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Nursery Playtime - It's play time! Choose the best and safety assured equipments for your little

Make play time for your kids fun and mind enhancing with the wide selection of play pens available in Bearing play mat, play tent and other toys, this range of choices will give your little ones the chance to have a good time while building their motor skills.

With brands such as Fisher Price, Holabebe and Piyo Piyo, we offer only the best of the best for you and your kids’ fun time. 


Manjakan anak anda dengan masa bermain yang berfaedah dan menyeronokkan dengan beberapa jenis kandang mainan yang ada di Tikar mainan bayi, khemah mainan, dan permainan yang lain akan memberikan si kecil bermain sambil melatih pergerakan tubuh badannya.

Terdiri daripada jenama seperti Fisher Price, Holabebe dan Piyo Piyo, kami hanya memberi anda dan anak anda yang terbaik.