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Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 440g


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro Step 3 contains milk from A2 cow, which produces only A2 beta-casein protein. It nourishes your child with the natural goodness to support mental development and helps maintain a good intestinal environment*

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Enfagrow A2 Mindpro Step 3 contains milk from A2 cow, which produces only A2 beta-casein protein. It nourishes your child with the natural goodness to support mental development and helps maintain a good intestinal environment*

Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) contains 150 bioative components & it is a natural source of phospholipids and sphingomyelin, which are found abundantly in the brain
Scientifically formulated to meet expert recommended daily DHA intake*
FOS* is a prebiotic that helps maintain a good intestinal environment
Yeast Beta-Glucan is a type of beneficial polysaccharide naturally found in propritary strain of baker's yeast. A well functioning immune system is crucial for staying healthy

*FAO/WHO recommends daily dietary DHA intake of 10-12 mg/kg body weight for children 12-24 months or 100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 2-4 years old. Reference FAO 2010. Fats and fatty accids in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food and Nutrition Paper no.91. FAO: Rome
* Sugar refers to sucrose based on Regulation 118 under Malaysia Food Regulation 1985


110 Reviews

Enfagrow all mindpro pilihan si manja saya❤️????????

Enfagrow all mindpro sangat membantu saya kerana anak saya sangat memilih susu formula .sebelum ini dia breastfeeding.memang struggle juga lah nak bagi dia susu formula..syukur dia dapat menerimanya..apatah lagi dia sekarang sangat aktif dan memerlukan susu yang mengandungi MGFM dan DHA untuk perkembangan minda dan imuniti badannya..terimakasih Enfagrow all mindpro kerana menghasilkan susu yang berkhasiat untuk si manja saya

Enfagrow A+ Malaysia


My daughter love the taste

There are no digestive problems after drinking this milk..for growth and nutrition ... the important thing is Aisha likes the taste ...


Enfagrow AII Mindpro


Enfagrow AII MindPro更是全马首个拥有A2牛乳的奶粉。什么是A2牛乳?


Anak suka sanga

Rasa susu premium. Anak suka dan tiada masalah penghadaman. Sesuai diminum bila dibancuh sejuk...


Review on Enfagrow A2 Mindpro

Doing some research on Enfagrow A2 Mindpro before allowing my baby boy to try and after reading nutrition labels, found that it's made with good and natural protein, good fat, dha and prebiotic which helps maintain a good intestinal environment and also helpful in brain development, so now it's in my permitted list. After introduced it to my son and did not have any bad reaction. Recommended.


Enfagrow All Mindpro

Anak saya suka susu ni.. mudah aje tukar susu, walaupn anak saya memilih sikit susu. Dengan nutrients yang ada pada susu enfagrow All Mindpro sistem pembuangan anak saya bertambah lancar.


New Enfagrow A2 MindPro

Thanks Motherhood Malaysia / for opportunity to try this new Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3. Here are my girl 3 years old and my boy 2 years old, they love this milk so much, especially my boy, because not every milk he likes to drink. I believe every parent want the best for their children, to keep them focus, keep learning, keep growing, keep exploring something new. This Enfagrow A2 MindPro is made will all natural, easy to digest A2 protein especially for tiny tummies. Most important thing is this milk with no sugar added. Just one thing that I don't like, the surface of the bottles or glasses will become oily, but that not the big trouble, as long as they enjoy drinking the milk and stay healthy.


Never thought he can accept formula milk!

My toddler is a breastfeeding baby, he refuses to drink all kind of formula and fresh milk since young and no choice I have to let him watch electronic device while feeding him formula milk in order to distract his attention, and this make me feel bad! Coincidentally saw Enfagrow A2 and decided to let him get a try, surprisingly he willing to taste it and consume it for a week! As a nutritionist, each and every time switching of formula milk I will go deep into research, reading all journals and nutrition labels before allowing my baby to try. Enfagrow A2 definitely is in my permitted list!


Great milk powder for my little one

Enfagrow All MindPro contains milk from A2 cow which produces only A2beta-casein protein and it consists of many natural goodness that helps to support the growth and development of my little one, physically, emotionally and mentally. She loves Enfagrow All MindPro very much and I am happy that Enfagrow All MindPro also promote healthy gut, without any allergies or bowel problems.


Mindpro Step 3

Tried so many milks for my boy, a picky eater and finally he okay with this Enfagrow A2. And it is also good for his digestion now. Nice milk.


Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

This formula milk has provided good nutrients that fulfils the needs of my growing up baby, and the A2 protein is naturally easy for my baby's tummy to digest. And we love the taste of the milk!


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro

Switching from one milk to Enfagrow A2 Mindpro did not have any negative reactions to my son. Not sweet but tasty. My son sleep becomes better by drinking a glass of it every night. If you are conscious about mental and emotional & not just physical development of your child, this formula milk suits you!


decent taste, easy to prep

good to know that A2 milk protein is now available in local market.hard to find suitable formula milk for kids-having eczema & allergies.

Enfagrow All Mindpro is a good choice for an alfernative to regular cow's milk. decent taste, competitive price & easy to prepare - powder dissolved perfectly with little effort of bottle shaking.

comfort for my baby's tummy - no issue of indigestion.i love the fact it support well-rounded mental and emotional development.

i am most grateful to be member of Motherhood to be given the opportunity to try this new fm.


Terbaik dan Berkualiti

Susu terbaik dan berkualiti untuk tumbesaran anak yang bagus akan beli lagi di masa hadapan


Mis Odie - Enfagrow AII MindPro Pilihan Si Manja

Sukanya Putra bila dapat minum susu Enfagrow ALL Mindpro, hilang masalah yang dihadapi Putra. Mama memilih susu Enfagrow AII Mindpro kerana Putra dulu ada masalah nak poopoo. Kenapa mama memilih Enfagrow All Mindpro untuk putra?
Susu Enfagrow AII Mindpro adalah Susu Formula Kanak-kanak Pertama di Malaysia di hasilkan Dengan Protein A2 Semula Jadi. Enfagrow AII MindPro diperbuat daripada susu lembu mempunyai protein beta-kasein A2 tulen secara semula jadi. Kepentingan beta-kasein A2 adalah untuk memberikan kebaikan kepada sistem pencernaan si manja. Selain protein susu A2 tulen yang mudah dicerna, Enfagrow AII MindPro juga mengandungi MFGM dan tahap DHA yang disyorkan pakar global untuk minda yang lebih tajam, tanpa gula tambahan.
#MamaCubaTry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAII #Enfagrow


Pilihan Yang Tepat

Susu enfagrow ni sangat membantu tumbesaran ank sy..ank saya sangat menggemari rasa susu ini..pilihan yang tepat utk ibu2


Enfagrow mind pro great for kids!

Introduced this milk to my daughter and she really love it so much. This milk formula is very easy to dissolve and also can provide the nutrients that my daughter require during her growing years! The best milk so far and Very recommended To try!


Enfagrow A2 MindPro

My little princess love the taste of the milk. Thank you motherhood!


