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    Diapex Wonder Pants is easy to wear, specifically designed for active baby. It features Wonder Grips which provides 360 degree all around waistband for firmer and softer fits. Other features including Absorbent Wonder Gel that absorbs up to five glasses of liquid and Leak Barrier Leg Gather.

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Choosing the right baby diaper can be a tricky task for parents. But for what is worth, every parent wants a pair of diapers that will keep their baby happy and comfortable. With Diapex, all parents can rest assured. Crafted in a soft material, Diapex is known for its thick but not bulky designs, giving your baby the comfortable protection he needs. Also, making it an ideal pair to be worn for your little one’s sleeping time.


Memilih lampin bayi yang betul boleh menjadi satu tugasan yang susah bagi para ibu bapa. Namun yang pastinya, semua ibu bapa mahukan lampin yang akan menjamin keselesaan dan keselamatan bayi anda. Diperbuat daripada bahan yang lembut, lampin Diapex mempunyai reka bentuk yang tebal tetapi tidak memakan ruang, membuatkan ia pilihan yang tepat untuk berikan bayi anda perlindungan yang ia perlukan. 

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