin from rash cause by diaper . It also no added fragrance and paraben free that make me feel safe to try it . An easy to apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield my baby bottom from wetness . It quickly soothe when i apply it to my baby . I hopes mommies out there will choose cetaphil baby diaper as their choice . It giving the best for your baby bottom to always feel comfortable and safe them from rashes . Lastly , let us using cetaphil baby diaper cream to protect our delicate and sensitive baby"s bottom from bacteria , wetness , causing itchy that make our baby feel uncomfortable and inflamed diaper rashes .



No nappy rash make a happy baby

The best way to treat a diaper rash on your baby is to prevent it before it happens. For me and my baby,Cethapil baby with organic calendula worka like magic as it is soft to the baby skin and easy to apply.

Intan Azuwin A



Thanks motherhood for the free sample,it's very good for the baby skin

Marlita T


Baby diaper cream

I have used it on my baby and found that her skin is getting better and reduced the redness on her skin. Will continue to apply this product on her sensitive skin.

Jane Ong B


Cetaphil Diaper Cream

Our 13 month old son is already eating like a grown-up toddler. Hence, he is pooping more often, solid ones too! That's why we are currently trying out Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula, for our son to stay comfy. So far, he has no allergic reaction to it.

Nur Anis A



First of all thank you for choosing me for 'mamacubatry-cetaphill'. Cetaphill really suits with my baby skin.My baby didnt feel itchy. She likes Cetaphill. No oily. No sticky.Very smooth. Very suitable for sensitive skin.

Meha P


Give away organic diaper cream.

Thankful for choosing us as lucky one for this give away. Cetaphil with organic Calendula Diaper Cream. For me the all product of Cetaphil is very satisfied for me and will be given 5 stars. It's very suitable for baby skin, rich with vitamin also the fragrance is very natural. Very like the smell. Thank you again for choosing us. Hopefully will be selection for the next others product.




Good product, always use it after each diaper changes, provide Baby comfort and prevent diaper rashes.

Ng Q


Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula is the best cream ever. The cream not sticky when apply at my baby and quickly soothes. Thank you Motherhood #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT #



Cetaphil Diaper Cream Baby with Organic Calendula is the Best Cr

Cetaphil Diaper Cream Baby with Organic Calendula is the best diaper cream i ever try.The texture is not too oily and thicky compare to other brands that i had tried before,it just nice and smooth to apply to my baby' skin.Beside it blends organic with Vitamin B5 and E to soothe my baby's delicate skin.An easy-to-apply cream that creates an emollient layer to shield baby's bottom from wetness.Cetaphil Baby is dedicated to care to our baby's delicate skin for sure.Please don't hesitate to try it and its very recommended and affordable to have it.

Nor Z


Soft and Plump Bottom

This cream doesnt irritate my baby skin at all and helps keep my baby bottom from diaper rash leaving it so soft and plump after long-wearing diaper. It doesnt leave any greasy or sticky feeling after each application making my baby so comfortable and happy.

Nur S


Membantu hilangkan ruam

Saya suka Cetaphil Diaper Cream ini tidak melekit & kulit anak pun tetap kering. Betul2 membantu menghilangkan ruam & kemerahan kulit anak.Beberapa hari lepas saya guna Diaper Cream ni dia sudah kurang mengadu sakit.Bau pun lembut, harga juga berpatutan. Ibu2 yg alami masalah mcm anak sy patut cuba diaper cream ni & lihat sendiri hasilnya ☺️❤️

Junaida T


Diaper cream calendula organic lembut pada kulit

Cream yang memberi kelembapan dan melindungi kulit anak yang kering serta dapat mengurangkan ruam lampin kerana bebas dari paraben dan menggunakan formula hipoalergenik.

Nurnabihah N


It just make the skin smooth ~

I just love the cream because it makes the skin smooth & protects my nephew's butt from diaper rash

Suxin L


Cethaphil cream

I tried cetaphil Cream Diaper for my baby eho has sensitive eczema skin problems very effective



Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula is the best!

Love it! Not like other typical diaper rash cream that leave the white paste on for a long time and overly drying. This one spreads easily, leave skin moisturized, absorbs quickly, and most importantly, works great in putting my baby's eczema under control. Recommend to everybody!



produk bagus

bagus dan sesuai untuk anak saya..

Nurul nadiah M


Best cream !

The cream is suitable for rashes. The brand is well known because of the best quality! This cream is so good and i also apply for my daughters dry skin. And it is really trusted! The outcome is so satisfied. All mom should try! My daughter also like the design. Its soo cute.

Nur Shazreen A


review cetaphil baby with organic Calendula

thank you motherhood gift me sampling cetaphil baby with organic Calendula .. It is really good to baby's skin and diaper rash #cetaphildiapercreammct #mamacubatry

Fauziaana J


Cetaphil Diaper Cream

It is not sticky and very nice smell. My daughter love to apply it!

