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LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)


Ages 1-3 yrs.
Pull along to hear the ABC song—learn the alphabet and letter sounds.

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LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Letter learning

Colorful stripes on AlphaPup's sweater double as buttons that trigger letter sounds and names to help teach children phonics and early vocabulary.

LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Pull-along play

Pull AlphaPup's leash or press the music note button to sing along to three learning songs, and press the bone button to learn fun doggie phrases.

LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Soft ears

Playful pup makes a sweet pal with velvet-soft floppy ears that are fun to pet.

LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Walk & wobble

This pup loves to show off his strut! With his nose held high, AlphaPup trots along with paw-shaped wheels that create a cute swagger while on the go.

LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Wagging tail

AlphaPup can’t hide his excitement for learning with a tail that wags.

  • Product dimensions:  14Wx7.8Hx5.5D
  • Product weight:  1.85 lbs


1 Review

Educational and Fun

This is a toy that was educational and fun! To make the puppy make a noise you simply press one of the buttons on the toy and it says the letters name, its letter sound and a word that begins with that letter. For example if you press the letter ‘W’ the toy says ‘W, walk. I love going on walks with you. Woof, woof, woof, woof’ then if you press it again it says the letter ‘W’ phonetically. It does this for every single letter of the alphabet which I think is brilliant.

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LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

LeapFrog Alphapup (Green)

Ages 1-3 yrs.
Pull along to hear the ABC song—learn the alphabet and letter sounds.

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