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Every mum-to-be should have this item to supply daily nutrients requirement and Anmum Malaysia is the only pre-natal milk that is low fat and contains no added sugar. 

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Anmum Malaysia 

Anmum is an imported product from New Zealand. It is owned by The New Zealand Dairy Group which is one of the predecessor company of Fonterra. They started in the 1950’s where during that time, they developed their first formula for infants. 

They later kept growing in expanding their manufacturer and became one of the largest establishment that produced nutrition for children. In 1994, they launched Anmum Materna in conjunction to provide the nutritional needs of pregnant women. This item was launched in Malaysia and Singapore. 

Right at this moment, they have been producing various items that are based on four types of their major categories which are Anmum Materna, Anmum Lacta, Anmum Essential and Anmum Essential Gold. 

Their categories are targeting different consumers as for Materna; it is for expecting mothers or mothers-to-be while for Lacta, it is for breastfeeding mothers. As for Essential and Essential Gold, both are for children. 

Anmum Materna

Anmum Materna had been awarded as top one pre-natal milk in 2016 for twelve months based on Retail Audit for Health Food Drinks Category. It is formulated for pregnant mothers in providing and supplying a sufficient amount of nutrients for both mum and baby in the womb.

During pregnancy, your baby will grow and develop until he is ready to meet his parents later. However, with the help and support of nutritions from Anmum Materna, your baby will more likely to grow incredibly; both physically and cognitively. 

This product not only helps to enhance the growth of your little dove, however as well as reinforce the state of your health. As we all know, pregnant mothers are likely to face nutrients deficiency, fatigue since they are carrying for two.

With the minerals and vitamins from Anmum Materna, it will ensure that you are taking the adequate amount of daily requirement intake of those nutritions. 

A study showed that most pregnant mothers are lacking of nutrition based on their dietary intake. 

  • Only 23% of pregnant mothers in our country get ample amount of calcium.  

  • More than 60% of pregnant mothers are lack of iron intake. 

  • 80% of them are getting an insufficient amount of Vitamin D.

  • Only 58% of them get enough protein. 

  1. Why a balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy? 

Having healthy and nutritional meals every day is important, however, if you are expecting a baby, you are supposed to be extra particular in every meal you are taking. This is because what are you eating is the nutrient that will be absorbed by your little one. 

Vitamins and minerals like folic acid, protein, iron, calcium and DHA are the most necessary ones. They help to sustain your body’s health condition together with building up the development of your fetus. 

Due to several factors and complications that will affect you and your baby, that is why having a balanced diet is vital throughout our pregnancy journey.

Health problems like anaemia, congenital birth defects and restricted growth of your fetus are the examples of complications that are commonly associated during pregnancy.

In addition, with the lack of nutrition, your baby is also exposed to poor pregnancy outcomes and low birth weight. There is a high risk of facing miscarriage, fetal growth retardation, premature delivery or surprisingly maternal death.  

Why choose Anmum Malaysia?

With just two glasses of Anmum Materna per day, you will get more nutritional needs rather than having two glasses of whole milk. It provides you with 100% of folic acid and calcium while whole milk only provides 4% and 55.2% of the nutrients respectively. 

In fresh or whole milk, you will get only three per cent of Vitamin D and no DHA and prebiotics. However, Anmum Materna is completed with 33% of Vitamin D and 25% for both DHA and prebiotics. 

No added sugar and come with the stick packs which make the consumption of this milk easier. Just add 200ml of 45°C of water and one stick pack of Anmum Materna; twice a day, then you are ready to go! 

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