Kidsme Dia.38mm Pacifier Holder


  • Safe & hygienic
  • Convenient
  • Washable

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Brand Kidsme

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As a new parent, comforting your baby is one of your highest priorities, and you may find a pacifier very helpful. Some babies can be soothed with rocking and cuddling and are content to suck only during feedings. Others just can't seem to suckle enough, even when they're not hungry. If your baby wants to suck even after she's had her fill of formula or breast milk, a comfortable pacifier with a Kidsme Dia.38mm Pacifier Holder with kidsme logo may be just the thing.


Calm and pacify your crying child with ease. This product is safe for use at any time and place. It is designed to fit most pacifiers. Giving your tot the ultimate comfort and soothing action.

The Soother

Using the right pacifier at the right stage of infancy is essential. The Kidsme Dia.38mm Pacifier Holder helps keep the pacifier snugged in place. The simple and clean one-piece design has no crevices for germ or dirt build-up. This pacifier holder is BPA-free and suitable for new-borns and infants.


BPA stands for bisphenol A. Being a concern parent; you must want the best for your child and hope they are out of harm’s way. Most plastic or rubber based toys and bottles contain BPA which poses a certain amount of risk for the consumer. Love your child and give them the best for long-lasting health.



Strong hold

Just love this, very strong grip to the cloth unlike many filmsy holders out there

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Kidsme Dia.38mm Pacifier Holder

Kidsme Dia.38mm Pacifier Holder

  • Safe & hygienic
  • Convenient
  • Washable

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