Kidsme 3 in 1 Cup Box Set


  • Training Cup Box Set
  • Handles for better grip
  • Contains 3 different tops
  • BPA free

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Brand Kidsme

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Kidsme quickly became a parenting essential brand across the world because of its utility, practicality and stylish appeal. Their continued desire is to provide products that are safe, innovative and inspires children. Dedicated to develop quality baby products and toys such as musical mobiles, rattles, teethers, pacifiers, rollers and pre-school toys, Kidsme wishes to grow together with parents guiding and assisting parents through their products.

Training Cup System

A training cup system is a great way for babies to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. They can also help improve hand-to-mouth co-ordination. The Kidsme training cup system designed in three stages with spout and straw before moving on into the adult cup.

Stage 1 - Soft Spout Cup

Spout that lets children drink without spilling. High grade silicone spouts provide an easier transition from baby bottle to training cup, as babies are get used to the feeling of baby bottle's nipples. The spout is specially designed to help fixing incisors.

Stage 2 - Straw Cup

This top is designed with a soft sipper straw and an easy-to-flip top cover for protection from contamination. As easy as to slide back the cover and rests in the lid of the cup, allowing the sipper straw to "flip" out for use. The training system comes with the anti-slip handle that helps to develop the babies' sense of touch and safe to grip.

Stage 3 - Training Cup

This top is designed with concave sips which allow natural transition from drinking from a straw to drinking with an adult cup.


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Kidsme 3 in 1 Cup Box Set

Kidsme 3 in 1 Cup Box Set

  • Training Cup Box Set
  • Handles for better grip
  • Contains 3 different tops
  • BPA free

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