Cimilre Hands Free Breast Shield Box Set 1 ( 1 Pair )


  • Easy to Use
  • Safe to Use

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Brand Cimilre

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Product details:

Easy to Use

  • Placed under bra, no need to hold
  • Compatible with other breast pumps
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable feeling

Safe to Use

  • Back flow prevention
  • Hygienic - easy separation and assembly
  • BPA free - safe to sterilize with boiling water, UV light 

[ Composition ]

Breast shield set, Flange, Duck valve, Backflow protector, Milk storage bottle, Tubing


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Cimilre Hands Free Breast Shield Box Set 1 ( 1 Pair )

Cimilre Hands Free Breast Shield Box Set 1 ( 1 Pair )

  • Easy to Use
  • Safe to Use

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