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Get Anakku, a well prominent brand in providing all the necessities in most motherhood journey in Malaysia. 

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Anakku Malaysia | Love, Comfort, Safety 

Anakku, which means "My Child", needs no other introduction and explanation anymore. They began in 1973 where they started producing a wide selection of baby apparels. The idea of starting this company was led by the founders’ passion for baby where they wanted to express their fondness towards those lovely creatures. 

For a number of years venturing in this industry, they realised that they should provide more than just baby garments to match up to every parents’ satisfaction. 

Instantaneously, they spread their wings and broadened their collections from just baby clothes to apparels for toddlers too and as well as feeding equipment, toiletries, strollers, baby wipes, playpen, accessories and more.

Since their signature product is baby outfits, Anakku has been acknowledged for its excellent quality in its material selection, designs, and skills and expertise. The recognition was granted by Malaysia Textile Manufacturers Association (MTMA). 

As a specialist for baby product, they vow to be a reliable brand that produces safe merchandise with only authentic and genuine material used. 

Our TOP Anakku Products 

Out of numerous categories of Anakku, here are the top-selling on and Motherhood Baby Fair!

1. Anakku Baby Personal Care

Personal care’s items are wide which include baby shampoo and body wash, teats, wet wipes, nail clipper, baby powder and more! However, among the variations of Anakku Baby Personal Care, these are the most purchased items on our website: 

  • Anakku Baby Wipes

  • Anakku Baby Wipe Fragrance-Free

  • Anakku Extra Mild Baby Shampoo

  • Anakku Baby Oil

  • Anakku Junior Twinkly Tropical Twist Powder

The best thing about Anakku Baby Wipes is it is free from alcohol, fragrance and paraben.  Moreover, it is not only for baby cleaning but also suitable for family usage for instant cleansing and freshening up.

Along with one of their motto - comfort; the wipes are made of soft and thick cotton and Aloe Vera extract to lock the moisture of your skin after usage. 

While as for its baby shampoo and body wash; they are super gentle and mild to the skin with pH value 7. Formulated with Aloe Vera; to revitalise skin moisture and Vitamin E, Anakku personal cares are definitely family-friendly products. 

Apart from items that are listed on our website, Anakku also manufacturers other items like Anakku Baby Laundry Detergent, Anakku Liquid Cleanser, Anakku Nappy Cream and Anakku Napkin. 

2. Anakku Baby Bedding Set and Baby Gear

Deep and quality sleep is vital for every infant since it is one of their growing and developing ways. Their bed must be a comfy and cosy one. With Anakku Bedding Set, you do not have to worry; no more. With just RM 59.90 for a set of bedding set with four items in it, you will be able to make a cushy bed for your little one. Made of an A-grade of polyester and contain zero nontoxic material, it won’t cause itchiness or any skin problems to your little dove. 

Everyone is aware that the usage of car seats is a must, an obligation for every infants and toddler. This is because we want to ensure their safety in the car. There are various kinds of car seats from Anakku that you can get from a number of price range.

Not only that, with Anakku strollers and baby carriers, your parenthood journey will also be much easier; trust me.

Why choose Anakku Malaysia?

Anakku is your one-stop baby mall where you will get most of the items that children need under one roof. These are the values promised by this establishment for its consumers: 

  • Features and Attributes

Anakku has been providing a wide range of essential items with an affordable and competitive price with the other brands in the markets out there. 

  • Brands Benefits

Their core objective is to indulge babies with all of their heart along with their tagline; ‘love, comfort, and safety.’

  • Brands Belief 

To supply needs and make life easier and happier for every parents and baby is their major faith. 

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