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Choose this nutritious Nestlé Lactogen®️ to provide your baby with ample nourishment from birth up to three years old.

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Nestlé Lactogen®️ Malaysia | Good Food, Good Life

Began in 1866 by Henri Nestlé with the foundation of the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, Nestlé is a well-known food manufacturer that needs no introduction anymore. Currently, there are more than 2,000 brands under Nestlé and their products are exported to 187 countries all around the world.  

They believe that good food will create a good life because, for them, food has the power to enhance the quality and values of our lives. It nourishes the growth of children, pets, and everyone in this world holistically. They are optimistic that good food unites us, respects our Mother Earth and as well as preserves assets for future generations. 

As contributing to making our lives a lot better, Nestlé focuses their energy to generate a significant impact on children’s growth through certain products like formula milk. Here is where Lactogen® is manufactured and become one of the leading brands of baby’s first food. 

While leveraging the power of food, Lactogen® promises to supply the needs of your baby since the first days of their lives. For them, happiness comes from a comfortable tummy. 

There are several types of formula milk from Lactogen® in the markets and Lactogen® Step 1 and Lactogen® Step 2 are the most renowned ones. 

Benefits of Nestlé Lactogen®️

  1. Promotes a healthy digestive system.

Recently, Lactogen®️ has improved its technology by enhancing the goodness of L.reuteri in it. L.reuteri or Lactobacillus reuteri is a type of probiotic that protects your baby’s guts. 

  1. Boosts the growth of bones and teeth.

It is enriched with calcium which we are all aware that calcium is the nutrient that strengthens the bones and teeth. 

  1. Increases red blood cells formation. 

It is proven that iron can increase the levels of red blood cells formation. While developing in their first years of life, our kids need an ample amount of nutrients to grow well. 

  1. Supports cognitive development. 

With the presence of DHA, this formula milk is definitely the way to support the brain development of your loved ones.

  1. Easy to digest.

Many mothers reviewed that this brand of infant formula is very light on the baby’s tummy and suitable for the baby who faces indigestion or gas issues. 

What Are the Differences Between Lactogen®️ and NAN?

  1. Suitable for babies who are probiotics intolerant. 

  Some babies are not able to tolerate a high amount of probiotics and this nutrient sometimes will cause allergies to the baby. Therefore, Lactogen®️ is the right choice for your little ones. 

  1. Affordable prices that fit you financially. 

 Lactogen®️ is dual-action formula milk. Besides providing the daily requirements of nutrients for your little kid,  it saves up your pocket too. 

  1. A good option to top-up along with breastfeeding. 

For those who are not able to breastfeed sufficiently or produce less milk, Lactogen® can be the alternative for you and your baby.

  1. Contains whey dominant base. 

The proportion of whey ingredients is 60:40 where this makes Lactogen® is closer to breast milk. 

Tips In Choosing Infant Formula

It is undeniable that certain parents will experience issues in choosing the right formula milk for their little ones.

Worry less, below are several tips that would give you the idea on how to purchase your baby's formula. 

  1. Cow’s Milk or Soy Milk?

Take note that some babies are lactose intolerant which means that they cannot consume food that contains lactose. For example cow’s milk. Your doctors may suggest your baby consume soy milk if they found your baby is not able to tolerate lactose. 

  1. Any Allergies or Intolerants? 

If your baby has allergies, you must choose a ‘hydrolyzed’ formula for him. This type of formula is much easier to digest compared with the other kinds of milk. 

  1. Contain Irons

Make sure that you are supplying enough irons for the development of your baby. Look for those that contain high amounts of iron. 

  1. Cost and Convenience

While giving the best for your baby, you must not ignore your financial status. Make sure that the formula that you choose is affordable and contains sufficient nutrients for your little one.

However, always consult your healthcare provider for better guidance in choosing the best one for your baby. 

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