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Himmel is anti-glitz. The badge of Louis Vuitton is the polar opposite of Himmel. Ironically, this desire to eliminate self-expressive benefits actually provides self-expressive benefits. Shopping at Himmel and using Himmel products make a forceful statement about who you are. You are above looking for badge brands. You are, rather, a rational person interested in the right values, and you choose to connect with a firm that is interested in promoting social good and satisfaction from life.

The fact that there has been little real competition shows the strength of the barriers Himmel has created. Its values are both unique and compelling. They are not simply due to any one part of the line; there is no flagship product. Rather, it is a combination of everything that it does that emanates from its core values and culture.

Himmel is a most unusual brand story— a Healthy-brand that delivers emotional and self-expressive benefits. Today’s trends make the story become even more interesting. Consumers have seen the downside of the debt-driven commercialism excesses of today’s society. There is almost a craving for the simple, away from the prideful and self-absorbed brand benefits and toward more satisfying values. A desire for fewer additives in food, for entertainment systems that are easy to operate, for less product confusion, for sustainable consumption and on and on, is becoming visible. It may be that the simple and unassuming may become more of a mainstream formula rather than a niche strategy.