Mummy of Dalton

My little boss first try and he enjoyed and able to accept the taste… i tried a little too.. not sweet and nice… i love it due to its natural easy to digest milk product. My son can Poo smoothly ❤️ Thanks


Great product

Being a mother is never easy, always need to explore the best for baby. Milk is the most important due to daily consume and will impact baby development. Thus, I always concern when there is good new product in the market.

Enfagrow AII MindPro is the 1st & only children formula milk brand in Malaysia with natural A2 milk protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cows. A2 milk protein has a structure that's naturally easy for kids to digest, but cows that produce only A2 protein are extremely rare, only 30% of cows in the world are pure A2 cow breeds!

Enfagrow AII MindPro also contains expert recommended DHA level & MFGM which are important building blocks for brain development.

So, let your baby try now. Make your right choice.




这次我让小妹妹试喝新推出的Enfagrow All MindPro儿童配方奶粉。

这系列的配方奶粉会让我想给妹妹试试看的原因是这奶粉目前是全马第一以2,3含有源自于新西兰纯种A2奶牛的A2牛奶蛋白的儿童配方奶粉,让孩子更容易消化。当中除了容易消化的牛奶蛋白质,Enfagrow All MindPro配方奶粉里不含添加糖,并拥有MFGM及专家推荐的DHA水平,以促进孩子锐利的思维。

在饮用Enfagrow All MindPro这段时间,我发现妹妹的胃口似乎稍有改善,不再每次喝奶留下一些奶量,几乎都喝完。还有一个我也很在意的肠胃问题就是,“便秘”。


为了让家长们能更加安心, Enfagrow All MindPro正展开14天保证退款计划。欲知更多Enfagrow资讯,可浏览官方网站、面子书或Instagram


Enfagrow A2 MindPro

My child love the taste of the milk! It is easy to digest and reduces my child's tummy discomfort. His tummy is less bloating now after drinking this milk for 1 week. It also provides nutritions needed for my child's growth. Love this milk and will recommend it to my friends and family.


Nice taste and good for digestion !

After my kid tasted the Enfagrow A2 MindPro milk, its easy to digest and the milk taste tasted really great ! Will definitely try it again in the future !


Easy to digest & gentle to her stomach

My kid love the taste & it is gentle to her stomach. This Enfagrow A2 Mindpro contain A2 protein which is good for her digestion and high in DHA. Very recommended!


Enfagrow Mindpro

Rasanya jadi mak-mak ni, bab makan minum anak memang pening nak fikir. Selain bagi real food, ain akan bagi jugak dia minum susu, untuk add-on any supplemental nutrion yang dia perlukan.

Nasib baik ada dapat tester Enfagrow AII Mindpro ni. Dengan 150 bioactive component, prebiotic FOS untuk usus & yeast beta-glucan utk immune sistem.

Rasa dia just nice, not too sweet

Dah jadi rutin dia mintak susu tiap-tiap malam sekarang

#mamacubatry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAII #enfagrow


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro

As a working mum, i do not have the luxury of spending full time with my daughter. On the other hand, i have to ensure she have all the right nutrients and proteins to grow up healthily.
After doing some research, i came across Enfagrow All Mindpro and it certainly fits well into the dietary plan of my daughter. Enfagrow AII Mindpro contains naturally easy to digest A2 protein, MFGM & expert recommended DHA level for brain development and no added sugar. Besides, it contains A2 Beta-Casein Protein, and it is certainly a precious gem as only 30% of cow in the world can produce pure A2 protein..would certainly recommend to other parents.


Enfagrow A2

Thank you enfagrow! Ammar suka susu ni,, stiap hari minta susu ni smpai sekarang dah tukar kena pkai susu ni.. dlu jarang dia nk minta susu ummi yg kena bagi,, tpi sekarang dia yg laju minta..hihi


Enfagrow A2 MINDPRO

Enfagrow A2 MINDPRO

Susu terbaik untuk kanak kanak yang sedang membesar ..pilihan bijak ibu ibu ..mengatasi masalah sembelit bayi dan penuh dengan khasiat..saya telah menggunakan nya..dan sangat berpuashati

#Mamacubatry #Motherhood


Enfagrow All Mindpro for my child

My son tried Enfagrow All Mindpro for the first time as it has naturally& easy to digest A2 protein.


Not suitable for my LO

My premature baby turn 1yo recently. Tried this for few times but unfortunately her stomach getting upset everytime after feeding. I guess this 1 definitely not for her. Probably because she had history of gerd at birth. Will try to feed her again when she's a bit older.


Enfa MindPro A2 - Nutritious formula for my Baby

As most caring parents try to get the best milk for their kids, I chose Enfa Mindpro A2 as it contains:
- A2 beta-casein protein

My kid just love the natural taste, less gassy & easily digest. So much so he loves drinking & I'll be less headache too.
Highly recommend!



A happy kid and a happy mother

First of all I love Enfagrow because it is sugar free. With DHA Plus inside it even more perfect!


highly recommended

Jia Jia likes the taste of this formula, she is usually a picky eater.
What I liked most about this formula makes my baby less fussy, gassy and less spit up. She is happy and content and had no problem trying this formula.

I love the taste of Enfagrow A2 Formula, it taste great like fresh milk and doesn't have that awful iron taste as other kind of formula. Jia Jia has not refused drinking this formula.

#MamaCubaTry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAII


So I choose Enfagrow A2mindpro

As a modern, energetic mother, I need to balance the time I spend in between my work and family.
To ensure that she's growing at a healthy and her growth and development in mind. So I choose
Enfagrow A2 MINDPRO is an ideal choice for baby yoona! It contains:
- A pure, naturally easily digestible milk protein A2.
- Helps to promote a healthy intestinal environment.
- Helps support well-rounded mental & emotional development

As a mom, I could be happier watching my baby grow up happy, healthy and active!


To Easier Digestion and Sharper Minds!

What's special about this milk formula is that it is the 1st and only children formula milk with A2 protein sourced purely from New Zealand. What's interesting to know is that most cow's milk found in stores contain two main beta-casein proteins that are known as A1 and A2. This is actually not supposed to be the case as cows originally only produced the A2 protein. A natural genetic mutation occurred along the way of commercialisation and caused cows to produce A1 protein as well. With only 30% of cows in the world today producing pure A2 protein, every drop is extremely precious. The other cows either produce only A1 or both A1 and A2 protein.

Research shows that A2 beta-casein protein helps promote good gut environment in children. This is so important as consuming this protein means easier digestion for better absorption of the nutrients. There are also lesser symptoms of digestive discomfort compared to drinking regular milk.

Unlike regular milk, the Enfagrow A2 MindPro comes from selectively sourced, handpicked cows that only produce milk with A2 beta-casein protein. These healthy, free-range cows graze on lush pastures with fresh air beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The Enfagrow AII MindPro also contains global expert-recommendation amount of DHA (35mg per serving, which is generally higher than other regular milk) and scientific level of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM), a complex bioactive compound found abundantly in brain to support cognitive development. On top of that, it has no sugar added.

We tried it and loved it. Taste wise, the Enfagrow A2 MindPro is as delicious as the Enfagrow A+ MindPro that she has been consuming, but with so much more nutritional benefits, especially sharper minds!

