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Dr Mama Powdered Milk Bag x2packs


  • Product : Powdered Milk Storage Bag
  • Quantity : 30pcs
  • Size : 110mm x 200mm

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Seller Wale Industries Sdn Bhd
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Brand Dr Mama

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DR. MAMA thinking a little more safety, convenience, emotional design. We think these a little bit difference shall make a big difference. DR. MAMA storage bag is BPA free and deserve it fresh 99% against bacteria. You can go travel, outing and camping available if you go with DR. MAMA Powdered Milk Storage Bag.

• Every pack is Pre-Sterilized to maintain the freshness of contents and prevent any bacterial contaminated

• Created and manufactured with cute design appearance

• Wide Double Zipper technology was applied to complete Perfect Air-Tight Sealing

• Made from Durable material for easier, faster pouring powdered milk in baby bottle without a mess • Made of BPA Free and Non Toxic material

Instructions :

• Use a clean scissor to cut or tear along the cutting line

• Open zipper and put your powdered milk into the pack

• You may close the pack by compress and seal off the zipper

• When using, just cut/tear along the cutting line to pour out powdered milk into baby bottle

SafetyUse of Product :

• Milk Powdered Bag is for one time usage; please do not reuse the bag

• Store reasonable amount of powdered milk into the pack

• Remove air via compress the pack before sealing with zip lock

Caution :

• Keep away from babies and young children

• Never allow young children to play with packs

  • Product : Powdered Milk Storage Bag
  • Quantity : 30pcs
  • Size : 110mm x 200mm


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Dr Mama Powdered Milk Bag x2packs

Dr Mama Powdered Milk Bag x2packs

  • Product : Powdered Milk Storage Bag
  • Quantity : 30pcs
  • Size : 110mm x 200mm

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