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Comfy Baby Purotex Adjustable Baby Pillow


  • Treated 100% Natural Probictics
  • Adjustable 2 level height
  • Protection against Dust Mite Allergies
  • Removable and Machine Washable Cover

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The pillow has been designed for baby. The height of the pillow can be adjusted to ensure that baby’s position is ergonomically correct as the baby grows.

The core of the memory foam has good shapes recovery characteristics and an open, ventilating cell structure that effectively conducts excess heat aways. The pillow provides optimum support for shoulders and neck to ensure proper blood circulation.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has a unique open cell structure that reacts and responds to body heat and weight by moulding  to the contours of your body,therefore optimising the support it can give you by almost eliminating all pressure points your body is usually subjected to. It is the most effective material for relieving pressure points  and used in hospitals throughout the world for prevention of pressure sores and has multiple orthopaedic and  other health benefits.

Moulds To Your Body Shape

Memory foam reduces the need to toss and turn during the night by up to 80%!!! The need to toss and turn is due to  the creation of pressure points and one of the most common reasons for a restless and disturbed sleep.

Most people actually suffer from this. With memory foam you will probably get the best nights sleep you ever had.  Anyone suffering from arthritic or rheumatic conditions, joint inflammation, skeletal diseases or disorders, neck and  back problems

  • Pressure Point relief
  • Conforms to baby’s body shape
  • Hypo-Allergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Better sleep for baby – Reduces tossing and turning by 80%
  • Supports posture and blood circulation


  • Product Dimensions: L 40 x W 26 x H 6.5cm
  • Color: White
  • Material: Memory Foam
  • Fabric: Natural Bamboo Fiber
  • Treatment: Active Probiotics



10 Reviews

Best baby pillow

This memory foam pillow is very comfortable and it is breathable!
My boy likes it very much when using this pillow.



So comfortable, and soft for my baby. The material is very good, no doubt for it's quality. MUST BUY ! The length and height of the pillow is perfect for my baby. I will recommend this to all of my friends !





Small & Cute

Bought a comfy baby pillow for our little one when he was 1 year old. This is a memory foam pillow and the texture is very soft, he can sleep well and without sweating when he sleep on it! This proof that the pillow is breathable! A good product recommended for all parents.


love the foam

really love it, soo soft, give 100% comfort for baby, really nice material.


Bantal yg mnyerap peluh & mmpunyai pengudaraan terbaik

Bantal yg paling selesa digunakan utk bayi.Tekstur bantal comfy ni diperbuat dari foam memori yg mana menampung tekanan dan melantun balik ke bntuk asal.Ia juga mempunyai pengudaraan yg baik dan meresap peluh,bayi saya nmpak sgt selesa mnggunakannya.Bantal ni juga kalis air,jadi saya x perlu risau jika susu tertumpah diatasnya.Walaupun harganya agak mahal,tapi bagi saya bantal bayi comfy ni sememangnya berbaloi dibeli.


memory foam pillow

This memory foam pillow is very comfortable and it is breathable!
My boy never sweat if he sleep on this pillow.
This is valuable for money!


Melegakan tekanan

Bantal ini sangat istimewa dan unik kerana bantal ini lembut dan membentuk tekanan. Seperti saya meletakkan leher, bantal akan melengkuk rapi mengikut bentuk leher. Jadi ia dapat melegakan takanan seharian saya. Bantal ini juga dapat menenangkan saya ketika menggunakannya. Rasa tenang dan nyaman. Sangat sesuai pada bayi saya untuk tidur yang lebih lena.


Bantal khas untuk bayi

Bantal ini saya pernah guna untuk anak saya.Apa yang best dengan bantal ini apabila ketinggiannya boleh diselaraskan dengan kepala anak saya.Stuktur bantal ini juga balik,sistem pengudaraannya juga baik kerana tidak membuat kepala anak saya berpeluh .


Untuk tidur yg lebih sempurna

Saya sukakan tekstur foam bantal ni,ia membentuk dan menampung leher dgn smpurna ketika tidur.Mencegah masalah sakit sendi di bahagian leher saya.Pengudarannya juga terbaik,sesuai digunakan utk semua peringkat umur.Bantal yg berkualiti utk tidur yg lebih lena dengan harga yg berpatutan.Berbaloi menggunakannya.

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Comfy Baby Purotex Adjustable Baby Pillow

Comfy Baby Purotex Adjustable Baby Pillow

  • Treated 100% Natural Probictics
  • Adjustable 2 level height
  • Protection against Dust Mite Allergies
  • Removable and Machine Washable Cover

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