If you would like to give this New Zealand imported milk a try, you may purchase it at the nearest

#MamaCubaTry # mindpromalaysia # EnfagrowAII #Enfagrow


Enfahrow all Mindpro

I choose Enfagrow AII MindPro because it is the 1st & only children formula milk brand* in Malaysia with natural A2 milk protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cows.
A2 cow produces only A2 beta casein protein that is naturally easy-to-digest for my cjild. Enfagrow AII MindPro also contains expert recommended DHA level** & MFGM which are important building blocks for brain development.
I love Enfagrow!

#MamaCubaTry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAll #Enfagrow


Pilihan Lebih Pintar

Saya telah mencuba Enfagrow All Mindpro selama 7hari dan berpuas hati dengan hasil yang ditunjukkan oleh anak saya. Ia lebih fokus dalam melakukan sesuatu serta petah berkata-kata.


Naturally tasty and gentle to little tummy.

We tried more than 5 toddler formula milk but none of them seemed quite right for our daughter who has a really sensitive tummy. Enfagrow All Mind MindPro is the only toddler formula milk made her less fussy, gassy and has a more stable bowel movements.

For sure, we are wondering why Enfagrow All Mind MindPro is so gentle to her sensitive tummy and she willing to drink it. After a fun exploring at Enfagraw website, we finally found out that most regualar cow produced a combination of A1 or and A2 beta casein protein milk. A1 protein may cause digestive discomfort which A2 protein is less associated with digestive discomfort, naturally easy for child's tummy to digest. In fact, only 30% of cows in the world can produce the extreme precious pure A2 protein and Enfagrow All Mind MindPro milk is the only children formula milk sourced from New Zealand A2 cows with add on MFGM to support cognitive development, expert recommended DHA for sharper minds, no added sugar and contains all essential nutrients a children needs during their crucial growing stage.

For my daughter's case, we are very satisfied with Enfagrow All Mind MindPro Step 3 and our daughter is on her second box! Enfagrow All Mind MindPro fomula milk powder is silky and has no awful iron taste that most formula milk had, easy to dissolve in the water and our daughter seem loves it! She would request a bottle every 6 hours, gained 1kg in just a week.
Stonger body allows her stay active with higher energy level to do the painting, art and craft, learn few magic trick and indoor basketball at home.

Along our parenthood journey as a parent, nothing is more than important than our children has a stronger body to experience and create a memorable happy childhood. Allows her to explore to new things, learn and overcome the barries, free flow of creativity and imagination, enjoy happy upbringing playtime, contagious laughter and has a lovely time with family and friends. Thank you Enfagrow, you are the best Companions for her to create a memorable happy childhood.


Enfagrow a2 mindpro review

First of all, thank MOTHERHOOD for giving ENFAGROW MINDPRO A2 for trial. I have 2 children, my daughter is 1 and a half years old and my son is 3 and a half years old. My daughter is okay, but my son's digestive system is not so good, he is often bloated, and he doesn't feel hungry. In this way, my son became a child of UNDERWEIGHT, and the doctor recommended that he drink PEDIASURE to gain weight. One day I accidentally saw that ENFAGROW had released this new product which contained A2 PROTEIN to help digestion, so I wanted to give my son a try. After drinking and observing for a few days, I found that my son had improved a little, and he would tell his mother that he was hungry. I really hope that this milk powder can help his digestive system get better and he can gain weight with normal meals. Thank you ENFAGROW for the new attempt!


Enfagrow All Mindpro terbaik

Alhamdulillah..dalam memilih susu yg terbaik dan yess akhirnya...
Kali ni anak saya Ammar lebih suka Enfagrow All Mindpro bagi saya susu ni baik untuk ammar kerana ia mengandungi MFGH &DHA yg membantu menyokong immuniti serta perkembangan intelektual ammar...
Sebenarnya Banyak lagi khasiat terbaik dalam Enfagrow mindpro ni macam prebiotic Fos untuk usus yg baik dan sihat dan lain2..
Saya memang rekemen kepada anda semua untuk perkembangan sihat untuk anak2 anda..



Happy Boys Happy Parents

Look at the happy faces on my boys while trying on the new Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

-Milk powder mixes well and easily dissolve with no clumps.
-Mummy had a taste of it as well and it has a taste as if my boys are drinking fresh cow milk
-1st and only children formula milk with precious naturally easy to digest A2 protein sourced from limited New Zealand A2 cows.
-includes high DHA, MFGM Pro, FOS, Yeast Beta-Glucan & other nutritions the child needs in their important growing stage and help them to build stronger immune system to guard against covid-19 virus.


Enfagrow All MindPro with A2

My baby just turned one!!! He's an active cheerful baby in day time but he could be a bit cranky and fussy in the middle of the night sometimes. Hence, we had been researching, looking to find him a suitable formula milk. Thank you Motherhood and Enfagrow for coming to the rescue just at the right time, introducing us the NEW ENFAGROW ALL MINDPRO with A2 protein for easy digestions and MFGM and DHA for shaper minds for your little ones. It helps My baby in his daily bowel movement and most importantly he sleeps better at night now. BYE bloated and upset tummy! HELLO to a healthy disgestion and a shaper mind!


Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 Is Da Best!!

Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 is easy to mix in water and also easy to digest by my baby little stomach. I always learn about Enfragrow formula milk in the media but do not dare to try as my son is kinda sensitive to wrong formula milk that will cause him to have constipation or colic. Now I am happy to know that he consumed enfragrow A2 mindpro with no issue at all as well as all the benefits in the formula milk enlighten me. For me, it is very important to know that the formula milk is easy to digest and no sugar added.

Best of all reason above, my son are more likely to be more appetite after drinking this formula milk. The right choice for my baby!


Enfagrow All Mindpro

Few months more before Zynn Malique turning TWO, It not easy to find him the best among the best milk that suit him and make him stay healthy.
Guess what I finally found Enfagrow AII Mindpro Step 3 which is the best option for me to try because it come with series of Enfagrow milk with breakthrough formula in providing my son needed with enough nutrients.
Enfagrow All Mindpro minimize my son risk of allergy and with the clinically proven with A2 beta-casein protein for easy digestion and only children formula milk with A2 protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cows. Not just that Enfagrow AII Mindpro includes high DHA, MFGM Pro, FOS, Yeast Beta-Glucan & other nutritions the child needs in their important growing stage.
Enfagrow All MindPro helps him develop well, stronger immune system and most important is he loved it! @enfagrowmy
More about product information follow @enfagrowmy instagram and Facebook page for more exciting offerings!


The best milk

#MamaCubaTry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAll #Enfagrow

Enfagrow AII MindPro is the first and only children formula milk brand in Malaysia with natural A2 milk protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cows. Unlike regular cows, A2 cow produces only A2 beta casein protein that is naturally easy-to-digest. Enfagrow AII MindPro also contains expert recommended DHA level and MFGM which are important building blocks for brain development.


