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    Ecos3 Organic Baby Laundry Softener 1000ml Concentrated Formula Neutralizes cleanser and detergent residues from laundry. Has a special formula with herbal ingredients that respects nature and is safe for humans. Does not wear out the fabric of the baby laundry and prolongs the life of baby clothes. Softens the fabric fibers to leave laundry soft and...

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    Ecos3 Organic Baby Laundry Detergent 1050ml - 30 Loads Concentrated Formula Easily removes stains - dirt, blood, soiling and smells as it penetrates easily into fibers with its concentrated formula and strong enzyme technology. Does not damage, wear out or harden fabrics and keeps the original colours vibrant and looking new. Shows effective performance...

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    Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaning Thanks to its pure and natural and plant-based active ingredients, it provides safe and effective cleaning for all washable baby items such as baby bottles, dishes, toys and breast pumps. Has low foaming formula and leaves no residue. Does not leave synthetic taste and odour due to its perfume-free formula. Pure,...

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