Wai San T



What are so special about this Cetaphil Diaper Cream? 1. MULTIPURPOSE cream formulated to soothe & protect baby’s delicate skin from dryness & irritation 2. REPLENISH skin’s moisture barrier and strengthen skin from benefit of organic calendula, allantoin and shea butter 3. REDUCES DISCOMFORT caused by very dry, irritated, chaffed skin. Nourishing effect for up to 8 hours Thank you cetaphil for this wonderful product!

Ummi J


One Cream, Many Uses!

Recently got the Cetaphil baby Diaper Cream, and it couldn't arrive at a more perfect time. Hot weather = sweaty and chafing everywhere, so everyone in the family benefitted from the diaper cream! Especially baby's bum ! The texture was lotion like, akin to a sunblock and easy to apply and distribute evenly. It also comes in a tube, which means less mess stuck under my nails compared to a tub., and leaves skin moisturized.

Daisy O


Cetaphil diaper cream

Hypoallergenic Gentle for skin Soft and moisturizing Cetaphil diaper cream moisturize my baby's skin and gives relief in diaper rashes quickly. It is hypoallergic so it is safe for my baby. It is free from parabens and mineral oil so worry of chemicals I am using it for my baby. It prevents irritation of skin and soothes my baby's delicate skin. #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT #cetaphilmy

siti z


Mom Loves Organic Calendula Extract

This Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula is a rich & moisturizing cream type developed for layer to shield baby's bum to avoid redness or irrigation diaper rash issue. It glides easily and deeply seal in moisture that brings comforting & soothing effects. Contains organic calendula extract, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Zinc oxide

Ng W


Cetaphil nappy rash

Musim cuaca panas sering menyebabkan haba dan lembapan yang terperangkap dalam rumah menjadikan bayi mudah diserang ruam. Tetapi dengan adanya Cetaphil nappy rash ini membantu mengatasi masalah ruam pada bayi. Bayi mampu tidur dengan selesa tanpa masalah ruam yang sering membuatnya dalam keadaan yang tidak selesa kerana ruam menyebabkan kulit bayi pedih dan gatal. Tapi dengan bantuan Cetaphil nappy rash ini masalah ini selesai dengan sebaiknya, ruam hilang, dan bayi lebih selesa, tidur nyenyak sepanjang malam.



Cetaphil diaper krim

as a mother of one, now im not worried anymore about nappy rash, with cetaphil diaper cream with organic calendula, contain vitamin B5 and E, i can protect my baby bum. My baby has sensitive skin, but when i apply this cream, the nappy rash quickly fade aways. Krim ini mudah untuk apply and tidak melekit kepada kulit baby saya pon selesa bile memakai krim ini. Im not worried about this diaper cream CAUSE it have 0% parabens and dermatologist tested.

Husna Syazwani R


cetapil diaper cream

sgt bgus utk baby, especially baby yg ada diaper rash.

Diyann D


Cetaphil diaper cream

很幸运被Motherhood 抽中有机金盏花 BABY DIAPER CREAM 专为宝宝娇嫩肌肤而设的DIAPER CREAM,它不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、着色剂和矿物油 且含有维生素E和B5 不怕刺激宝宝细腻的肌肤。 每当清洗好屁屁后 再帮宝宝涂一层薄薄的Diaper Cream 防止因为使用太长时间的diaper导致尿布疹。 。 宝宝远离红屁屁 妈妈用的放心 宝宝用的快乐 #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT #CetaphilMY



NEW Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Organic Calendula

Suitable for my baby skin, easy to apply, protect and smooth for baby's skin.

Amirul Z


Bayi selesa dan ceria

Dah banyak cuba diaper cream dipasaran, tapi lepas cuba Cetaphil diaper cream ni, nampak ruam lampin baby saya cepat baik. Baby pun selesa dan ceria je.

Nurul Aien Binti I



Cetaphill diapers cream is very suitable for newborn that is prevent sensitive skin from rashes. I use it for my 1 month baby and it give good results,,tqvm motherhood for this opportunity.

Alta Jean A


Good for my baby

I received cetaphil baby with organic calendula.It is very suitable for sensitive skin especially my baby. So,in this case,I always alert the cream to be used.Luckily,I found it,cetaphil baby with organic calendula It is no added fragrance, non-irritating, paraben free. In the same time,it has vitamin B5,E to soothe baby's delicate skin. Thanks for giving chance to try it.



Mamacubatry - Cetaphil

Few days ago, I received cetaphil baby with organic calendula. It is very suitable for sensitive skin especially my baby. His bottom will appear redness if using unsuitable cream. So, in this case, I always alert the cream to be used. Luckily, I found it, cetaphil baby with organic calendula. It is no added fragrance, non-irritating, paraben free. In the same time, it has vitamin B5, E to soothe baby’s delicate skin. Thanks for giving chance to try it. #MamaCubaTry #CetaphilDiaperCreamMCT @Cetaphilmy

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Xiao L