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro

Biasalah kita sebagai ibu mesti nak yang terbaik untuk anak tambahan anak yang ada masalah dalaman seperti sembelit dan kurang untuk minum susu jadi kita sebagai ibu mesti sangat risau dah macam2 jenis susu try tapi tak menyelesaikan masalah jadi i pun cubalah susu Enfagrow A2 Mindpro with easy to digest A2 Milk Protein Beta Casein dan i really loved it sebab anak I sangat suka susu ini dan mampu selesaikan masalah ketidakselesaan pada perut anak i. So ibu2 kat luar sana boleh mencuba susu ini

#MamaCubaTry #mindpromalaysia #EnfagrowAll #EnfagrowMY


Enfagrow AII MindPro

Parents always want the best for their children and choosing the type of formula milk they drink is a big deal. I am glad to introduce Enfagrow AII MindPro to my little one and he enjoyed the milk so much.

The NEW Enfagrow AII MindPro is the first and only children formula milk with all-natural A2 milk protein from rare A2 cows.
Have you heard of all-natural A2 protein? How does it benefit growing-up children?

A2 beta-casein protein is the original form of milk protein produced by authentic A2 cow breeds. Enfagrow AII MindPro uses A2 skimmed milk sourced from healthy, free-range cows that graze on lush pastures with fresh air beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand. All-natural A2 protein has a structure that is easy for kids to digest.

These three are the main reasons why I choose Enfagrow AII MindPro to nourish my child:

1.) Less associated with digestive discomfort, such as bloating, flatulence, and abdominal pain.

2.) MFGM & Expert-recommended DHA for sharper minds.

3.) No added sugar.

Dear mummies, let's go to try the goodness of Enfagrow AII MindPro today! Experience the Difference - Naturally Pure Protein for Easy Digestion.




The best susu ever my baby have try. My baby suka sangat susu all mind pro ni. Look how she smiled. That's how she describe how the susu taste. Is so tasty!


Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

First of all, I would like to give a round of applause to Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3. My 2nd child,who is 8 years old now is big fan of Enfagrow before. I know Enfagrow is one of the famous brand in milk industry because it provides good quality of milk for our children. I'm amazed that they create this new Enfagrow A2 MINDPRO. The milk is from cows that naturally produce ONLY A2 protein which lessen digestive discomfort. The best part is NO ADDED SUGAR! Hurray! I include a picture of my 4th son. He enjoys keeping the milk in his mouth for few seconds before swallowing it. Enjoy the milk, son! Xoxo


Nice taste

My daughter so far drinks the Enfagrow milk without any problem. She doesn't reject the taste.


She like it and enjoy it

As a mom, I always worry that she does not get enough nutrients because she quite picky and do not like to drink milk.

Thanks sending the new Enfagrow Mindpro AII for ee shuan to try it. Omg, you see she love it so much.

As I know Enfagrow Mindpro AII is the 1st and only children grow up formula milk that contains A2 milk protein which easy to digest so it help to reduce digestive discomfort. Ee shuan have a better appetite now and she like to drink milk now!


Enfagrow All Mindpro

My 3 years old daughter just love the taste of Enfagrow All Mindpro. She do not have constipation problem anymore and helps her maintain her good intestinal environment. Its really helps on her growth.


Enfagrow A2

Yeah, thanks a lot to motherhood website can get a free sample to try Enfagrow A2 mindpro, now to drink Enfagrow step 3 will update A2 hope get a good result !


Loves The Taste

Thanks to for introducing me to the new Enfagrow All Mindpro, Malaysia 1st and only children formula milk with naturally easy-to-digest pure A2 milk protein.

I have received this product, Aafia loves the taste of this milk. Lagi pula susu ni tiada tambahan gula dan sangat baik untuk kesihatannya. Before this, dia memang susah nak minum susu dan selalu sembelit. Selepas munum susu ni, alhamdulillah kurang sembelit dan setiap hari akan buang air besar dengan lancar.

A2 milk may help with those who may be sensitive to regular milk. Drinking milk with only A2 beta-casein protein may help with the digestion of milk and any associated digestive discomfort.

If you are keen on making the switch or trying out a growing up milk with A2 milk protein, try Enfagrow All Mindpro. So, it's worth giving it a try if you want an all natural and easy-to-digest source of milk for your growing up child.


The best formula milk ever!

My baby grows up so fast! As a mum, im always want the best for my little baby in her education, health yet her growth too. So i was searching for a growing up milk that can let my baby to get sufficient nutrients and grows healthy.

Until i found newly launched Enfagrow A2 Mindpro that contain all natural A2 protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cow and it is the FIRST and ONLY formula in Malaysia right now. The A2 protein in this milk is less associated with digestive discomfort such as bloating, constipation, abdominal pain or flatulence. My baby has no problem when she consume this milk as it gentle to my baby stomach.

Enfagrow A2 Mindpro also got recommended DHA level by Global Expert. Plus MFGM in this Enfagrow will help strengthen your child's brain structure and immune system. This will helps my baby to develop her brain and health very well. Couldn't recommend this formula highly enough. Mommies should try this formula milk for your baby too!


Pain pain no more

This formula milk suit my boy so much, It dissolves so well into water and doesn't leave any particles behind. For my boy it taste appetizing and doesn't cause excessive wind or constipation . I love that PREBIOTIC was added. You would know how excited and happy when a mommy with a weak tummy baby see the word Prebiotic Added(heavy / full stomach )
Most importantly,
happy tummy , happy mommy
Pain pain no more.



Moo. Moo..... Mooo Cow!!! Have you ever heard about A2 milk protein?? I just learned it from Enfagrow AII MindPro with A2 beta-casein protein. TERIMA KASIH Mead Johnson Nutrition added to my knowledge!!!

Let me share with you, A2 milk protein or A2 beta-casein protein is the original, all-natural milk protein obtained from handpicked, DNA-tested purely from New Zealand cows. My daughter loves it so much the taste, texture and the important is no sugar added. The A2 beta-casein protein include vitamins and minerals needed for my daughter mental and physical development. Moreover, it contained 150 bioactive components and it is a natural source of phospholipids and sphingomyelin expression of the most abundant proteins for my daughter development.

In this lockdown period, it is important to keep my daughter stay healthy and well-rounded mental and emotional development. Therefore, thank you!!!! Mead Johnson Nutrition for such continuous scientifically improvement over the year. No regret in choosing this formula milk for my daughter and she is enjoying her milk very much.

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Choosing the right formula milk is a first step for my child growth, thanks to Mead Johnson Nutrition continuous scientifically formulated Enfagrow AII MindPro with A2 beta-casein protein. In the global pandemic and lockdown period, it is important to keep my child develop without missing the important nutrient, improve digestive system and stay healthy. The Enfagrow AII MindPro with A2 beta-casein protein contains lactose and milk protein nourishes my child a proper development sense of taste and smell, as well as healthy growth of blood cells. Choosing Enfagrow AII MindPro was the best decision I ever made, looking for a valuable formula milk without compromising on the essential ingredients needed for my child's development, I would highly recommend Enfagrow AII MindPro with A2 beta-casein protein formula milk.

Thank you!!!! Mead Johnson Nutrition for such continuous scientifically improvement over the year.


