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    Safe: ultrasound dosage is under 50% of the standard Sound: "Sanyo" loudspeaker, more louder and clearly Display: LCD displays real-time FHR, with backlight Sensitive: with special patent probe, high sensitive to detect the fetal heartbeat signals. Volume level display, battery status display Power: huge capacity battery, work more than 10 hours after...

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Make things easy and save cost with your very own fetal doppler by Jumper. Baby products like this doppler helps you check up on the condition of your foetus through doppler ultrasound, which could help save you some visits to the doctor’s.


Jimatkan wang dan menjadikan mengawasi janin anda lebih mudah dengan doppler janin sendiri daripada Jumper. Barangan bayi sebegini boleh membantu anda mengawasi denyutan jantung janin anda tanpa perlu pergi ke doktor, menyebabkan ia lebih senang dan murah.