D'AGE Slender U (30sachets)


Slender U Fastest Fat Burner Waist & Hip Sculpting Expert 100% Natural

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Burn away fat with Slender U

To slim down and lose that few pounds you have been putting on can be a tricky business. A healthy diet has been proven to be the best way to keep fit and maintain a slimmer body. Yet that process can be accelerated, with Slender U.

D’AGE Slender U is a slimming supplement targeting to burn away fat, resulting in a slenderer, thinner body. Why Slender U? It is the fastest fat burner with 100% natural and approved by USFDA. It uses 2000mg of Garcina Cambogia as an active ingredient in every sachet.

D'AGE Slender U (30sachets)

The benefits

Slender U is clinically researched and is worldwide patented. It had gone through 19 clinical studies for safety and quality assurance. The supplement claims 100% clinical strength and is proven to work. It is also non-addictive, doesn’t result in costly side effects, stimulant-free, and free of any pesticide, heavy metals as well as caffeine.

How it works

Slender U burns fat and reduce appetite, which in turn reduce inches around the arms, waist and hip. The active ingredient Garcina Cambogia contains hydroxyl citric acid (HCA) which burns and blocks the formation of fat. Results can be seen after a minimum of one month of use while reduction in appetite can be seen in one week.

The supplement has no side effects as it is 100% extracted from plants. It is very important to consume Slender U one hour before meal. This is because the supplement will trigger a signal to your brain to suppress your appetite. Taking Slender U one hour before meal will allow sufficient time for your body to send the signal to the brain.

Slender U is certified halal by Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra (JUM), a non-profit organisation recognised by Jakim Malaysia. Tasting like Kiwi juice, it is the best way to burn fat and become a slimmer, slenderer you.

Recommended consumption is twice daily, one hour before meals.  Do not mix with water for better result.

Product Expire Date: 12/2021


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D'AGE Slender U (30sachets)

D'AGE Slender U (30sachets)

Slender U Fastest Fat Burner Waist & Hip Sculpting Expert 100% Natural

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