My Heart Warrior secret protection

One of my friend introduced this milk to me, He mentioned lots of good benefits to Efagrow A2 Mindpro milk. So when a gave me the opportunity to try this product. I no longer had second thoughts because we all know that this brand of milk is known all over the world. As we can see Enfagrow A11 Mindpro contains milk from A2 beta-casein protein to support mental development and good intestinal environment.
*Contains MFGM for sharpen mind,
*Expert recommended daily DHA Intake,
*FOS helps good intestinal environment,
*Yeas Beta-Glucan for Immune system,
As a mother of my heart warrior I always want the good for him, I am fussy in choosing milk for him that can help to gain his weight, brain development and specially now to secure his immune system because of pandemic all over the world. Thank you all



小白蔡试喝了Enfagrow AII Mindpro,奶粉细绵易溶解,便便质量明显变好了,晚上睡觉时也不再翻来覆去了。
最重要的是,小白蔡对Enfagrow AII Mindpro奶粉一点都不排斥,妈咪我也终于不必再逼着我的小闺女喝奶了,真是太感人了!




为了应付肠胃不适的问题,我选择了更好消化吸收的Enfagrow A2 Mindpro.
它除了含足量 A2 酪蛋白,2倍的DHA,还添加了底聚果糖益生元(FOS),能够促进钙元素的吸收,提高免疫,促进骨骼生长发育抵抗龋齿。同时可促进肠胃蠕动,改善肠道功能。


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro具有MFGM(Milk Fat Globure Membrane)一种叫做叫乳脂球膜的营养物质,天然乳汁中的超稀有成分 ,是泌乳细胞的细胞膜,促进大脑发育和提高身体抵抗力方面都有非常大的作用。在大脑方面,可以促进脑细胞的链接,并进而支持大脑的发育,激发宝宝更多潜能。所以MFGM也被称为续DHA后的新一代“脑黄金”。

感谢 Enfagrowmy 一直呵护宝宝的肠胃,宝宝的认可就是最好的证明。


Enfagrow A mindpro



Natural goodness

Anak saya terpaksa dihentikan breastfeeding sebab masalah tertentu, dan sangat sukar untuk mencari susu formula yg sesuai, bermacam jenis susu sudah dicuba tetap anak saya hadapi sembeli. Terima kasih Enfagrow AII Mindpro kerana selesaikan masalah saya.


Goodness of good quality milk

I might not have idea about how precious to get pure A2 protein can find in the cow milk until i start studying about Enfagrow All A2 Mindpro Step 3.

I was so suprised to learn the fact that only 30% of cows in the world can produce pure A2 protein due to farming practices and natural genetic mutation occurred. Most cow's milk in the market is containing either A1 only or A1 and A2 Beta-casein proteins, the differ in structure by one amino acid gives big impact on the way the protein is digested. If Comparing in between A1 and A2 protein, emerging evidence shows A1 protein may may generate bioactive peptide during digestion that can cause digestive discomfort in certain individuals while A2 milk only contains the naturally easy-to-digest A2 beta-casein protein.

Enfagrow MindPro A2 Beta-casein protein milk is selectively sourced by healthy and free-range New Zealand A2 cows that only produces milk with A2 Beta-casein protein which is naturally easy for children's tummy to digest, reduced the children's discomfort in heavy stomach, bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence. It includes expert recommended 105mg daily DHA intakes & MFGM Pro for brain cell connections, FOS to maintain good intestinal environment, Yeast Beta-Glucan for good immune system and other nutrients a child needs during their crucial growth and development stage.

My daughter has a sensitive tummy but this formula has been a huge help, works gently for her digestive system. I made her her first 8oz bottle and she drank them all, she seems likes Enfagrow All A2 Mindpro a lot. Good natural ingredients and pleasant in taste, provides her all the nutrients and vitamins she needs for proper growth and development as well as stronger immune system.

I can't say enough about how great is the Enfagrow All A2 Mindpro Step 3 and she gained weight in just a week. If your children is having sensitive tummy like my daughter or looking for a better quality milk, please give this formula milk a try and experience the difference. Fred not, it comes with 14 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Enfagrow All A2 Mindpro.


Easy to digest

I came across the Enfagrow AII MindPro Milk and one peculiar thing that I read was this milk, contains natural A2 beta casein protein that is naturally easy-to-digest. I thought my son should give it a try. How glad was I to see after my son has consumed this milk, he has lesser indigestion and lesser stomach discomfort. He cracks me up whenever he asked for more milk with his pouty lips.

TOP Reasons I love about Enfagrow AII MindPro:
- Naturally Easy-To-Digest A2 protein
- MFGM & Expert Recommended level of DHA which benefits to support brain cell and cognitive
- No sugar added and my son loves the natural taste of milk
- Strengthen immune system.

It is rewarding to see such great development while he is learning and exploring new things everyday. A healthy son makes the world of parenting so much easier.


Gentle to gut.

Enfagrow All MindPro with A2 protein worked fabulously in my daughter's constipation issue and it is a quality milk which doesn't cause inflammation and alterations to the gut.

It has a milk taste and flavor, mixes well with no clumps. I love Enfagrow All MindPro uses A2 skimmed milk sourced from healthy, free-range cow that glaze lush pastures with fresh air beneath the southern Alps of New Zealand where it has fertile soils, high level of rainfall and sunshine are abundant, make one best farming environments for cows.

Natural Pure and easy to digest A2 milk protein from A2 cows, includes high DHA, MFGM Pro, FOS, Yeast Beta-Glucan & other nutritions the child needs in their important growing stage.

Enfagrow All MindPro helps her develop well, stronger immune system and most important is she loved it!


Great try on Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

After my boy try on the Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3, he like it very much on the taste as no added sugar. Besides that, this milk provides 2x benefits on the brain cell connections. This to keep mommy rest assured on the growth of mental development for our children.


Enfagrow All Mindpro Pilihan Si Manja Saya

Sebelum mencuba susu Enfagrow All Mindpro, anak saya menyusu badan sahaja..Apabila berusia 2 tahun, anak saya berhenti menyusu badan dan saya mencari susu yang sesuai untuknya kerana kanak-kanak di bawah usia 5 tahun tetap memerlukan susu bagi perkembangan minda supaya dapat membesar dengan sihat & aktif...
Susu Enfagrow All Mindpro ini mengandungi MFGM dan DHA yang membantu menyokong immuniti dan perkembangan intelektual kanak-kanak... Selain itu, ia juga mengandungi Prebiotic FOS yang membantu mengekalkan persekitran usus yang sihat..
Sepanjang anak saya minum susu ini, sistem penghadaman anak saya lebih baik dan kurang masalah sembelit.. Anak saya juga lebih aktif dan fokus dalam melakukan sesuatu aktiviti...
Anak saya juga suka minum susu ini kerana rasanya yang enak dan sesuai dengan seleranya.... Terima kasih Enfagrow kerana menghasilkan susu yang berkhasiat dan mengandungi nutrisi yang diperlukan oleh si manja..



