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    Early Bird Special  Enjoy 30% OFF  FREE Parentcraft Kit worth RM75 What you will receive from Motherhood Online Parentcraft Class  Learn 17 key topics - Easy to watch video classes Complimentary invitation to the bi-weekly Zoom Live webinar Replay Zoom Live Webinar recorded session at anytime and anywhere! One Year Membership with free guidance from...

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    Specially formulated with 100% plant based ingredients. The organic content is developed in USA as a revolutionary 100% natural disinfectant that kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs, fungus, and virus in seconds.A natural product in the truest sense of the word.

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    Dear expecting parents, Motherhood welcomes you to join our parentcraft online class to answer all mother-to-be questions and fears about the birth of your baby.  Conducted by experienced consultants and specialists, Motherhood ParentCraft Online Class offers you a cheerful, interactive, and knowledgeable online class on how expecting parents can cope...

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    BPA Free Double walled to preserve nutrients effectively Medical grade material, perfect for safe and extended freezer storage Thick laminate to prevent ink leeching Pre-sterilised bags  DOUBLE zipper top  No-spill self-standing bottom Heat sealed sides to prevent splitting Easy to read designated area for date, name and time Pre-calibrated ounce/ml...

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    Convenience and Comfort for effective expression Choose between 4 stimulation modes and 4 pumping settings to make every expression session comfortable and personalized. The lightweight, compact design also means expressing on-the-go is a breeze.

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    Babies feel safe and secure while staying inside the sling, like they are back inside the womb for optimum growth and development, make them easy to get sleep and cry less. Easy to Use Safety Materials One Size Fits the Whole Family Safety Design Feature Practical Design Made in Taiwan.

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    Fits the Nuna SENA Easy to clean, wipeable panel Made with better for baby certified Oeko-Tex® fabric Hand washable Lock button gives parents peace of mind Rotates to store when not in use Quick remove softgoods for easy cleaning

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    Use the funnel cap to put all the powder in one case without spilling After reaching weaning stage, cases can be separated for independent use and for whole food storage with the separating mid-caps Container holds enough powder for three separate feedings and works well for outdoor/nighttime nursing

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    MIXX™ - Stroll On Whether it be an all day outing on cruise control or just a quick spin around the block, our MIXX is ready for the stroll ahead. With three riding modes, two crazily compact ways to fold, and one sweet, sleek sleeper seat, the MIXX is designed with all the little details in mind so your adventures in parenthood can be that much easier....

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