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Nestle Lactogen

Choose this Malaysian Moms’ favourite brand - Nestle Lactogen Comfortis to feed your little one from birth up to three years old.

- Lactogen 1 is perfect for below one-year-old, which is important for an infant to consume Lactogen Gentle Plus Infant Formula.

This Lactogen is rich in iron that could help them develop their brain naturally.

- Lactogen 2: During the second stage, (from one-year-old to three years old), giving your toddler Lactogen Gentle Plus Follow-up Formula will help to improve their overall health and body growth. Another formulation like Lactobacillus Reuteri is also added inside the milk powder to prevent infectious diarrhoea in a toddler. Stock-up your nestle lactogen, nestle cerelac, little one milk powder lactogen and many more only at


Dapatkan produk Nestle Lactogen yang sesuai untuk si manja berusia seawal 1 tahun. Lactogen 1 sesuai untuk si manja berumur di bawah 1 tahun, yang mana penting untuk si manja Mama. Lactogen 1 kaya dengan zat besi yang dapat membantu dalam perkembangan otak anak anda.
Lactogen 2 pula sesuai untuk anak-anak berumur 1 hingga 3 tahun. Lactogen Gentle Plus boleh membantu dalam kesihatan dan perkembangan badan anak anda.

Dapatkan produk keluaran Nestle seperti Nestle Lactogen, Nestle Cerelac, susu formula Lactogen, dan banyak lagi di


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