Susu ni bagus untuk tumbesaran anak saya..dia suka minum susu enfagrow ni...terima kasih enfagrow


Enfagrow All Mindpro

My daughter is a pick eater. Most of the time, she only eat selected food, so she always faced discomfort in heavy stomach. I had try out a lot of milk but unfortunately it cant help her Until i found Enfagrow All Mindpro.
Enfagrow contains A2 Beta that difference with other types of milk. What is A2? It is casein protein from milk. A2 milk protein is the original obtain from special cows. A2 can easy to digest, so indirectly it had solve my daughter's uncomfortable stomach.
In the same time, it contains MFGM which is global expert recommendation level of DHA. It helps my child in development of brain cell. Most important, this type of milk is no sugar added.
So, DAD AND MUM, let's try out Enfagrow A2 Mindpro!!!



Sarah love Enfagrow All mindpro

Hey everyone see what I have received !! Its NEW Enfagrow All MINDPRO, the 1st and only children formula milk made with all natural A2 milk protein rare A2 cow in New Zealand. I'm so excited and can't wait to try it. but let me take a selfie. wow tested so awesome make me drink 4 times a day. This formula includes MFGM and DHA that help to boost my BRAIN PRO to exploring my daily activities! I LOVE Enfagrow!


Toddler's Favourite

My son can be picky with his milk and it has been an endless trial and error to find one that he likes. Enfagrow A2 Mindpro seems to be most favoured, he can easily finish a bottle in one go. I love that there is prebiotic and high DHA in this too. Bonus!


My son love this milk so muchhhh

pada pandangan saya,susu tepung rumusan kanak-kanak EnfagrowA2 MindPro ni sangat sesuai dan serasi dengan anak saya,anak saya sangat menyukai susu ni setiap kali saya bancuh untuk dia,habis dia minum.Dengan protein susu A2 beta kasein yang mudah dihadam secara semulajadi dari lembu A2 itu,anak saya tidak lagi mengalami masalah membuang.Setelah mencuba susu ini,saya rasa,saya akan terus menggunakan susu Enfagrow All MindPro ni untuk si manja saya.Terima kasih club kerana memberi peluang untuk mencuba susu ini kepada si manja saya..



Hayla approved!!!

Hayla is almost 2 years old so I try to give her milk that can help to boost her brain development and at the same time maintain a good intestinal environment.
Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro has both MFGM Pro, DHA Plus with A2 Beta Casein Protein & prebiotic FOS that nourishes child with the natural goodness.
I love that my daughter can still drink this milk because she sometimes is picky about what she eats but with Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro I do not worry about her not getting enough nutrition.
So far she had normal bowels. She didn't seem to have colic or gas .
So I would recommend this to all mommies!!! Hayla approved


Arsyad Minum bagaikan JUARA!

Kadang-kadang bila anak nak tukar susu ni dia akan rasa lain.

Tapi as mak ayah, ada nampak perubahan besar lepas cuba seminggu susu Enfagrow All Mindpro.

Adik Arsyad ada 1 tabiat yang selalu tahan nak berak bila tiba waktunya.
Kadang-kadang dia nak tahan, tapi lepas minum Enfagrow All Mindpro, lagi bijak, dah berak tak beritahu, sampaila kami bau busuk.

Keseluruhan, Enfagrow AII memang bagus dan tak dinafikan sangat bagus untuk anak-anak yang ada masalah pelawasan.

Saya syorkan untuk mencubanya!



Last week I received Enfagrow Mindpro for my Ailove Alsa..
It’s scientifically formulated to include vitamins and minerals needed for your child’s mental and physical development. Tqvm




因此抓住一至三歲大腦發育的黃金關鍵期的同時擁有健康的腸道意義非凡:1至3歲孩童呵護好腸道,抵禦外界病毒破壞侵擾;調節好腸道,幫助孩子消化吸收、舒適成長。所以我想推薦給媽媽們全馬首個擁有A2牛乳的奶粉 Enfagrow AII Mindpro。
取自於紐西蘭純種A2牛乳,含有天然的A2蛋白質成分。A2牛奶中的A2蛋白是最原始的蛋白, 并更容易消化,有助於如意減少不良反應,不會因為不舒服而影響她的學習成長。還有一點讓我放心的是無添加糖份哦 (這點媽媽我真的很care)! 除此之外, 我瞭解到Enfagrow是市場上唯一含有乳脂球膜(MFGM)和DHA含量最高的品牌,這對孩紙的智力發展很重要!


Enfagrow A2 奶粉

成长中的孩子,营养是不可或缺的东西。最重要的就是让孩子摄取最天然的营养。天然的营养容易让宝宝吸收及消化。Enfagrow如今推出了含有A2 蛋白质的Enfagrow AII MindPro,还是全马独家发售的呢!更天然的蛋白质,容易被孩子吸收。看到孩子的肠胃越来越好,食欲也大大增加,我就越来越放心啦!他超爱的。


Enfagrow AII

As a mom, I’m very worried if my child did not get enough sufficient nutrient and she can’t focus. So I was searching to find a growing up milk that can let Dayyan to get sufficient nutrient and grow healthy. Until I found the newly launched Enfagrow AII Mindpro that contains all natural A2 protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cow. The A2 protein in A2 milk is easier for kids to digest so it does help with Dayyan’s digestion. Also she love it so much, you see her little tongue. I am glad that I tried this new children formula milk with A2 protein for Dayyan since I’ve been looking out for something natural for her, and the fact that back in ancient times, cows only produces A2 protein makes me even convinced that this is the closest we can get to the original source! I even heard that this is the first children formula milk in Malaysia that has this A2 Protein. ;)


Enfagrow AII Mindpro

Ever since my child started to consume ENFAGROW A2 MINDPRO, her little tummy is getting better with lesser bloating. And she is asking for more milk now!!! Ever since having better digestion, it also improves her daily activities she likes to dance to kids song, running around smelling flower and also her fav past time popping bubbles!


Enfagrow A2

这款取自于纽西兰 A2 乳牛的天然蛋白质除了可以减少消化不良,还能让营养更容易被吸收,完全符合这边吃饱,那边要奶的小情人。麻麻真的超级满意的。


Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

After tried the new Enfagrow All Mindpro, my son love the taste and enjoy very much drinking it. I found it is easy dissolve and provide good digestion for my kids. I am grateful by having this opportunity to try this new product. Surely I will continue to give Enfragrow All Mindpro to my kids and also recommend to my friends. Wish all kids having healthy growth with Enfagrow All Mindpro.


A2 Milk Worth the Try

My little foodie is obsessed with food. Often after her main meals and dessert, she will still ask for a bottle of milk. Honestly I am quite concern if she is overeating and if this will upset the stomach or not.

Thanks to for introducing me to the NEW Enfagrow AII MindPro, Malaysia's 1st and Only children formula milk with naturally easy-to-digest pure A2 milk protein.

Historically A2 milk is the primary form of beta-casein from cow prior to commercialisation.

Emerging evidence from studies in preschool children and adults suggest that milk with A2 milk protein is less likely to be associated with digestive discomfort - think a heavy or full stomach, bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence - after milk consumption.

NEW Enfagrow AII MindPro is definitely worth the try.
✔️made from primary A2 beta-casein for easy digestion,
✔️contains MFGM for sharper minds,
✔️with no added sugars,
✔️helps meet daily DHA intake,
✔️contains FOS for good intestinal environment,
✔️Yeast Beta Glucan for immune system
Affordable Price!


