Piyo Piyo Water Bottle 500cc (830107)


  • Cold and Heat resistant
  • Bottle holds 18 fluid ounces (500cc)

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Product Description:

This Water Bottle features a soft and flexible silicone straw with stainless steel spring for pop-up action.


  • Cold and Heat resistant
  • Bottle holds 18 fluid ounces (500cc)


  • Bottle/Top & lid/Straw Tip : P.P.
  • Straw: P.E.
  • Straw Positioning Tube: Silicone
  • Straw Spring: Stainless Steel

Cold/Heat Resistant:

  • P.E. : -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 100°F)
  • P.P./Silicone/Stainless steel : -20°C ~ 120°C (-4°F ~ 248°F)
  • Volume : 500ml (18 oz)

Keep your baby hydrated wherever you are with Piyo Piyo Water Bottle. Small and portable, your little one will enjoy carrying this along with them! Not only that, the fun design will encourage them to bring it out and show it off. It is also cold and heat resistant to make cleaning easier. With this, your kid will be able to stay hydrated easily wherever they are. Shop now at Motherhood.com.my for baby products like this and more, with the best online deal and promotion.

Pastikan bayi anda tidak akan dahaga semasa di luar rumah dengan Piyo Piyo Water Bottle. Kecil dan mudah dibawa ke mana-mana sahaja, reka bentuknya menyebabkan ia senang untuk anak anda memegangnya untuk diri sendiri. Tambahan pula, gambar yang comel juga akan menggalakkan mereka membawa botol ini ke luar rumah dan suka minum daripada botol ini. Botol ini juga boleh tahan suhu panas dan sejuk untuk menyenangkan proses mencuci. Dengan ini, anda boleh memastikan anak anda selalu ada air untuk minum di mana-mana sahaja. Beli produk ini atau barang baby lain di Motherhood.com.my sekarang untuk mendapat promosi yang terbaik online.


3 Reviews

Serves its purpose

The pop up is not easy for my 2yo to open by himself and the straw is very long, hence not easy to clean the inside


kualiti baik

botol ni comel sangat! design dia cantik, cukup untuk minum di sekolah.. anak saya pun suka sangat botol ni


Piyo water bottle

Lovely ducky water bottle. Heat and cold resistant with stainless steel spring. Has handle and size is just right. Thank you motherhood!

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Piyo Piyo Water Bottle 500cc (830107)

Piyo Piyo Water Bottle 500cc (830107)

  • Cold and Heat resistant
  • Bottle holds 18 fluid ounces (500cc)

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