Goodmaid Activ Powder 2.2kg - Lemon Citrus


Goodmaid Activ Powder 2.2kg - Lemon Citrus

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Goodmaid Activ® laundry range promises to provide a brand new look of your clothes. Its new advanced technology called “Activ” contains formulation which penetrates deeply into fibers to remove stains easily. Through this enhanced technology, each laundry gets cleaner, brighter and fresher clothes. Goodmaid Activ is suitable for both machine wash and hand wash.

  1. SUPERBRIGHT formulation provides a powerful cleaning action that is tough on stubborn stains. It leaves your clothes hygienically clean. Also effective on collars and cuffs.
  2. Ultra Degreasing Properties that help to break down large dirt molecules easily, remove oil and grease stains thoroughly, making your clothes spotless and clean.
  3. Optical Brightener that makes white clothes appear brighter and whiter. It also protects and prevents your coloured clothes from turning yellowish. Goodmaid ACTIV makes your clothes look new all the time!
  4. Comfortable Fragrance comes in specialized perfume profile to keep your clothes scented at all times and without unpleasant odor even when drying indoors
  5. Enzymes are stable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly which work at low-temperature washing and help to digest organic stains and food stains from fabric.

Use instructions

  1. Hand Wash : Add 1 scoop to 10 litres of water.
  2. Machine Wash
    - 3kg : Medium Load : 3/4 scoop, Full Load : 1 scoop
    - 5kg : Medium Load : 1 1/3 scoop, Full Load : 1 2/3 scoop


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Goodmaid Activ Powder 2.2kg - Lemon Citrus

Goodmaid Activ Powder 2.2kg - Lemon Citrus

Goodmaid Activ Powder 2.2kg - Lemon Citrus

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