Enfragrow A2 Mindpro

Try Enfagrow A2 Mindpro step 3 2 days before baby birthday and seem everything look well, baby like the taste and link to take it too! My wife take Enfamama, now baby turn to Enfagrow A2 Mindpro!


Enfagrow All Mindpro

Anak suka susu enfagrow,sedap dan sangat membantu dalam tumbesaran anak saya....selera makan anak nmpak semakin berselera jugak selepas minum susu enfargrow
Anak semakin aktif dan semakin petah bercakap.




在我多方面搜索后,我找到了Enfagrow AII Mindpro Step 3,它和我们平时看到的配方奶不一样的地方就是它含有A2。相信很多妈咪都对A2很陌生,其实A2蛋白质是初源的牛奶蛋白质,而且A2蛋白质的奶源是非常稀有的,因为不是所有的奶牛都能生产出全天然的A2蛋白质,所以A2牛奶蛋白质已经成为了很珍贵的牛奶来源。


除了原始及更容易消化的牛奶蛋白质,Enfagrow All MindPro不含添加糖,且拥有MFGM及专家推荐的DHA水平,以促进锐利的思维和提高头脑的敏锐度。




My son loves the taste of ths milk n im also hppy bcse ths milk has no added sugar n it’s great 4 my child to grow healthier.


Umairah umar

Nutrition play a hug part in ensuring our children are getting sufficient nutrient for their body and brain development.. Which is why, me as a loving mom, choose to provide my children with a serving of ENFAGROW A2 MINDPRO for my son.. By doing so, I'm confident my kid are provided with the nutrients they need for a healthy physical development.


Enfagrow A2 Mindpro the best ever..

My sweetheart,Mikayla just having a cup of Enfagrow A2 Mindpro before her play time.

I could say this is the one of the best milk in the market that meet our's children growing nutritional demands. Its also taste and smell great.

Definetly one of the best choices i've been done..Tq Enfagrow..


Delicious Milk with Natural Goodness

Natural goodness bringing out tiny little smiles. ☺️

I let my youngest tried the Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 milk for the first time and she easily accepted it.

It is nutritious, tastes delicious and not sweet. An easy to prepare formula, with naturally easy to digest A2 protein.

Have a good gut health is equally important for both adults and children. I'm glad that my child can achieve it with this milk.

Imported from New Zealand / Europe, this milk is enriched with MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) Pro, DHA Plus, PREBIOTIC FOS & more. Best of all, no added sugar.

Let your child try it too mommies. ☺️


Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3

Enfagrow AII (A2) MindPro The new formula with A2 milk is designed to be easy on the stomach as A2 milk containing only A2 protein is less associated with digestive discomfort.

❤️It's has MFGM to support cognitive development and expert recommended DHA for sharper minds.
❤️it is free from added sugar

Milk taste yummy!


Anak Suka

Bukn hanya sedap diminum tapi juga berkhasiat dan cepat dihadam.. Anak saya suka makan biskut Hup Seng cicah susu formula (Enfagrow A2) ..

Terima kasih pilih saya untuk cuba sample susu ni!



Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro semestinya susu yang hebat... Sangat membantu dalam menjaga menjaga imunisasi anak saya ketika pandemik Covid 19 ini..

Kami sekeluarga merupakan Covid 19 survival. Sepanjang tempoh kami kuarantin, saya memberikan anak sy susu Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro kerana ianya mengandungi A2 Beta Casein Protein yang hanya terdapat dalam lembu bagi membantu anak pencernaan secara natural untuk anak saya yang picky eater ini.. Hanya suka kan makanan tertentu, dengan susu ini .Sangat membantu pencernaanya sepanjang tempoh kami kuarantin. Jadi, tiada masalah sembelit. Yang Paling Seronoknye, ianya hanya terdapat dalam Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro Sahaja tau!

Selain itu, Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro ini mengandungi MFGM & DHA bagi membantu perkembangan minda supaya lebih peka & pantas berfikir... Dalam pandemik yang tak dapat dielakkan hanya duduk di rumah & beraktiviti di rumah membuatkan minda anak2 terbantut & kurang aktif..mereka jadi semakin bosan dan akhirnya tidak mahu belajar lagi... Dengan Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro ini sangat membantu anak saya mempertingkatkan mutu dalam bermain, berfikir & aktif bersukan meskipun hanya duduk di rumah.. Kerana MFGM & DHA ini disyorkan oleh pakar bagi membantu perkembangan otak kanak2..

Dan yang paling penting, susu ini tidak mengandungi gula membuatkan anak saya semakin pulih dalam menjadi picky eater.. Kini anak saya semakin makan apa sahaja tanpa memikirkan manis ataupon tidak.. Doktor juga menyarankan mencar susu tanpa sucrosa/gula bagi mengelakkan menjadi picky eater..

Alhamdulillah susu Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro sangatlah membantu anak saya sepanjang tempoh PKP ini.. saya sangat menyarankan susu ini pada ibu bapa lain di luar sana bagi mengurangkan gula dalam makanan & anak sihat tanpa gula dengan susu Enfagrow A2 Mind Pro ini adalah susu terbaik!!! Selamat mencuba ibu2!!


Enfagtow All Mindpro best milk for 'Peaky Eaten' try it and fill

For the first time, my child tried this milk and it turned out not to be very disappointing because the child's appetite was very bad before. The content of A2 protein from A2 cows is very necessary for the development of children in the process of growing up. Mothers will not regret trying it


Thank you Enfagrow for keeping my child strong.????????

I always want my daughter to have a healthy digestive system in order for her to grow up happily . My daughter has tried many different brands of milk formula, but she didn’t like them. Gladly, my friend recommended this yummilicious milk formula - Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 to me. My daughter loves this milk formula so much!! Many mommies commented that most children can easily accept this milk formula. It has well-balanced nutrients for a child’s optimum growth and development, and she rarely gets sick. I am glad that she really loves the taste after the first try and believe this milk formula can be the best growing up companion for my daughter. ! Thank you Enfagrow for keeping my child strong!!


Enfagrow A2 mindpro step 3

My youngest daughter like this milk powder very much,everyday need to have more than 4 cups of enfa A2 mindpro step 3 milk



Saya pengguna tester enfamama. Dia susah untuk minum susu. Tapi dengan enfamama, anak saya suka minum susu dan selalu habiskan.


Best Quality with Best Return

Tiffany is fully breastfeed until she is 2y4months. I have decided to let her try on Enfagrow A2 milk and surprisingly she accepted this formula.

We do notice that after Tiffany taking #EnfagrowA2MindPro she improves a lot for her learning without much guidance. Mummy teach her once for how to draw line and match to the relevant picture and next she manage to complete all by her own!

3 reason to choose #EnfagrowA2MindPro

- Naturally easy to digest A2 protein
- MFGM & Expert Recommended DHA for sharper minds
- No Added Sugar


Enfagrow All Mindpro

I received this product a few days ago from and gave my son taste test. Surprisingly, my little picky eater didn't refusing his tasty Enfagrow A2 MindPro!

