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Jarrons & Co. Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based children merchandise retailer which focuses on designing, contract manufacturing, and procuring high-quality and valued products for our little ones.

Our Passion

We are a group of energetic and passionate individuals who loves children as much as you do. We are sensitive and observant to all the tiny nitty gritty of our little ones from the shoes that they wear to their clothes and even the things that they use as part of the child’s growth development.

Our Mission

We are inspired to develop, create, or source the latest innovative and most affordable products for children of all ages.

Our Philosophy

Life is very fast-paced and challenging in our modern world. We are here to do what we expertise in, taking care of your children’s essential needs and focus on the importance of their physical development, so that you can concentrate on your working life and spend the rest of the quality time with your children care freely.

We Grow with Your Child.

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