Motherhood is a joyful milestone in a woman's life. It is every mother's desire to provide the utmost comfort for their baby. PETPET® was designed with a philosophy of mind "A happy baby equals to a happy mommy". They strive to design the best diaper that gives babies delicate skin maximum comfort and to help you have a more pleasant motherhood experience.

The first few years of your child's life is a wonderful time of growth, development and discovery. As a new parent, you will want to cherish every moment. Sign up now as a member to start recording your baby's journey and to be delighted with the various goodies from PETPET. Join Pet Pet Members Club: here

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  • Aku try Petpet ni sebab ramai mommies cakap bagus n puas hati, selepas Mamypoko dan Huggies. Permukaan diaper Petpet adalah paling lembut antara brand lain. Saiz diaper agak besar untuk saiz M....
  • First impression: Wah! So thick! Then during the water pouring test, I literally had to watch it slowly absorb the water. And guess what happened when I squeezed the loaded diaper? Water was...
  • Choosing a comfortable diaper for your babies are one of your priority tasks. Your baby may protest if he/she has a wet diaper, as the wet diaper would cause his skin to feel irritating. No idea...

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