The newly launched Enfagrow AII Mindpro that contains all natural A2 protein sourced purely from New Zealand A2 cow. The A2 protein in A2 milk is easier for kids to digest.This product has high DHA level to support brain cell connection and MFGM to support cognitive development.

Plus, its also contains Beta Glucan plus Prebiotic FOS, as we know these days we want our kids has strength immune system. This product is complete milk ever for kids, cause Enfagrow A2 MindPro really concerned for inside and outside of children's body.

FYI, Enfagrow A2 MindPro to be the FIRST and ONLY children nutrition formula in Malaysia that has A2 milk protein from A2 cows, and also produce milk with Beta-Casein Protein by testing handpicked the DNA cows to ensure that the cows only produce milk with A2 protein as the original all-natural milk protein obtain from special cow which is the most authentice form of milk.

If mommies daddies want to let your kids try this product, don't afraid to purchase because Enfagrow A2 is also giving out 14 days money back guarantee. You can get the money back if your children dislike the taste or refuse to drink. Besides, mommies can check on to purchase Enfagrow. Let’s try Enfagrow AII MindPro and you tell me the difference!


Enfagrow milk

My daughter have try this milk the taste are so nice she love to drink


Enfagrow A2 Mind pro

Enfagrow A2 MindPro kesukaan anak-anak, sedap dinikmati & berkongsi rasa yang HEBAT!

Kaya dengan A2 Beta-casein protein, DHA plus, MFGM pto & Prebiotic FOS yang membantu tumbesaran anak-anak.

Membantu perkembangan minda anak-anak.
Formulasi khas yang mengandungi 150 bioactive components dan sumber semula jadi phospholipids dan sphingomyelin.

Demi khasiat berpanjangan, Enfagrow A2 Mind Plus sangat disyorkan untuk perkembangan tumbesaran anak-anak.


Amazing milk for child small tummy

After received i immedietly try this milk for my girl. She is almost 2 years old now and still refusing formula milk and is a picky eater. Surprisingly my angel didn't refuse this time. She seems to love this milk somehow. Its really amazing and would not hesitate to buy it again soon :)



Wow The packaging of milk formulae so nices My girl can't wait to open the box to try when received- She very excited as you look the picture. My girl love the milk very much. Seems no problem with her so far.


Enfagrow A2 mindpro

My kid very likes Enfagrow as the taste is rich and the texture is silky smooth, The milk powder contains adequate amount of minerals. He likes it so much!


Amazing on Enfagrow A2 MindPro

在疫情肆虐之下,妈咪们的首要任务当然是守护宝宝的健康了!要如何守护我1岁半宝宝的健康呢?那天天均衡的饮食当然少不了。我的宝贝虽然开始吃正餐了,可是我觉得还是不够的,我坚持他天天都要喝奶,因为奶有好多从平日食物中获取不到的营养。宝贝吃喝了下去,那到底宝贝的身体有没有好好吸收这些营养成分呢?这点很重要!因为如果没办法好好吸收,那吃喝下去也浪费了。因此,我留意了Enfagrow AII MindPro Step 3,开始阅读关于A1和A2蛋白质的资料。这才了解A2 蛋白是最原始的牛奶蛋白形式,Enfagrow AII MindPro含有来自新西兰的原始全天然 A2 牛奶蛋白,旨在减轻胃部负担,让宝宝更容易消化,确保健康的免疫和消化系统,才能营养好吸收。

除了 A2 蛋白外,Enfagrow AII 还含有 MFGM 以支持认知发展和专家推荐的 DHA,以提高头脑的敏锐度。 Enfagrow AII MindPro营养周全,集合了我关注的重点于一身,就为了让我宝宝营养好吸收,智力发展也棒棒哒!

我让宝贝试喝了Enfagrow AII MindPro Step 3,奶粉很容易完全溶解,阵阵奶香,宝宝喜欢喝那什么都值得了!宝贝喝了也不热气,上大号也顺利,天天跑跑跳跳,宝贝开心健康,在MCO的日子里就是妈咪们最大的宽慰❤️

特此感谢让我认识了Enfagrow AII MindPro,也让宝宝试喝了这款营养非常全面的奶粉❤️ #MindproMalaysia #MamaCubaTry


The BEST Natural and Complete Milk EVER - Enfagrow A2 MindPro St

Once received I directly gave my son on same day to try for 4 days. While waiting for his tummy has reaction digestive discomfort or suit enough with him, i read and learn every single details on the box packaging. Suprisingly after 4 days comsumption, my boys has happy tummy. The two points that i concerned are does this product has high DHA level to support brain cell connection and MFGM to support cognitive development? And happy to know that, yes it has! It also contains Beta Glucan plus Prebiotic FOS, as we know these days we want our kids has strength immune system. Thats why i said this product is complete milk ever for kids, cause Enfagrow A2 MindPro really concerned for inside and outside of children's body. Big thanks to Enfagrow A2 MindPro to be the FIRST and ONLY children nutrition formula in Malaysia that has A2 milk protein from A2 cows (because unfortunately only 30% of cows in the world can only produce it), also produce milk with Beta-Casein Protein by testing handpicked the DNA cows to ensure that the cows only produce milk with A2 protein as the original all-natural milk protein obtain from special cow which is the most authentice form of milk. So the price and quality is totally worth it, because every mother wants the best for their kids development.


I will buy Enfagrow All Mindpro for my baby again!

My greatest concern about my baby formula milk is its sweetness and how easy it can be prepared. By the way I will always check it’s nutrition information as I will change her fm from time to time in order to get the diversity of nutrition. As my baby is a bit picky on the taste so I was surprised that she loved the Enfagrow All Mindpro at her first try. She said ‘nice smell,yummy’. I’ve tasted it, the sweetness is just good for taste and it’s easy to prepare with room temp water or warm water. My baby didn’t show any symptoms of allergy or uncomfortable with her new powdered milk and her excretion is just normal. Thank you MamaCubaTry for giving me the chance to try the products.


Like it!

Honestly, I can't tell any changes in my child as they only have been trying this product for a few days. Their behaviour is as normal as they are in everyday life. They eat, sleep and even poop as per usual. Nevertheless, they quite like the milk as they drink it all like other milk brand that they use to drink. I like the innovation of the product as it contain prebiotic which is rarely found in any other milk brand. So far, the product quality is good.


Tiada Lagi Sembelit

Sebelum ni anak saya dah cuba macam-macam jenama susu. Tapi kebanyakan tak serasi dengan citarasa anak. Yang anak suka pulak kadang boleh menyebabkan sembelit/cirit-birit sampai ibu terpaksa hentikan atau hadkan kuantiti anak minum ..
Tapi sejak bertukar kepada Enfagrow A2, nampak anak suka minum (walaupun awalnya dia menolak) dan masalah sembelit/cirit-birit dah hilang..




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Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 440g

Enfagrow A2 MindPro Step 3 440g

Enfagrow A2 Mindpro Step 3 contains milk from A2 cow, which produces only A2 beta-casein protein. It nourishes your child with the natural goodness to support mental development and helps maintain a good intestinal environment*

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