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July Promotions 2020 

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July Promotions 

July’s promotions scream - (more) ONLINE BABY PRODUCTS PROMO! And this time, it is “Better than the baby fair”! 

Now you can enjoy great savings all-month-long from the premium and every parents’ favourite brands at Motherhood. From mosquito patch to baby rockers, Motherhood offers you bountiful offers this month. 

Here are the other exclusive deals that you shouldn’t miss out during our July promotion!

  • Get RM10 OFF with minimum spend of RM180 and RM15 OFF when you spend at least RM300. 

  • Grab FREE (and exclusive) sample from BB Steps Goat Milk this month.

  • FREE Gift Box of the Month (the ultimate box for all parents!) with a minimum spend of RM500. 

  • Exclusive e-vouchers from Nestle, Gerber and many more!


Can you resist the temptation with all these promotions and FREE gifts? Here are some smart shopping tips before you check-out your cart:

  1. BUDGET: Check your budget as it helps to determine your purchase power and how much you can afford to spend on your shopping spree. 

  2. SHOPPING LIST: Mommies, don’t forget to discuss with your husband on which items you should get (first) and the others. Make a list of the baby items that are important and even better, make sure the items are within your budget. 

  3. BARGAIN HUNT: Who doesn’t love discounts?! With this month’s exclusive promotion, this is the time to get most of the items at a cheaper price! 

For expecting parents, here are the essential baby items that you should get before your baby arrives:


    • Baby cot with safe bedding accessories

    • A firm matress

    • Diaper changing unit

    • Chest of drawers or storage units

    • Baby swaddle

    • Soothing light projections


    • Nursing cover 

    • Breast pump 

    • Baby bottles with nipples 

    • Bottle brush

    • Drying rack

    • Bottle steriliser


    • Baby’s bathtub 

    • Mesh sling

    • Infant support insert 

    • Baby toiletries 

    • Baby towels 


    • Baby stroller

    • Car seat 

    • Baby chair

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