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Kuku Duckbill Bottle & Nipple Brush


KU5475A Bottle & Nipple Brush

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Kuku Duckbill KU5475A Bottle brush with Nipple Brush                                           

  1. It has high density sponge for gently cleaning bottom of bottle without scratching the bottle.                                                         
  2. The handle bottle brush designed to be ergonomic providing ease of holding and cleaning.                                               
  3. Handle with 360 degree rotate.                                                 
  4. Prevents bacteria from formimg as it will dry quickly.                           
  5. SGS certified.                                                                                


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Kuku Duckbill Bottle & Nipple Brush

Kuku Duckbill Bottle & Nipple Brush

KU5475A Bottle & Nipple Brush

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